Joy Notes 2: Kindness Breeds Joy

Happy Sunday, ladies! Welcome to Joy Notes #2: Kindness Breeds Joy.

Joy Notes were born last Sunday as a way to help you turn your Joy light on during sometimes difficult times and spread hope going into a new year.

A reader had asked for more encouragement to fill her joy tank…which is different and a deeper level than the emotion “happiness.”

Happiness is a reaction and joy a destination.

Joy Note #1 was about the importance of how we start our days.

Joy Notes 2 Kindness Breeds Joy

Today, I want to discuss how Kindness Breeds Joy.

It is just a proven fact that when we take our eyes off of ourselves and our current situations and place them on helping others, then our Joy bubbles up inside and spills over.

There is no better example of this than my friend, Leigh Ann.

She is one of the kindness women I have ever known.  Constantly thinking of helping others, and, therefore, she is full of joy!

She would paint a room for you…run errands for you…just about anything to help someone out. 


Joy Notes 2 Kindness

Leigh Ann loves to bake for those in the military.  She participates through BAKE FOR DEPLOYED TROOPS – SOLDIERS’ ANGEL BAKERS TEAM.

Not only is she filling up their cookie jars, but also filling up her own JOY jar!

Joy Notes 2 Kindness Breeds Joy


Joy Notes #2 Kindness

We were out and about recently and Leigh Ann showed me how she loves to purchase these little tokens, and place them in a small bag with a note of encouragement.

Does she keep these in her purse for family and friends?  Nope…she is handing them out to random people she believes need support and a smile.  Wow!

Joy Notes 2 Kindness

The other day I opened my door to find her on my front porch with this Joy Kitchen Towel from Target.  She said…”I knew you would love this!”

So kind…and she was right ….I do love it!

She also paid attention when I remarked that I could not find something at the grocery…and, yes, she showed up with it at my house!

We were also driving into our neighborhood the other day and the sanitation trucks had done one of the poorest jobs of picking up the cans we had ever seen.

While I was thinking…I need to get home to work…Leigh Ann was thinking…I need to change clothes and get out here on our streets and pick up the trash.

So often she convicts me in many good ways. 

Leigh Ann is one of the best examples of someone who practices true kindness…and how it comes back to her to fill her joy cup to the brim.

Joy Notes 2 Kindness

What are some ways the rest of us can join in on the fun and practice more kindness?

If you made a goal to be kinder the remainder of this year, what types of things would you do to help others?

Please share and let’s all work on turning that Joy Light on today by practicing kindness to others!


NOTE:  Tomorrow Leigh Ann and I will take you on another road trip in the wonderful hill country of Texas…come join in the fun! I will show you what we wore and what we did!

By Pamela Lutrell

Season of Joy on Over 50 Feeling 40

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