Would You Wear It – Parisian Style

Would You Wear It - Parisian Style

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Time for the mid-week pop up…Would You Wear It – Parisian Style.

During the middle of the week, I bring you one more fashion display for your scrutiny.

I ask you to look it over carefully and tell us if you would or would not wear it….

Would you wear it - Parisian Style

Of course, with the beret, I thought of Paris.  However, I have seen more and more ladies wearing berets…even in my South Texas location.

Now, please look the display over head to toe and comment in such a way as to help others determine if this style would work for them.

Would You Wear It - Parisian style

Give it your best fashion stylist observations, and tell us…….


These pieces are from Anthropologie.  Here are more currently online:


Would You Wear It - Parisian Style

I stopped by Anthropologie to see their gift ideas…because I always find fun ones there.

And the Would You Wear It display was just a plus!

Would you Wear It - Parisian Style

I love candle accessories like these Nathalie Lete Holiday Village Houses….so warm and cozy for holiday time.  One of these with a candle would be a thoughtful gift.

Would You Wear It - Parisian Style

Speaking of candles, this Voluspa Deck the Halls Candle Gift Set is awesome… I believe any woman would enjoy one for her home.

These are long lasting, top quality candles…and in my kind of colors.

Here are a few more ideas from Anthropologie’s Gift Ideas…they have such fun plates which you could give with a treat on top…


Would You Wear It - Parisian Style

This is another food item at Williams Sonoma…..Coffee Bark.

A friend told me that if you love coffee flavored food…these are delicious.  So for our coffee-lover friends, you might consider this one.

They are also known for their Peppermint Bark.

More gift ideas tomorrow!  Now, tell us what you think of today’s display…Would you wear it?…and always….


By Pamela Lutrell

Season of Joy on Over 50 Feeling 40


  1. I do like the color of the sweater, but that cut is for women so young that showing a strip of belly is cute….the pants, for some people would be great, id never get out of the house without being covered in cat hair in that material.
    I love a great hat, but a beret for my shape of face doesn’t really do much for me. again, the younger and the cuter, would rock it.

  2. Seeing the coffee bark, I know I’ll be heading to William Sonoma! When my whole family visits for New Years, every one of us will enjoy this as we are all coffee drinkers. Great idea!
    As for today’s outfit, I would definitely wear the pink sweater. I love that shade of pink and it’s one that I seek out. The pants are beautiful, but I would not wear this style if they were cropped on me. Being “not tall”, often things are full length on me even if they are intended as crops, and that works better for my style. I just prefer full pants to be full length. They are really pretty. I like the simplicity of the pink with black.

  3. I’m like Karen on today’s post. I love my coffee, and would love to try the coffee bark which is a new product to me. And I love the color of the cashmere sweater. Since I am short, I’d have to try on the sweater to see how long it is on my torso. The same applies to the pants as I do not like shorter pants although these look so soft. I rarely wear a hat except when walking on a sunny day or observing grandchildren playing soccer so I doubt that I would be comfortable wearing that hat.

  4. I”d wear that. I would for sure have a tank on under the slouchy sweater, and that would peek out, not my fleshy tummy.
    I love to go into Antropology, but their clothes often don’t hit the mark for me, and sometimes b/c I feel their overpriced., other times because they’re too busy, or have an odd fit.
    But, they have darling housewares and it’s a great place to steal their styling ideas, and buy gifts. Their embellished T-towels are one of my favorite things to gift.

  5. Hi Pam. I’ve been reading your blog daily for many years. I guess you know this, but all of the sudden with so many pop up moving ads it’s very hard to know what is your content and what is an ad. Ads in the middle, right side and bottom make for a very different reading experience. Not sure there’s much you can do about this but thought I’d let you know. As always I wish you the very best.

  6. Re the top and bottoms; a ‘no’ for me as way too boxy for my body type but would opt for similar if for lounging. As to the beret and though I love hats; sadly it is one style that just doesn’t work with my facial shape. -Brenda-

  7. Hi Lisa, Thank you for being here and for voicing your opinion on the ads. I am doing everything I can to generate income with my blog so that I do not have to re-enter the workforce. I must help my husband with generating additional income. I do this in a variety of ways, however the ads on the blog are my main source of income and the reason I work hard to generate quality, original content every day. I also generate income through affiliate links and sponsorships. My little coffee app brings an occasional perk. I so appreciate the patience of my audience with the pop ups so that I can continue to do this. I love blogging and want to be here, but should my income fall, then I will need to hit the pavement. Thank you for being here as a loyal follower and for your patience…I do appreciate also you letting me know how you feel.

  8. Hi Pamela, The outfit is striking in its simplicity. I would definitely wear the pants, but I’m afraid a little “senior spread” would prohibit my wearing the lovely sweater. On another note, we have tried the Coffee Bark and found it to be somewhat nondescript, a little “meh,” if you will. Perhaps our expectations were too high after years of enjoying the Peppermint Bark. I did, however, give our son a tin of the WS Apple Pie Peanut Brittle, and he thought it was terrific. How I envy your ability to jump in your car and run over to La Cantera! We live in a very nice small city west of DFW Airport now, but North Texas is just not San Antone. It’s almost time for Christmas lights on the Riverwalk—how I miss that beautiful city!

  9. I did my part and got the coffee bark through your link :). I love today’s outfit, as I think the silhouette is beautiful and the materials look fine, and it could be dressed up or down. I too would wear a dark tank under this, and the sweater would have to be in a warmer red or coral. Nobody around here is wearing a beret. But that’s not to say they shouldn’t!

  10. This outfit is simple yet polished- stunning! I love the cut if the sweater and since I’m fairly short waisted I think that no tummy will be showing. Love the pants too! I own three berets and often wear them in very cold weather to go to stores, to the Senior center for my activities like tai chi and yoga. I’m young at heart and will look this outfit over as I love peeking into our local Anthropologie for gifts! Im there once a week! It’s a gorgeous store! A Feel good store!

  11. I, too, read and enjoy your blog every day. I love your joyful approach to life. Regarding the ads on your blog (or any other) you can read only the content by using “reader view”. Just click on the small and large capital A’s at the top of the page.

  12. Your theme of “Joy” is uplifting and puts a smile on my face. Regarding the outfit: The textures are really appealing. As someone with warm and soft coloring, the pink would overwhelm me. Also, the cropped nature of the top just isn’t me. The pants are worth considering should one have the occasion to wear velvet pants. Living in Florida, the whole outfit looks too hot to wear during our very mild winters. The beret is cute, but not for Florida!

  13. ¡Buenos días! from sunny Cabo San Lucas, México. 🇲🇽 Just got all caught up reading the past several days’ posts. I like the look of today’s pants but would be more likely to pair these with a simple white or cream blouse. I will be checking out the various gift ideas as well as the hand cream from a couple days ago. The little candle house from Anthropology is right up my alley both for my own decor and gifting. Will have to wait to shop from home in a couple weeks as shops with a Mexican presence pop up and automatically add their VAT tax. I also have been negotiating more and more pop-ups, but when at home just using our main desktop computer makes the experience very easy.

  14. Have fun, Connie! I remember you were looking forward to this trip! I agree, the pop ups are no problem on a desktop or laptop. Thanks for mentioning that. Enjoy your vacation!

  15. Those instructions are for an iPhone or iPad. If using a computer, go to “View” and click on “Show Reader”.

  16. Love the outfit & I would certainly wear it. The hat and bright color brings the eye up where I want it away from my bottom half.

  17. Ladies – Would your tummy show? I really like the style of that top. I’m not sure about the color but would definitely buy it in a different color. I probably couldn’t keep it on but would love to try the beret. I’m short ( and getting shorter) so I don’t really like the look of cropped pants on me but maybe they would be full length on me. I can admire this on someone else and marvel at their sense of style.

  18. I love the color of the sweater, but am not crazy about the dropped shoulder. I don’t care for the patch pockets on the front of the pants. Both these issues are just a matter of personal taste. The beret is very pretty but just not my style. There were some very cute gift ideas from Anthropologie.

  19. The vivid pink speaks holiday and could be embellished with bold silver jewelry. V-neck and drop shoulder create slimming lines, as would pushing up sleeves to slimmest part of arm (the wrist) and asymmetrical partial tuck of hem. Even for those of us with tummies, boxy shapes can be flattering if they’re well cut and sized correctly. It’s when we try to hide in oversized clothing that we do a disservice. Thanks for gift ideas that would be welcomed!

  20. I would wear this, as it is, except for the beret. I sometimes feels that berets are a bit too “conscientious” ; in any case they are bad for my rather round face! But the pants and the sweater are exactly what I like and I do wear that sort of things regularly (ah, Parisian style, indeed:)). As I am rather short-busted, I do not think that the sweater will be too short. Thus, perfect choice for me, thanks Pam!

  21. I love this outfit. Flattering jeans or pants with a beautiful top or sweater is my jam., I love the rich color combination. I love the mix of textures.

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