The joys of shopping in-store

The joys of shopping in-store

Happy November Tuesday!  Today, I am discussing the joys of shopping in-store!

Sometimes, a shopping outing is a shout in the arm of joy for me…for several reasons.


The joys of shopping in-store

I like to fix up and go out for a shopping venture in-store.  I really get a boost from looking my best to go look over what is on the racks.

I try to always wear easy on/ easy off shoes…and a top which would work for trying on jackets.

Also, if I dress up, feel confident, and wear makeup then the clothing I try on will give me a true idea of how it works for me.

On a recent in-store shopping trip, I wore my 

Talbot’s Cotton Twill Field Jacket…wearing it often…so perfect for warmer climates

Past purchase, burnt orange tee shirt from GAP.

Scarf originally from Nordstrom Rack.

Chico’s Jeggings. (as I said on Sunday, these jeggings are officially a workhorse in my wardrobe, wear them often!)


Joys of shopping in-store

I love to shop with friends, but if I am alone, I usually make new friends and enjoy the women in-store.

When I went out last week, I met so many lovely women shopping in the same stores.  We shared looks with one another and asked opinions.

The interaction was so much fun.  Also, the sales representatives were in great moods, ready to help and give good customer service.

At Chico’s we were all out in this large area where the best mirrors are…helping one another and enjoying being each other’s shopping buddies.

I did purchase the Chico’s Wool Bolero…and almost wore it out of store!  I am liking hats so much more with my new hair.


The Joys of Shopping In-Store

It saves time and money to go in-store and try on the styles…especially hats.

Many of the winter ponchos and wraps are oversized and I have been sizing down like I did in the third photo at Chico’s in the Zip and Snap Front Poncho.

Then it helped to slip this one on at Kohl’s since it is one size fits all.  Women’s LC Lauren Conrad Solid Knit Riding Cape.

Also note…I have my eye on the LC Lauren Conrad Gabriellaa Woman’s Faux Fur Mules…super soft and comfy.

I have a gift post coming up soon with items I found at Kohl’s. 

Oh, I almost forgot…the Women’s Sonoma Goods for life felt fedora with suede band was also a great hat.  I liked the hat color and fit at Chico’s better.


The Joys of Shopping In-store

Many of you either cannot or do not desire to shop in-store.

That is why I am here to help you with gift ideas for yourself or others.  A season of sales and special offerings is about to get full throttle under way.

I always appreciate when you go to the top of the page under SHOPPING LINKS and use my links to shop in order to support my work here…I really, really appreciate it.

Just let me know if there is another brand you want to know if I have a link…you can always email me at

That is how I was able to include links recently for Bombas and Nice Laundry recently. 

Here is today’s slideshow of ideas….

So, what is your preference?  In-store…online…or a combination of both?  Please share and thank you so much for stopping by!


By Pamela Lutrell

Season of Joy on Over 50 Feeling 40


  1. yes, I like an in store shop now and again. the interaction with other humans is really welcomed since I retired. at my age, most of the time I can tell what’s going to look good on me, but I do get it frightfully wrong occasionally. and with my favorite Chicos, most of the time I know the size I need too, but again once in awhile they throw me a curve. such as the plum moto, I tried that on in the store, in my usual 3, and the lady helping me suggested a 2, and it was just right….

  2. I shop in-store because I need to try things on for a perfect fit, and I can’t stand returning things. After reading this post, I feel like I’ve just been out shopping! I too love to get dressed up to go shopping, and most always have fun with the other shoppers in the store. As you pointed out, others do ask your opinion, and I often ask for theirs. It’s just more productive for me to shop in person. I avoid online shopping if at all possible, only occasionally buying tops that way if I’m certain of fit. Also, I think going to a brick and mortar store is like doing my part to keep them thriving. It would be incredibly sad to see everything going online. Getting dressed nicely and going shopping is just fun and lifts my spirits!

  3. I am an in store shopper and am so happy to be returning to that. Of the few things I ordered on-line, most were not what I would have purchased in person. I very rarely shop without trying on or feeling the fabric. This week I am out looking for a specific style of grey tall boots and that is something I could never purchase without trying on so it should be fun if I can find what I am hoping for… not a heel, and a feminine look. Yes to getting back out in the stores. So many have closed in our area we must support the ones left.

  4. I do almost all my shopping online, first because I was always working, now out of pandemic habit. I do look forward to getting back out there. I love you in that hat! Super chic, especially with your height and haircut. At 5’5” I often find myself overwhelmed in a hat, and people around here don’t wear them much except for beanies in the deep freeze. To add to your dressing tips: since I mostly buy separates, I try to wear the jeans, tank etc that might go with what I’m looking for. I avoid earrings and jangly jewelry. I set my makeup well, and take a large handkerchief to throw over my head to slide things down, which keeps the makeup off the garment (I do this at home too). I’ve tried on one too many things in the store where another customer has left makeup stains.

  5. I agree with you that it helps to have assistance from the sales associates occasionally…they work with the garments every day!

  6. One of the reasons I go to certain stores is hopefully to help keep them alive…and yes, a fun shopping trip can lift your spirits.

  7. Good advice about the makeup…I think all of us see those stains often. Thanks so much for sharing, Linda.

  8. You’re so right. A lot of in-store shopping has become recreational. You didn’t mention having lunch. Food courts will never replace the long-gone tea room experience. Thankfully, most malls or free-standing stores have a “bakery cafe” nearby for a panini or latte. What a fun way to recharge.

  9. Oh yes…I love this, Jan. I have friends that we will shop at Nordstrom and then eat at the cafe. One of my favorite things to do. Thanks for mentioning it.

  10. I shop nearly exclusively online. I was actually in Chicos this summer and while I was looking around the sales associate told me most of their stock was online!

  11. I believe we are seeing more and more of that, Michele. I know it is true of our local Nordstrom.

  12. Interesting what you say about Chico’s sizing. I can usually depend on a 1 but in the microfiber tank I’m a 2. I just bought this season’s quilted jacket and needed a 2. I could get the 1 on over the slim fitting, long sleeved cotton blouse, but just barely. And because I don’t usually go naked under a jacket, a 2 it needed to be. It really helps to know one’s size in a particular line of a store’s garments… even more so when ordering online which we’re doing more of these days, especially from stores with limited access, like Chico’s. Stores that maintain consistent sizing get rewarded when it comes to buyer loyalty.

  13. You look awesome in all these outfits, and the hat looks like it was made for you! Your joy is contagious—thank you for sharing.

  14. I live in a rural area so don’t have much access to in-store shopping. We used to have stores in a town 30 miles from us. Those stores have closed. I am getting to like on-line shopping more as I become more familiar with the site’s sizing. Sometimes you know exactly what you are looking for and that makes it easier to do the on-line shopping instead of trying to find the item in a store. I do miss in-store shopping but I don’t get to do that much any more.

  15. I prefer to shop in store for fit & color, as screen colors can be deceptive. There are also times when I want to feel the fabric. I like to dress well when going out to shop, & I’m one of those women who always wears makeup. I am putting the Croft & Barrow Extra Soft V-neck sweater on my Christmas gift list.

  16. I have very wide feet and in-store shopping is a must! I usually try on about 10+ pairs of shoes before I can make a purchase, so online is out (unless it’s pair I already own and want to replace).

    I enjoy in-store shopping because I can immediately take my purchases home, too!
    However, it’s convenient to shop online when the weather isn’t good or I simply don’t feel like going out.

  17. I love shopping in person but am having lots of trouble doing it! My Nordstrom closed its petite departmet. Banana Republic closed its petite department. Macy’s is reduced to barely a third ( no sweaters?!) Ann Taylor and Lost shrunk theirs to a quarter point of the size and neither stor had my size (0 or2petite). Nothing from Chicos fits ( all too big and wrong shape ( hips on their clothes are way too large). J Jill not longer has tops that are small enough and their pants don’t fit me. JC Penney has
    Petites but they run really big. Talbots is still the same expensive !!!!) store.
    What’s a person to do?

  18. Pam, please will you do a post about color. I never know the difference between wine, merlot, burgundy, fig, dark red, brick etc. Living in a rural area I do much of my shopping on line and it is hard to see exactly what the colors are on the computer. I understand that some colors have a warm vibe and some a cool.

  19. I have that same Talbots jacket. Haven’t worn it yet but I already had it to wear tomorrow. You inspired me to add more color!

  20. The mall where I shop has removed most of its seating areas. This happened before Covid. There’s nowhere to rest except the food court.

    I stocked up on N95 masks again, as we’re still in a state of emergency. I’ve made many returns in the past 18 months and now I’m tired of online shopping. I try to limit shopping trips and go during quieter hours. There really is no substitute for the in-person experience sometimes.

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