Would You Wear It – Burnout & Boots

Would You Wear It - Burnout & Boots

Happy Wednesday, all, and welcome to the mid-week Would You Wear It – Burnout and Boots!

Thank you so much for being here and participating in Would You Wear It!


Would You Wear It - Burnout and Boots

I ask that you look the display over and tell us with constructive thought why you would or would not wear the outfit.

Just to clarify, burnout designs have areas of the garment where you can lightly see your skin underneath.

This top has the burnout designs on the sleeves.


Would You Wear It - Burnout and Boots

So, please look today’s display over and tell us…………………………………………………….


This display was discovered at KOHL’S…actually while standing in line to make a purchase!

Here is more information and current styles at Kohl’s….

Would You Wear It - Burnout and Boots

Also, remember Kohl’s has beautiful blanket scarves in lots of colors…and the prices are incredible!

I just might have to gift myself a scarf!

The colors of fall and winter are so much fun…rich and saturated.

So, tell us WOULD YOU WEAR IT….and make sure to always…..


By Pamela Lutrell

Season of Joy on Over 50 Feeling 40



  1. The top is cute but I don’t like the color. I would wear it in navy with those jeans and a colorful scarf. The combat boots are just too heavy looking for me so pass.

  2. I like the top and would wear that. No crops for me, but I get how some skin is supposed to show so I’d wear lower boots with ankle jeans. These boots look very heavy, but probably because of the very thin legs on the mannequin. I have similar boots, but they don’t look this huge or clunky.

  3. well, cute on the very young, but not for me….im a size 9 shoe, so I steer clear of the chunky styles or I feel like a storm trooper. and I wouldn’t choose a length of jean with any boot that showed a gap in ankle, its just not for me…the burnout top I wouldn’t choose, I have one piece in that style, and I struggle with it to make it look upscale. it doesn’t get out much.

  4. I like the silhouette here, and the boots with the outfit. That said, I wouldn’t wear it. I’ve always disliked burnout. It feels uncomfortable against my skin, and especially in the cheaper fabrics of fast fashion, has an odd texture and hand, almost being plastic-like or papery. My style personality is more tailored and sporty than almost any of the velvet fabrics. I did buy a scarf at Kohl’s the other day, a thicker, more traditional scarf than the blanket variety, in a rich ivory and camel plaid.

  5. I like the red top very much…looks like a blue-red shade for us “winter “ folks. I also like the skinny jeans which seem hard to find for those of us who are small petites. The boots though I’m not a fan. I have nor tried any on but feel that such a large shoe on my size 6 foot would be too much. And I do not care for this lug sole trend since I do not live in an area where it snows or traction is a problem in the winter. I’ll look forward to your showing us your Kohl’s purchases.

  6. I like the top, I don’t have anything like it. I prefer to be warm so don’t want my legs exposed so I would go with straight leg jeans. Not a fan of chunky booties so I’d replace with another black bootie.

  7. I love the entire look and would wear it all just as it is, especially now that autumn has lowered the temps in central Texas. The overall look says “comfort” as well as “cute” (2 of my fashion goal words) with a subtle nod toward “youthful” and what’s trending right now. The burn-out red is so vibrant and appropriate for fall into the Christmas season – I could see the top paired with black jeans or slacks and cute flats to dress it up a bit. Good choice, Pam!

  8. Burnout and boots? I’ll pass. The burnout tops have been around a while and can elevate black or cream pants and denim to office wear or party attire; but the boots, in my opinion, are throwing it all off. Admittedly, the boots aren’t “my generation” or a look I’m going for. I’m not a fan of the heavy combat-style boots with anything, so it’s a trend I’m going to skip. Additionally, they’re hard to get on and off

  9. Love the sweater and the jeans but, the boots are just plain ugly! There are so many other stylish boots to choose from.

  10. Love the top but couldn’t find it in plus sizes on their website. I would wear the top if it came in plus size. I would not wear the jeans, just not my style. I haven’t been to Kohl’s in a long time. I think it is time to visit. I hope they have their dressing rooms open. For a while they did not.

  11. I rather like the burnout too shown here, but would actually prefer it in navy blue as someone else has mentioned or even in the new teal blue/green shade being featured in some stores. I have similar boots but wear them when we have a little snow dusting on the ground or freezing temperatures, not really this time of year .
    Very cute outfit!

  12. The boots are a definite no! I don’t want to lace them or look like a logger. The jeans are okay. The red top is pretty but I would team with a black jean or a Ponte knit.

  13. I love everything about this look. I enjoy burnout tops and scarves in my own closet, and pairing them with jeans keeps me feeling current and stylish. I agree with others that I might switch out the top for a blue or green one but that red one is also beautiful. As far as combat style boots, I may be in the minority but I’ve rocked that style for most of my 60 plus years on earth and don’t plan to stop anytime soon. In fact, if my grown sons saw this display they’d think of me (and my college age students who I’ve taught in the past would agree). I even wear lug sole boots with skirts, but I have other styles in my wardrobe too. We all have our own personal style and that’s what makes us unique. I love that about people.

  14. My college age son loves his Doc Martens. He even wore them to the beach in July!. Even though he has urged me to get a pair, they’re just too chunky looking for my taste. I am already wearing longer jeans and wool sweaters in my climate. I’m a no today, I’m afraid.

  15. I might wear the red top but would need to feel it to know for sure. I like the color & the style. I prefer a longer darker jean. The boots are a no. The style is just not a look I like. I prefer something a bit more feminine.

  16. I’ve noticed that the combat boot look has been trending a lot lately — and I happen to like it very much. I’ve seen them worn with dresses and skirts which is another look I like. Unfortunately, I have wide feet and can’t find a pair that fit properly.

    I like the rest of the outfit, but I’d prefer a different color top — navy or black would work.

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