Wardrobe mixing & unique gift ideas

Wardrobe mixing and unique gift ideas

And, just like that, it is Friday!  Welcome to my discussion on wardrobe mixing and unique gift ideas!

I was out and about often this past week…shopping, voting, and meeting friends to catch up over meals. 

A busy schedule resulted in several concoctions as I did some wardrobe mixing in my closet.


Wardrobe mixing and unique gift ideas

In the past few months since I transformed my color and style personality, I am now a wardrobe mixing mad scientist…enjoying mixing up new outfits and styles.

It still amazes me…once I began to build on new colors and prints…how they so often work with each other for new looks.  Much easier wardrobe to work with and have fun with. 

I would never have put this top and jacket together in the past…but once I did to go to dinner this week, I looked at it and thought…YEP, it goes! The off whites and tans in both garments actually match.

I purchased the Chico’s quilted jacket last year, and the Chico’s blouse over the summer during a sale.  The pants are my Eileen Fisher brown knit pants which I kept after the closet clean.

The Naturalizer boots are also a past purchase. 

I love what I mixed together here…and so did Mr. B…often not a fan of pattern mixing. 

Wardrobe mixing and unique ideas

An orange Chico’s bracelet from the past and a sparkly gold brooch on the collar…sealed the mix.


Wardrobe mixing &unique gift ideas

I have been telling you about Sonoma Lavender Co. products for months…now…I am not the only one to be singing this brand’s praises!

They have just been selected for Oprah’s Favorite Things List!  I love their products and the Foot Balm with the booties would make an awesome gift for any woman on your list.

The aroma and depth of their lavender is above all the rest.  I am confident you will love what they do. We can all use a little tranquility these days!


Wardrobe Mixing and Unique gift ideas

I did find some unique gift ideas at Kohl’s and will share them with you sporadically.  

I have three grandsons who have been to Costa Rica and love all of these animals.  I think they will be excited about the Kids Conscious Step Socks that protect the rainforest.

I plan to put them in their stockings.  You can also get the same socks for adults and for toddlers.

Wardrobe mixing & unique gift ideas

Since hydroponic growing can yield organic plants fast, I was attracted to this display at Kohl’s for growing herbs. 

The jars are in lovely colors and would be wonderful gifts for the gardening crowd in your life. 

Wardrobe mixing & unique gift ideas

Kohl’s also has a collection of Christmas ornaments simply called COZY….of course, I love this!

You will find more ideas in their HOLIDAY GIFT SHOP.

I hope you had a wonderful week and plan a cozy weekend…remember for most of us we fall back an hour on Sunday.…and Would You Wear It is tomorrow along with Jennifer.  Hope to see you then!


By Pamela Lutrell

Season of Joy on Over 50 Feeling 40


  1. You look lovely in your Ivory/white quilted jacket! Love this look! And must get myself to Kohls soon to puck up some of these herbs in a jar growing kits. I have a few folks who will love these!

  2. I thought one of the advantages of knowing your colors, and buying only in that range is that everything essentially goes together. Therefore, theoretically your number of good clothing combinations is greatly increased. Your outfit today is testament to that idea, and you look lovely, by the way. Thank you for the gift ideas. I would especially like to have some of the lavender foot cream. And anything that protects the rain forest is a good purchase I think. Have a lovely weekend.

    1. It is so much fun to change my wardrobe and see how it all works as one, Celia. So much easier and boring is no longer in my closet! Vibrant took over! Have a great weekend!

  3. I really like this outfit you put together! The pieces absolutely do go together, and that jacket is beautiful! You inspire me to get in my closet and try new combinations. Seeing how you are doing things differently these days has given me some color ideas as well as having some fun and adding whimsical pieces. Sweet Tux Pam, what a darling he is!
    Thank you for pointing out these gift ideas. While our Kohl’s is a letdown in the clothing choices, I have to say it’s worth a trip for accessories and housewares! I love the decorative jars for growing herbs (gift for myself) because I like having fresh herbs in the winter too, and this is a pretty way to grow them! I appreciate your help with gift ideas! Even when I’m giving money, it’s fun to include something special along with it and I’m taking notes with your ideas! Have a great weekend Pam! I finally have a moving date (day before Thanksgiving, of all things!) so I’m moving boxes and cleaning, but happily so after 7 months of waiting!

  4. Pam, what you said about knowing your style and colors makes complete sense. It make looking in your closet and finding things to wear simpler.
    I must have missed the post as to who did your color and style assessment. Please share I might want to find someone who does this remotely.

    1. Hi Paula,
      It was a lovely lady from London and we did it remotely and I highly recommend Annie Castano. Her email is annie@castanohel.com. Her Instagram account is https://www.instagram.com/justanniecastano/
      If you go to the top of my page and click where it says Style Refresh…the posts about my early journey with Annie are at the bottom of this section…I know you have to scroll through a lot, sorry about that, but this is where I put the posts about the color journey.
      It has been life changing.

  5. I love your pattern mixing! My husband too doesn’t like it as a rule. Your post got me thinking about the difference between “goes with” and “matching.” The “goes with” is more modern and interesting, in my opinion. In my new palette, it’s very easy to get that “goes with” combo that doesn’t feel off balance. The black I was wearing is so heavy and makes such a block that it kind of bossed my outfits around, and so often I just defaulted to all or mostly black and threw on a scarf. For someone like me, who loves fashion, that strikes me in retrospect as rather sad. Glad for a new fashion day!

    1. I love having a new fashion day, Linda! And I also love how you described your black as bossing the rest of the pieces around…that is exactly what I believe was happening to me. Happy to have all of the wardrobe working together now!!

  6. Like your husband, I am usually not a fan of pattern mixing, but the print in your lovely quilted jacket is very subtle, so it plays well with others. I am trying to get out & about more this month while we are finally having some beautiful autumn days. Last month was so rainy that all I wanted to do was stay home with a good book.

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