Talbots’ beautiful details plus a secret

Talbots' beautiful details plus a secret

Happy Thursday to everyone and welcome to my post today about Talbots’ beautiful details plus a secret.

During my recent shopping trip, I stopped by Talbots and was taken with all of the special details in the current collection.

They are lovely and I wanted to point them out for today’s post.

Also, remember, my goal for every post is to show you colors which might work for you and not always try on my “autumn” palette.

Some of the items I am wearing were selected to show a variety.


Talbot's Beautiful details plus a secret

Talbots beautiful details

So, let’s begin with this Classic Shetland Blazer – Bicolor Herringbone in Orange ( it also comes in turquoise).

Look at all the details in this jacket…velvet trim,  beautiful crest buttons, classic herringbone fabric, notched neckline and a flattering back inset waistband…designed for a slimming silhouette.

Talbots beautiful details plus a secret

I wish I could fill my closet with Talbots jackets and their beautiful details.  I love so many of them.

This Melange Herringbone Blazer in the Eggplant/Ivory colors is so polished and perfect for a more casual cozy lifestyle.

The detail here?  The garment is a perfect design to marry the structured with the relaxed.   A step up from a cardigan, but not quite as structured as most of the jackets.

Talbots beautiful details plus a secret

I followed the lead of many of the Talbots’ displays and styled it with the Mockneck Snowflake sweater in Grey Sky Heather.

The sweater also comes in a lovely Classic Red…which would be my better color.

Talbots beautiful details plus a secret

If I lived in a colder climate….this jacket would be mine!

This is the classic Shetland Blazer in Morning Plaid.  It is beautiful and warm! 

It has gold crest buttons, and the flattering back waistline…and, of course, with these colors in the plaid, you can pair it with many different items.

Here, I have it on with the Thankful Intarsia Crewneck Sweater in the colors Blue Ice/Pink Punch.

I love a detail that says THANKFUL!

Talbots beautiful details plus a secret

They show the Morning Plaid jacket with this sweater online….Fair Isle Mockneck Pullover.

There are so many little details in the design of this sweater…take time to look at it carefully…lovely.

It does go with the blazer perfectly…again for the colder climates…it is warm.


Talbots beautiful details plus a secret

However, for warmer climates…the Faux Fur Collar Puffer Vest is perfect. 

It comes in niine colors and the faux fur collar detail just takes it up a notch from a regular puffer vest.

Talbots beautiful details plus a secrete

Prefer a beautiful animal print detail…this is lovely….designed in the popular leopard pattern with super soft faux fur….the Faux Fur Leopard Vest.

I am completely mesmerized by the Cotton Blend Turtleneck underneath in the color Spice…perfect for my palette. 


Talbots beautiful details plus a secret

For the majority of the 11 years I have been blogging, I have rejected garments with messages and whimsical images.

At the beginning of my makeover journey at age 50, I tossed all of my Christmas sweaters in defiance…honestly, I wish I still had them for Christmas sweater parties!

But, I am changing!  My new style personality of Bohemian/Romantic; and my new lifestyle of working at home and changing my professional style, has opened the door for more fun with fashion!

I am finding myself drawn to little details of whimsy and Talbots seems to do it with a touch of class! 

I think that is why I loved this Reindeer Fair Isle Sweater.

It says winter to me which means I can wear it through the entire winter and not just Christmas season and it is lightweight.

I plan to wear it with the Talbots Easy Knit Jacket I purchased in August in the Orange Zinnia color. 

I also believe a touch of whimsical details is occasionally perfect for a Gigi….my wardrobe now has garments that say I am fun and joyful!!


Talbots beautiful details plus a secret


I hope you will agree with me that Talbots is rocking beautiful details right now…so many lovely items.

If you go to the bottom of this page and look at my Instagram, I will be posting more lovely details there today.

While I was in-store, the sales associates said…Want to know a secret?   Got me to humming The Beatles, but I said of course I do!

THE SECRET is for Talbots’ Cardholders….The first three days of Thanksgiving week, cardholders can receive Black Friday Prices early.

Plus, see the blanket in this picture…you will have an opportunity to receive one free.  That may be with an in-store purchase only…not sure yet.

But watch for special sales prices coming up!!

If you want to secure your favorites, then RIGHT NOW, you can partake in the BUY ONE, GET ONE 50% OFF SALE , which runs through November 8.

Here are more garments…take time to appreciate the beautiful details and enjoy….

Does anyone else enjoy a touch of whimsy in your style these days?  Perhaps this year’s Season of Joy just has me ready for more fun!  Perhaps I will head to Goodwill for a silly Christmas sweater too! 


By Pamela Lutrell



Season of Joy on Over 50 Feeling 40



  1. Such beautiful choices! Talbot’s is my favorite! The plaid jacket reminds me that I have a beautiful plaid Talbot’s jacket from last year that I haven’t worn yet this season. I have an appointment tomorrow and will wear it then! The details on many of their garments is what makes them stand out. As to wearing whimsical things, I rarely do that, but did find a shirt (at Talbot’s) this summer that is a graphic tee in an understated way, and I have really enjoyed wearing it and adding some fun. Like you, having spent so many years in the business world, this type of expression just didn’t fit with my working wardrobe, and that carried over to more casual wear also. I now have two low key graphic shirts that I’ll enjoy. I really like the sweater with the snowflake design that you’re wearing, and I’d definitely wear that. Very pretty for winter! I love their jewelry too. Talbot’s does classic styling so well, which is no doubt why it’s my go-to store! I do like the color selections they are currently featuring.

  2. If I had the winter weather you do, Karen, I would own that first jacket! It is a beauty…so glad you have one like it! Enjoy wearing it out tomorrow!

  3. I love that Talbots is doing so much great color these days. I’m hungry for color, and so many brands now are offering beige and gray tones that just sadden me. Thank you for pointing out the wonderful details that I often miss in rushing to get things done.

  4. Color is my focus lately!! And love to shop the details for you! Thanks for being here Ann.

  5. As others mention the whimsical is working its way into my wardrobe. It started at Talbots with their summer tees- I wore a deep rose pink /white striped tee with 3/4 sleeves that spoke VACATION in bold letters. Quite a few weekends this past summer! And another!
    A few years back I’d not have chosen a message topper, tee or tunic of any type! Their blazers are great and I do wear my Talbots blazer quite often!
    Thank you for today’s blog!

  6. You are welcome, Paulette! I am excited to see I am not the only one enjoying a touch of whimsical fun!!

  7. I am always pleased that Talbots carries so many petites. And they have a great end of season sale which is when I feel more comfortable buying items. I bought several items last year at their winter sale so I’m just waiting for colder weather to wear my turtlenecks and flannel-lined pants. The blazers that you tried on are certainly beautiful, and sadly remind me of a tweed blazer I donated a few years ago, thinking longer blazers were outdated. Guess that proves the old adage of fashion repeating itself. Speaking of whimsical items, I recently bought a burgundy colored tee shirt with the words “ give thanks” across the top. I thought it would be good for the Thanksgiving season, but true the rest of the year too. And I have a pretty scarf of birds and holly which some would think of as Christmas but to me is simply winter-themed.

  8. Yes! I would wear Give Thanks all year long! An important message every day! Your scarf sounds lovely, Celia!

  9. “Does anyone else enjoy a touch of wisdom in their style?”
    ✋🏻 Me! 😁
    Talbots try on is lovely. 😊
    (Have you or will you 😉 share your hair routine details? I think it looks so pretty. Mine looks very much like yours in wave/curl and texture, thick too, but gets so frizzy. And trying to get someone to cut it correctly is so frustrating. 🥴)
    Thanksgiving Blessings 🍁🍁

  10. L💓VE Talbot’s! I have last year’s heathered herringbone jacket in lilac and feel so happy in it. Picked up the cream and coral scarf you featured one day on a carousel together with the coral puffy vest with fur trim and can’t wait to go all snow bunny with winter white column below. 👯‍♀️That’ll be message enough for me to transmit playfulness. 😉

  11. Hi Robin,
    On Saturday at the end of my Would You Wear It post I will talk about my hair and the products I use. Thank you for asking.

  12. Thanks for supporting the blog with purchases through the slideshow, Connie…and your outfit sounds like a perfect touch of playfulness!

  13. Talbot’s is a favorite of mine for their classic looks & attention to detail. I think holiday items have gotten a bad rap over the years because we have been so focused on being sophisticated. We all need a little more joy in our lives after the past couple of years, so I will proudly wear my Christmas items.

  14. So will I, Becky! I agree that they have received a bad rap and wish I had gone easier on mine in the past. But it is a new day!

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