Would You Wear It – EF for Fall

Would You Wear It - EF for Fall

Happy November Saturday, all!  Welcome to Would You Wear It – EF for Fall!

This is the day I join forces with Jennifer and we bring two fashion displays for your consideration.

We ask that you give them careful scrutiny with your best fashion journalist eye!


Would You Wear It

My friend, Leigh Ann, happened by this Eileen Fisher display and it made her wonder what readers would think.

Please look the displays over and offer constructive ideas that might help other women when considering if you would or would not wear the styles.

Would You Wear It

The comments for Would You Wear It posts are read and considered…you might really be helping others with what you say.

Would You Wear It

So, please look our display family of three over and tell us, ladies……


This display is from Dillard’s and here is more information you might want to see….


Would You Wear It

A sweet reader, Robin, commented on my hair on the Talbot’s post on Thursday.  She asked how I do my hair.

Well, Robin, I do have an excellent hair stylist and she gives a great cut which is important so that it doesn’t look too big.

The right products are critical...I have thick hair which still grows quickly, and I live in a high-humidity area of warm temps.

I do not do anything other than get it cut and use products on it…no blow dryer (air dry) and no flatiron or curling iron.

The products I use are pricey, but worth it…they work...I have wasted many bucks looking for the right products, so I am sticking with these!

A little goes a long way.…plus I only wash my hair twice a week. (Gotta keep that color on strong)

Here are the products:

In the shower:

GK Hair Global Keratin Moisturizing Shampoo

GK Hair Global Keratin Deep Conditioner Mask. (This is my regular conditioner and I use it every time after shampoo)

Just out of the shower:

First spray it with this spray and then rub the lotion throughout with hands…..

Kerastase Discipline Spray for Unruly Hair

Kerastase Discipline Cream

Between Shampoos:

If it is out of control, I will wet it and put in the leave-in Redken Frizz Dismiss, and then for a little shine and healthy look, I use the 

KERASTASE, Discipline Huile Oleo Relax Oil 100ml, clear, Coconut, 3.4 Fl Oz

If I decided to cut back,  I would lose the last one, and the Discipline Cream before the others.

I hope that helps…I guess I purchase these products every 8-12 weeks…and that makes it more affordable.  But they are worth every penny to me. 

OK, everyone, tell us about the WOULD YOU WEAR IT display…then go to A WELL STYLED LIFE to let Jennifer know about hers…tomorrow is the first JOY NOTE of the season…hope to see you then…


NOTE:  The Talbots cardigan I am wearing above is the Girlfriend Cardigan…just in case someone wants to know!

By Pamela Lutrell

Season of Joy on Over 50 Feeling 40


  1. I would wear the outfit on mannequin 1. Green is one of my favourite colours and I’m happy to see it on the stores this year. The pants are a bit short for Canadian winters but I would add boots – black or my forest green Doc Martens. I love the sweater and the cardigan but perhaps not together. Maybe a black sweater? Definitely a scarf with green and other colours.

    I wouldn’t wear the other 2 outfits. Mock necks aren’t comfortable for me and the sleeveless duster is way too much fabric for my frame.

  2. I would certainly wear the green-gray outfit, I like everything in it, including the subtle mixture of colors. I may wear the outfit with the vest, although I am not a vest person usually, I would prefer it with sleeves. But I do like the effect of the various lengths and the colors. The last outfit, I would not wear it probably, as I do not like mock necks in general and I do not find the outfit very interesting. Perhaps with a third piece (hum, say, a printed velvet jacket, with an adequate pink-ish/black/something print, would be a nice addition). Have a nice week-end, Pam!

  3. I would wear these pieces by Eileen Fisher. The colors and drape are attractive. The basic, solid-color outfits would come alive with the right accessories, such as pendant necklaces and statement earrings. Also, colorful scarves tied in interesting shapes would brighten the outfits and give them more interest. Living in the coastal, Deep South, I do like the cropped pants for our mild winters. They look good with flats, loafers, or short booties.

  4. Although I typically am a minimalist when it comes to clothes, none of these looks appeal to me. I think if the goldenrod color topper were in camel I would wear that outfit. The greens in the all green outfit are a bit drab? And the center most outfit is just not hitting my buttons.

  5. I am not comfortable in shorter or ankle pants, but I do like the easy, comfortable cut of the tops. If I recall correctly, you and Jennifer have some Eileen Fisher items that y’all have worn for some time so they must be worth the price which to me is a bit high. I’ve thought about looking for this brand on eBay, Poshmark, etc. and I know they recycle material which is admirable. However, the colors displayed here would not work for me as I need more saturated jewel colors.

  6. While I do like some Eileen Fisher pieces, none in this display appeal to me. The colors aren’t my best, though I can wear olive, and the crops are definitely not me, nor are the oversized, drapey garments. Being petite, I have to be really conscious of proportions, length and cut. So nothing here for me, but I do like your gray cardigan.

  7. I’m not a fan of EF clothing — too drab, too baggy, too much fabric and too expensive for me. Those mannequins could use some jewelery!

  8. I love EF. Still wearing silk tees from the 80’s! My only problem is that her colors are usually too muddy for my winter palette….and the website is so unresponsive when shopping.

  9. I was at Dillard’s the other day and I purchased the dark green (I forget Eileen’s name for the color) turtleneck top shown just to the right in picture no. 2. The color is rich and lovely, the turtleneck is perfect – not too tight and the fabric is so soft and cozy. I also bought the system black ankle pants. Again – perfect! Wide, but not too wide, not too heavy, so perfect for at least three seasons. The ensemble is so simple and elegant, it can be dressed up or down. I am finding that tops are running quite large. I usually wear a medium, but purchased a small. Well worth the investment!

  10. As is, these outfits are too quiet and need some pretty jewelry or bright scarves. The duster has way too much fabric for short me.

  11. No.
    I caught a glimse of myself on a Zoom call recently in a top that was that drab olive, and I looked terrible. Now that I’ve gone natural with my hair I am finding that colors I used to think looked good don’t always suit me. I’ve also put a note on my camera that I should be sure and comb my hair and put lipstick on before getting onto calls 🙂
    I like that yellowisih color, but for me it’s an accent, not a main color.

  12. I’m happy to see the outfit with warm and cool green combined but I prefer more structure in my garments these days. Happy Saturday my friend!

  13. The outfit on the left gets a maybe. I like the open cardigan, but I’m not sure the color would be flattering. The top under the cardigan might be a better color for me. The pants would need to be longer. I thought the sweater in the middle might be ok, but after seeing it in the slide show, it’s too oversize for my taste, & the pants are too full & too short for me. The outfit on the right is a definite no. The vest/duster is not my color, & both garments are too long. I have not had much experience with EF, but from what I have seen, I don’t care for the unstructured look of most of her items.

  14. For starters; I feel you get ‘the bang for your buck’ with Eileen Fisher however I find the designs are a tad too unstructured for my body type which is basically slender. Also I seldom wear tunic length tops unless paired with leggings and though I admire the longer cardigan look on others, they are not my first choice for layering BUT might choose a longer version with buttons to give me the option to wear as a dress. To conclude; a definite ‘no’ to the pants because of their length, my sizing and height as would even be more cropped so not suitable for our climate. As to the dress ‘a possible’ but it would depend upon fit. Accessories would be a high shaft boot and perhaps a statement necklace or belt, a broach or a scarf. Earring would be dictated by my choice of the former. -Brenda-

  15. No enthusiasm to even try to style these outfits. I’m sure I’m among a small minority who don’t care for Eileen Fisher’s clothing. Personally the color palette and lack of structure just doesn’t work for a tall, blue eyed blonde who looks best in “summer” colors.

  16. Like some others, I like more structure than EF presents. The gold color is lovely but has too much material for me. I think if you are taller, you could pull it off. I’d add(carefully) layered necklaces to see whether that might perk things up w/o changing the overall look too much. I really don’t like the ‘skirt’ model that uses three neutrals: it seems flung on and the colors don’t help one another out at all.

  17. I used to love Eileen Fisher and have a number of her pieces that I have worn for years. They are high quality and last forever. Lately I haven’t been able to find anything I like. I would be interested in what your other readers think. It’s beautiful in my part of Texas. Have a lovely weekend.

  18. I like the outfit on the left but I wouldn’t wear it as it lacks buttons. I am so over flyaway open cardigans, I would definitely wear the Talbots girlfriend cardigan, because – buttons

  19. EF seems to have moved away, for this season at least, from my preferred colors (winter), so I would only wear the black pieces from these looks. I agree with previous comments, in that her pieces are often too unstructured for me. However, she designs for mature women, and that I appreciate very much!

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