Joy Notes #8: A Return to Childlike Wonder

Joy Notes #8: A Return to Childlike Wonder

Happy Sunday, all! Typically, the day after Christmas is a downer-day for me, so it is perfect that I have Joy Notes #8: A return to childlike wonder as a place for a positive focus.

I hope yesterday was a joyous day…I will give you a Christmas wrap up from our house tomorrow.

However, today is a Joy Note wrap up.

I started Joy Notes eight Sundays back and told you we would go each Sunday through the end of the year…and that is today.

In praying about how to bring these posts to a close, I began to think about the joy I received experiencing Christmas through my grandchildren this year.

 Then, our pastor preached on “childlike wonder” and I immediately thought…that’s it!

The message resonated in a deep place in my heart.


Joy Notes #8: Return to Childlike wonder

You do not need grandchildren or really exposure to any children at all to understand childlike wonder.

We have all been children…ok, I know for some of us that was a long time ago, but think about this.

Do you remember the first time something took your breath away?

I do.  I was 12 and it was Lake Louise in Canada in the summertime that struck me speechless with its beauty.

I felt like I had walked into a fairy tale.  The next time I remember shaking with awe was at the Grand Canyon, and also when I first saw the mountains around Telluride, CO.

So much of God’s majestic beauty has always struck me with childlike wonder.

Joy Notes #8 Return to CHildlike Wonder

When a child is struck with wonder, they often just stop and stay in the moment for awhile.

As we grow older, we begin to lose those moments where we just want to sit there, not move, and breathe it in.

And, with a constantly negative 24/7 news cycle it is easy to forget those times of wonder, appreciation and joy.

I believe so much joy can be re-discovered if we will just stop with wonder more often.


Joy Notes #8: Return to Childlike Wonder

I shared in last Thursday’s post on Winterfest, how much my grandson Beck ministered to me with his joy.

He was in wonder of the whole event the moment we arrived…he did not want to leave…and wanted to experience all that the event had….even making sure he sat once again on Santa’s lap.

He would stop and relish each moment. I knew I needed to allow him to do that and not rush him through the event. 

Christmas 2021 has been his Christmas…he has soaked it all in and enjoyed each and every moment completely.

Joy Notes #8 Return to Childlike Wonder

When we visited him in mid-December, I showed him this picture of the starlights we put up in the backyard.

Every phone call before Christmas Eve after that, he was asking if the stars were still there.  I assured him they were waiting for him.

He found so much wonder in the picture and anticipated something very special when he arrived. 

I had to explain to my daughter why he kept talking about “the stars.”   After all, it is the season for the Star of Wonder…right?


Joy Notes #8: Return to Childlike Wonder

Will you join me in the year ahead and return to Childlike Wonder?

Rather than complain, or fear, or lament…may we gather together and find wonder in each moment ahead.

Let’s find the wonder in the first snowfall of the year…in the first blooms of spring…in the faces we see each and every day….in the laughter of friends…and new opportunities…when we sing our National Anthem…

We are all snowflakes ….each one unique and different created by a mighty God who loves all of us…all of us…and there is joy in reaching out to others to do the same.

Joy Notes #8: Return to Childlike Wonder

The holiday-time is such a wonderful time to watch children.

I was in line at Marshall’s last week, and a little girl (maybe 7) with her mom behind me said, “Christmas is going too fast!”

I turned around and said to her…I completely agree!

But, we can grasp her childlike wonder with this joyous time and hold on to it all year long…will you join me?

Please share how you think you could return to childlike wonder in your own life?  This is not childishness…it is about discovering wonder and appreciation in our every day lives and the world around us.

I want to thank everyone who has participated by sharing your comments with Joy Notes.  I even heard from a member of the Milwaukee Dancing Grannies, and they still need our prayers for healing. 

You all have blessed me so much with your own stories and lives.  If you missed any of these posts, here are the links:

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I so hope Sunday Joy Notes have been encouragement for those who struggle with joy during the holidays.  I for one will leave our decorations up for at least another week…it is too soon to take them down and I want to sit and look at the lights….and wonder. 


By Pamela Lutrell

Season of Joy on Over 50 Feeling 40



  1. I’ve said to numerous people, including you, that I so enjoy seeing pictures of young grandchildren as our grandchildren are past the “young” child age. But a 15 year old granddaughter, was almost giddy looking at the presents under their tree, and talked of not being able to sleep on Christmas Eve. That naturally brought memories of the same feelings when I was young, of waking up when everyone else was asleep to just sit quietly and ponder the Santa gifts under the tree. Your pictures of your grandchildren always make me smile. I appreciate your efforts to bring your readers something different daily. I can only imagine the time spent to take pictures, to compose paragraphs, to visit stores or different locations. I read your blog the first thing every morning when I open my iPad, and I’m grateful for the information…and joy…you give me daily.

  2. I have truly enjoyed your Joy Notes series. I agree that we do ourselves a favor to step into our childlike perspective to better appreciate the lovely and fascinating things around us. For me, I am blessed to enjoy sharing children’s excitement and growing mastery each week at the piano. Their “A-HA!” moments always bring a smile to my face. In my own realm, like you, I still wonder at the natural beauty around me. Last night around two a.m. I awoke, probably because of the sudden hush I sensed. I had gone to bed without the forecasted snow, but there it was, quietly falling, enrobing our home and the woods behind. I was so happy that I quickly pulled a sweater over my gown, and boots . . .and out I went into that wintery wonderland. Some houses had their Christmas lights on, which cast an even more magical aura to the scene. Yes, I was joyful as a child. 🤸‍♀️

  3. Nature and natural beauty has always brought out the childlike joy and wonder for me. I love long walks in wooded areas and I relish in looking at stars, meteor showers and shooting stars on crystal clear nights. The first snowfall on the 23rd was great and a gift. It was only an inch or so but it frosted everything in beauty. Thank you so much for sharing your Sunday joy series!

  4. I really appreciated your joy notes too. As I get older, I do stop, be still, be present. It’s a necessity! Thank you for the reminders that overall we are kind and compassionate and giving human beings. Your grandchildren are adorable and I do remember that childlike wonder. Thank you for your posts, you inspire a kinder, gentler world.

  5. We are leaving our outdoor lights up just a little bit longer than usual. January is the darkest, coldest month. We all need a little extra light to guide the way in the midst of this cruel pandemic.

  6. I have also enjoyed the Joy Notes. Gave me lots to think about. Since I grew up believing that joy is an emotion, it’s always been a struggle. My sister said she can’t think of joy except as an emotional response to good things. So it’s our life experience.. I’m going to have to rename it for myself to get a different mind set. I’m thinking of calling it “hope” instead. I’ll be honest Pam, since I was one struggling with this, the mention of “joy” has often made me do the eye roll and feel aggravated. But hope, that’s something I understand. My hope is in the Lord. Childlike wonder comes easily to me. Park me at the ocean, or basically anywhere in nature and wonder is a given. And appreciation. Sunrises and sunsets, storms and rainbows…love it all! My goal for the coming year is to take weekend trips to new places in my state and surrounding states to have new experiences. This has been a challenging year with moving twice and going through a remodel. I’m ready for a big change! A trip to the beach is on the radar too…a long stay this time. I have hope.

  7. Thank you for all of your Joy Notes this month. Most of my life I have been a perfectionist, & that is a joy stealer. So often, I have waited to do something until the perfect time. As I age, I see those moments slipping away at an increasingly fast pace, so I am trying to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. One of my goals for the New Year is to find beauty in something every day. Even on those days when the sky is gray with a cold rain falling, & the trees are stark & bare. Love, peace, hope & joy to all as we approach 2022.

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