Jasper: My new fave color at Chico’s

Jasper: My new favorite color at Chico's

Happy Tuesday, ladies!  I am continuing a discussion today about my every-day-at-home wear lately with showing you Jasper: My new fave color at Chico’s.

Most of you are aware that one of the best highlights for me in 2021 was the discovery I am a Vibrant Autumn color palette.

I sent away my cool-winter-palette for good and embraced the autumn colors head on…the change had amazing results!

Not just in what I wear, but in my complexion, overall style and confidence!  It has also been tons of fun.

I love to discover new colors in my palette.  


Jasper: my new fave color at Chico's

I was a little giddy to discover the color jasper at Chico’s!

It is perhaps a darker version of  the kingfisher blue I was counseled to wear…a beautiful blend of blues and greens which looks fabulous with the rest of my wardrobe.  Orange just pops with it!

These two tops are now a part of my every-day-at-home wear.  They are lovely and easy!

A great way to say to your neighbors, “Here I am to brighten your day and mine!”

I was picking up a few things at my neighborhood grocery and a women came up to me in produce just to ask, “Where did you find that color?” 

We had a great conversation!  And she pointed out some lovely apples as well!

The top photo is the 3/4 Sleeve Cotton Slub Tunic (only $19 right now in several colors);  the second is the Pima Cotton Grommet Tunic (available in three colors) and can easily be dressed up or down.

Here are more items in gorgeous JASPER:

Jasper: My new fave color at Chico's

I almost forgot to mention I am wearing this top with my Chico’s Jeggings…the cost-per-wear on these is plummeting!  Wear them almost anywhere!

This pair is also on sale!


Jasper: my new fave color at Chico's

Leigh Ann took this shot at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens over the holidays.  I just look at it in wonder…loving these colors so much.

And completely inspired by them!  She has always been in wonder of reflections on water and the reason this scene captivated her.

Color brought me so much joy in 2021, and I plan to continue that in 2022.

Wearing Chico’s jasper is a great place to begin and you will see more of the color on me very soon.


My new fave color at Chico's

After I grieve the loss of my decorations, I always begin to focus on light in my home in January.

Candles bring such cozy warmth to a home this time of year and the shorter days provide more “candle time.”

I am still going for a little Danish hygge in my home. 

Each day, I start the morning lighting this little candle in my kitchen…this was a thrift find many years ago and I just love it….it stays out all year despite the evergreen etching on the glass.

Discovering the warm side of my style and colors helped me to understand the warm side of my home decor.  I have always gone for the warm and cozy home over a more modern one.

Jasper: my new fave color at Chico's

Remember, small simple things can brighten our days at home in big ways.

Do you have any favorite colors or new color discoveries right now…I hope all of you autumns will take a moment to look at jasper…it is so pretty….thank you for joining in and have a fabulous day.


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer: Items within this post were gifted for the review and the words are my own.

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  1. This is a beautiful color. I am not an Autumn, but have always been able to wear teal, and this reminds me a lot of that. The quilted jacket is pretty, but so lightweight that it would only work for fall where I live. I do like the color. I have been considering a revamp of my wardrobe, mostly to purge things I’m no longer wearing, but also to get to a place where most things work together and I can minimize my closet. I’m tired of having too much and a lot just doesn’t get worn with my current lifestyle. This will be ongoing, and I’m also refining my color choices to pare back in that area too. Fun winter project.

  2. It is a good winter project. I am revisiting my foundational adjectives and will write about that soon but I still find that helps me most and I know it has helped you as well. By using that guide and my best colors, I can pare down now with purpose.

  3. Pam – I love this color too! Although I’m not an Autumn (Spring I think)this shade has a place in my wardrobe too! You look great in it So, hopefully when I wear my two similar tops without a heavy coat on for my walks, my neighbors will think I look pretty good too! Right now its about 20 degrees (brrr) but the sun is shining- finally!

  4. I agree that this color works for many women, Paulette! It is beautiful and it’s cold here right now but rarely lasts long.

  5. When you said yesterday that you would be sharing your new color, I thought, I hope it’s that blue-green like Chicos has! I love that color too, and it’s great for Blue Autumn. I find it feels a little dressier and refined, compared to some of the really flaming colors, and a version of it could be very nice for summer. It also mixes well with both my new palette and also black leggings, which I think are becoming as classic as blue jeans, and are one of very, very few black pieces I still reach for.

  6. It goes so well with everything in my wardrobe! You will love it, Linda, with deep saturated purple!

  7. I smiled when I saw your pretty candles and the idea of their making your house cozy through cold, dark winter months because I received so many candles as teacher gifts and have not used them though retired 12 years. I need to get them out and burn them. And the jasper color is one that I have liked in several clothing items from Chico’s through the fall and now winter. I’m not sure if it is “one of my winter colors”, but I certainly am drawn to it. Perhaps it is one of those colors that is complimentary to all skin tones.

  8. It may be one of those colors but I am not a color consultant so I don’t know for sure! I do love it and love my candles!! I burn them all year, but more after the time changes in fall!

  9. You look so pretty in that jasper color, and I love that you have fun mixing the palette in creative ways. I will always remember the sort of epiphany moment when you showed a picture of a bird last year and talked about pulling inspirational colors from nature. For me, I look to the light and mellow, calm side of nature. Think of the snowy owl, or the palest yellow of a newly hatched chick’s fluff. Favorite though is a Robin’s egg blue. This is the palette I love right now.

  10. I love this color, which I think is flattering on most. A color I am looking forward to is the periwinkle!

  11. This is beautiful color, & I think it could be one of those universal colors that looks pretty on almost everyone. I purchased the “Joy” candle holder from Big Lots that you featured in a November post. It is a piece that I am planning to leave on display year-round because it brings me joy. I can use it with a flameless candle to brighten any space. It may be like the Elf on a Shelf & pop up at different spots throughout the year.

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