Every day at home in Chico’s

Every day wear at home in Chico's

Happy Monday #1 of 2022!  Let’s start with a couple of posts showing you my every day wear at home in Chico’s.

Today is Part 1 and I wanted to begin in the Chico’s Zenergy collection I have been cozy and relaxed in recently at home.

It has been a busy time, and ends with a busy time every day at home.


Every day wear at home in Chico's

When I say, every day wear at home, I mean the clothing I wear for walking the neighborhood, walking our dog (Tux), and even taking down the decorations.

It is truly every day wear, and now that cooler breezes are blowing here, it is comfy, cozy, and still confident wear.

I have already confessed to a new love for hoodies since I came home to work.  I really like this one…it is the Zenergy Ombre Animal Print Hoodie in the Mocha Taupe color.

I do not ever pull over the hood…I just like the way the design looks and if I need a hood, then it is there.

It goes great with my Zenergy Pants which I have owned for awhile. One of my favorite features of these pants is the cell phone pocket!

Every day wear at home in Chico's


I really needed to wear something I like when changing out the decor to help keep my spirits bright.  It is always hard for me to put Christmas away.

Somehow, this year, I am very ready to dive into 2022, so it has been surprisingly easier.

Every day wear at home in Chico's

In the photo before this one, you saw me inside wearing my cozy wool slippers.

But, when I purchased this hoodie, I noticed the metallic pulls, so when I wear it out, I pair it with my gold metallic sneakers.

It is a perfect fit.

Chico’s just released a new collection and still has fun pieces on sale. 

I received a lovely gift card from one of my sons, and It is spent!  Here are some pieces you might want to consider:


Every day at home in Chico's

My every day at home life began the new year with black-eyed-peas.

The leftover Christmas ham bone is the key to the success of these peas!  Growing up in Texas, my mother insisted we eat them every New Year’s for good luck in the year.

It is a tradition I continue…because they are delicious and it is a nice thought for the new year.

I was raised eating them over cornbread with pickle relish and I just cannot break that tradition!  It is still so good.


Laura Geller Makeup Saves the Day

In December, I introduced to you Laura Gellar Cosmetics.

I just received this comment from a reader, Suzy:

“Absolutely love this makeup. Thank you for introducing me to this brand. Their customer service is fantastic. The foundation color I picked was too yellow. I called to say I might have to exchange for another color. I was told to keep the one I have and they would send me a replacement. After an extended conversation about which shade to chose she added, “you can try mixing the two colors.” WOW! NONE of this make up settles in my creases/wrinkles, ever. And the powdered foundation is not drying. Oh my, can you tell I am a fan? I’ve also now ordered some fun bits, eye shadow, liner etc.”

Here is the original post and how the makeup saved my day on Thanksgiving.

I also am a fan.  I have worn this makeup every day since I discovered it.  Check them out, this is makeup just for the fabulous women over 50!


Every day at home wear

I think one of the reasons I am so much in “wonder” of our new family member is how colorful this amazing creation is.

I am pretty sure this parrot is an autumn and he really inspires me.

Tomorrow, stop by to see part 2 of my every day at home wear in Chico’s and see what my new favorite color is!

Thank you for being here…what cozy at home wear are you in this week?  You are the best….now remember to:


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimers:  I was gifted items within this post, but the words are my own!

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  1. im giggling at myself here, my at home or walking the neighborhood is more likely to be my Costco stuff than my Chicos clothes, however, when I go to other peoples houses either to visit for a few days, or local friends to just shoot the breeze or talk about our travel wishes, I wear my Chicos…..so im kinda wondering why im more concerned with what other peoples neighbors think of my appearance. it also brings up that section of the closet designated travel wear, why do total strangers see me in my best stuff? and yes, that section of the closet is getting dusty for Petes sake….hmmmm, something for me to think about.

  2. Hi Sheryl, after being at home more the last two years, I suddenly began to think more about the neighbors! Life is short…so I want to up my game every day no matter where I am. Chico’s offers such great sale prices for excellent quality that it is easy to make it part of our at home, and out and about life! Try something new with the neighbors! Could be a lot of fun!

  3. I have several Chico’s items in my closet, but have never bought anything from the Zenergy collection. I think your hoodie was also available in red animal print which I was attracted to, but did not buy. My casual clothes for around the house or daily walk are usually jeans and a long sleeve tee or sweatshirt. I made a good Hopping John dish for New Year’s that we enjoyed that looked similar to yours, but I used andouille and kielbasa sausage instead of ham, and some diced tomatoes with diced peppers. I’m not fond of dried black eyes, but really enjoyed this recipe. The peas were so creamy, and well-seasoned. I somehow missed the Laura Gellar post so I’ll be investigating it farther.

  4. I liked the red one too, but decided to go with the darker brown. I will edit the post soon to include the original Laura Geller post from me. And yes… I love a good hoppin’ john!

  5. That pink reversible long jacket in the carousel is gorgeous!! Could you please post the black-eyed pea recipe? It looks so delicious and I’ve never had that dish before. For good luck on New Year’s we go out to eat Chinese food, paying extra attention to the fortune in our cookies. 😊🥡

  6. There are so many “tweaks” to fortune cookies which can make the dinner full of laughs. I need to write out the black-eyed pea recipe…so often I shoot from the hip…(sometimes I wonder where the phrases we use originate!)…but I will do that for you Connie….and put the cornbread on the bottom…I almost always eat these peas with cornbread!
    And, I completely agree that the jacket and the first one are stunning. The first one is in my color palette and on a wish list!!

  7. How classy you and Tux look for your walks! My sister is a master at athleisure and likes the Zenergy line at Chico’s. Typically it’s hard for me to pack up Christmas too, but I got up this morning and finished packing everything except the trees and it feels good. Guess I’m ready for a fresh start too. Christmas decor seems more special when it’s only out for a limited time. Your black eyed pea dish looks good, and it sounds even better with the cornbread and relish. I have never eaten black eyed peas but have heard that they are delicious, so I’m going to have to try them. Like navy bean soup, I can see where the ham bone would add lots of flavor!

  8. My house looks so bare and sad! But later in the week I will try to bring back the personality. Navy bean soup sounds so good..it is actually cold here!

  9. I too have decided to “up my game” with nice wear at home or in the neighborhood. I also can give two thumbs up to the Zenergy line, and also T By Talbots. I’ve enjoyed actually picking outfits to wear at home and on our daily park walks, much as I hurriedly used to pick out an outfit for work. At first, I felt guilty over the “nicer” sweaters and pants sitting in my closet. But this -is- my life, my health (mental and physical) is precious, and I’ve decided to honor it. Costco, as Sheryl noted, has great pant options: leggings from Danskin, joggers from 32 Degrees, that are staples in my wardrobe. If I buy these in plain colors, I can more easily justify a full price top from Chicos or another one of my favorite stores. I too love hoodies (never owned one before retirement, now have several) and recently found a nice striped (vaguely Breton) tunic hoodie in the new green/blue collection at JJill. Also, Eddie Bauer makes nice lounge/workout clothing which is always on one sale or another, and Pam has a link to shop there too.

  10. Thanks for sharing, Linda. I also never wore hoodies before coming home to work and spend more time here. But, I do like them for cooler weather and a youthful causal style.

  11. Pamela, I retired over 7 years ago. I was happy to leave my “work” wardrobe behind but the pendulum went too far the other way. Fast forward to 2020 when we all started taking stock while stuck at home during Covid. I lost 40 pounds, started wearing makeup more frequently and started wearing the “save for best” pieces of clothing. I will never go back. I love that you site Stacy London for fashion/clothing quotes. I hear her in my head saying it is just as easy to dress in better looking clothing. (Same number of pieces of clothing!) I never pay full price for clothing, (ok rarely).

  12. Hi Suzi, thank you for this great reminder! Stacy is always in my head and her style book is still my favorite. I have not read another one that comes close!

  13. I updated my at home wardrobe a few years ago thanks to you. You made me realize that I deserve to look nice for me. It’s still pretty simple; usually a nice long sleeved or fleece top & my Talbot’s jeggings, but I feel well dressed. I’ve always done the make-up & hair thing. I am a bit slow at putting away Christmas this year. The tree is down, & the holiday towels are stored, but much of the decor is still in place. Plan on working on it & the after Christmas cleaning tomorrow & Thursday. We had an appointment today & another on Wednesday, so it’s a slow process for me.

  14. Your blog always cheers me first thing in the morning! I haven’t taken down Christmas stuff yet…I always wait til January 8. And then thing look so bare!
    I have some mercury glass décor that I keep out for the winter and a plaque that says “ silver white winters that melt into springs”. Gives me hope in the midst of usually very bleak winters in Connecticut.
    I wish Chico’s clothes fit me. They’ve expanded their small sizes, so I’m going to try again!

  15. Thanks for these reminders about Chicos and Costco etc. I am not sure what if any good clothing stores we have here in Arkansas yet and nowadays am not even sure what I look best in color wise. I am pretty shy and quiet and live in jeans and sweaters or sweatshirts as there aren’t many people out and about and I haven’t seen many who dress fabulously as some of the photos. Being retired and then Covid I feel like I have justlost my sense of fashion ( if there ever was one except long ago when I had my colors done and shopped with the expert who cleaned out my closet– loved it!!) Any suggestions for getting on track to what works for me to brighten up even if it is just for me and the dogs!!??

  16. I am going to do a post next week, with my own style update. I think that might help you and watch your email, I am going to send something to you. I want you to look good for you…and the dogs…because it will bring you joy and confidence.

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