Shopping JJill with Leigh & Me

Shopping JJill with Leigh & Me

Happy Thursday, ladies!  Welcome to another episode of Shopping JJill with Leigh & me!

JJILL is one of the retailers who release new collections after Christmas and don’t make us wait until a new season.

They offer some nice transitional pieces.  Please remember that the majority of clothing we tried on was for YOU, the reader.

There were not many pieces in this collection which worked for AUTUMN palettes.

So, let’s dive in…..


Shopping JJILL

Shopping JJILL

I wanted to start by showing you the Birdsong Textured Tunic.  It is very lightweight.  

Leigh Ann liked it with the Pima Ankle-Length Leggings in Woodbine.

Shopping JJill

Shopping JJill

Also, from the top picture, I am wearing the Wearever Marled Shawl-Collar Cardigan in lavender tint multi.

This outfit was on the first mannequin when we walked into the store at the Quarry Market in San Antonio….so I thought, let’s do that!

Underneath is the Seamed Cotton Stretch Tunic…I like the garment but know the sizing is generous and the material is thin.

You can actually see the taupe bra I am wearing through it.  Just keep those in mind if you are shopping for a white tunic top.

Those points may be benefits to some of you.

On the bottom, I am wearing the Wearever Smooth-Fit Slim Leg Ankle Pant in black.


Shopping JJill

Leigh is showing you the Tie-Dyed Boat-Neck Pullover with Boyfriend Jeans in Brooklyn Wash.

Both of us like the JJILL Boyfriend Jean.  I already have a pair hanging in my closet.

Leigh Ann is wearing a size 8 Petite.

Shopping JJill

Also, she tried on with the boyfriend jeans this Brushed Soft Plaid Popover Tunic which is currently on sale.

Also, Leigh Ann said to tell you that it is worth looking through the sale items.  She saw several great pieces on the sale rack in the store.


Shopping JJill

I like this top…but you already know that I like snakeskin prints.

This is the Wearever Seamed Dolman Top in light grey snake texture.  Light weight knit.

I am wearing it with the same slim let pant from above.

Shopping JJill

This little floral quilted jacket is one size fits all.  This is a comfort item generous in size.

I could not locate it online.  If I do, I will edit with the link….right now it says online the rest of the new collection is coming soon.

Shopping JJill

This is the Gallery Blazer in a color called cape wash.  The sleeves turn up to show a floral print.

This would be a nice denim blazer for spring….lightweight.

Underneath, I have on the Gardenscape Printed A-line Top that has a small V-neck. I liked this top for those who like greens and blues.

The tie-waist indigo pants now are mainly an online special but I did try them on here.  I was not pleased with the fit and do not usually wear pull on tie waist jeans.  

Leigh Ann thought they looked good…if that helps.

Shopping JJill

This was my favorite top in all that I tried on this trip.

It is the Embroidered Denim Tunic.

I liked the style and the fit of this garment.  I am wearing the XL.

Shopping JJill


Shopping JJill

Finally, I did like the scarves and necklaces from the new collection that I saw in store.  JJILL currently has lovely scarves and ponchos.

The new JJILL Collection is at this link.  The necklace is the Pure Jill Earth’s Palette Tassel Pendant.


Shopping JJill

Today is my grandson, Mathias’, birthday!  He is a big 7 years old…incredibly smart, kind, athletic, handsome and lover of his parrot.

Happy Birthday to Mathias!

Thank you for shopping JJILL with Leigh and Me…let me know if you have any questions…and remember what humans do better than any other living thing is….


By Pamela Lutrell


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  1. Nice to see what’s in the store at JJill. I like JJill and definitely have to shop in store because of the sizing. It’s so very generous, generally, so for me trying on is a must. I love their Wearever line and tend to be a collector! Here, where we often go from freezing straight to very warm, spring is a difficult season to shop for so it’s nice to see sweaters and jackets. I’ll have to run out to my local store and try a few things on now that you ladies have inspired me!

  2. I have never been in a JJill store as we do not have one nearby, but I have bought several items in the past in their petite sizes. I have several favorite cardigans that I’ve worn for years and reach for often. However, I find so many of their clothing items are muted color and I prefer saturated winter colors. And I do wait for their sales.

    1. Good morning, Celia. You are right they tend to have muted colors and strong neutrals. I discovered a great color there for autumns called Toffee.

  3. Their new collection just came out today. You and Leigh Ann will definitely have to make another trip for us!
    I always enjoy your try on sessions. Thanks.

  4. I love the fit of JJill for my apple shape. I was in the store recently and bought a navy striped hoodie tunic from the new blue and green collection, with navy leggings (surprisingly hard to find good navy leggings). Though their fabrics are nice quality, I find some of the colors, particularly in spring, greyed down to the point of depressing. I have better luck in the fall with what sometimes is a rich, earthy purple or olive. Overall, I do shop this store, but think there’s a lot of room for improvement and that it’s hit or miss. Thanks for the try on!

    1. I agree, Linda. I do have JJILL pieces in my wardrobe that I really love. But, I am with the rest of you here who would like to see more vibrant colors. It would make for some happy shoppers!

    1. Hi Janet! I have owned them for a long time. They are by Sofft. I love how sparkly and fun they are and very comfy!

  5. I love the color of the Wearever cardigan. I will often pick a cardigan over blazer, & this would be perfect for easing into spring. I was hoping you would try the embroidered shirt that hanging behind you in several of the pictures. It looked interesting, & I really like it. It’s been a while since I shopped JJill. I may have to go soon.

    1. Hi Becky, I did try it on. That’s the Denim Tunic I am wearing in the last picture with my thumbs up. I really liked it. It had the best fit of everything I tried on that day.

  6. Because of sizing I too must try their clotheson, but I find, in general, JJill quality is terrific! Items I’ve owned fir a long time and laundered quite a bit, still look new!
    I liked most of the tops you and Leigh Ann modeled today, especially the light blue “denim” blazer you had on. Very nice!

  7. I like all the items you are showing, I think the birdsong tunic looks great on both of you. But I really like the sneakers Leigh is wearing. Can you tell us the brand? Thank you!

  8. Enjoy seeing pics of people outside. You always seem to show dressing rooms and inside places. Nice to get a feeling for where you actually live! My DIL would love the pics of Mathias and the parrot . She is a big parrot person! Happy Spring.

    1. Hi Susan, did you see the Date Night post last week? Part of it was outside. And part of tomorrow’s post is outside. I do posts often that are around San Antonio. But, thankfully, dressing rooms are inside! 😘

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