Why I wear artisan fashion

Why I wear artisan fashion

Happy Thursday, ladies!  Today I am going to explain why I wear artisan fashion.

When I began my first makeover 18 years ago, I was drawn immediately to wear artisan fashion as a way to express my creativity.

During that time, I enjoyed artisan styles from Artful Home and Etsy.

But when I entered the professional office world, I walked away from wearing artisan fashions.

Now, that I have returned to my Foundational Five and want to communicate creativity again, I am back!


Why I wear artisan fashion

  1. First, I wear artisan fashion because the pieces are unique and you rarely see them on other women.
  2. Artisan fashion is often offered in a variety of colors and so far it has been easy to find pieces in my palette.
  3. For those of you who love to express creative, artistic style, artisan fashions are a way to have some fun!
  4. When I wear artisan fashion, I am supporting small talented designers and artists.

Today’s jacket is from a website called Marketplace: Handwork of India and is made from artisans in the country.  Read the history.

I am not being paid or sent clothing or compensated in any way to support this brand.  But, I like what they do and always find affordable pieces on their site.

Today’s Naina Vest in Cerulean Evergreen Heather was recently purchased in clearance sales.

There are some of the vests still available, but often artisan styles are only offered in just a few pieces.

Why I wear artisan fashion

I like to support this brand because it is more affordable.  Other artisan sites, are crazy expensive and I see unique pieces as having a higher cost per wear, so I try to watch the sales closely.

So far, if I need to return a piece, it has been easy.

Anytime I have purchased artisan fashion, I always hand wash and hang dry…unless it is a fabric which requires dry cleaning.  I can only think of one of those in my closet.

Why I wear artisan fashion

The necklace and bracelet I have on today were both purchased in the past from Goodwill San Antonio.

Another reason I like to wear artisan fashion is I can have more fun with the accessories too!

These are the types of clothing and accessories I have in mind when I say that I desire to communicate my creativity.  (Foundational Five Personal Style: creative, approachable, joyful, current, and polished)

Why I wear artisan fashion

I am always looking for creative, artistic beauty.  This is from Tuesday’s sunrise…the gorgeous sky gives beauty to a stark, leafless, winter tree.

It is so much fun when you can find it in our clothing in unique designs.

Does anyone else like to wear artisan fashions?  Where do find the ones you enjoy the most?  Thanks so much for being here….


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. That’s certainly a beautiful vest, in a beautiful color! I looked around the site and you’re right, very nice things! I receive the Artful Home catalog and have always looked with interest at the clothing in the back, though I never purchased a clothing item from there. I do enjoy seeing these more creative clothing items on others though, and would definitely wear some of the more low-key jackets on today’s site. In my own wardrobe, I have this great love of embroidered boho tops that are nowhere in my FF adjectives. When I see one in the stores, it’s usually coming home with me. They express a different side of me and I think it’s fun to do that. The top you are featuring definitely speaks to your artsy side, and I can see why you picked it. The jewelry is so creative too, and looks like one of a kind. The reasons you stated for wearing artisan fashion is a good thought process to go through when considering why we wear what we do, and I’m glad you included that.

  2. I agree, Karen…this does express my creativity in a different way similar to what my accessories do. I like to have a touch of artisan in my closet.
    Happy Thursday!

  3. I wear some artisan clothing occasionally, but keep it to a minimum as I often wear my own handmade jewelry, some of which is large. My overall style is somewhat pared down and even sporty, and while Interesting is one of my adjectives, so is Casual, and the combo of artisan clothing plus jewelry usually feels like too much for my style. I did have a painted cotton jacket I wore quite a bit. And I like hand painted silk scarves, which I buy occasionally at art fairs, usually for gifts.

  4. You shine in the blue outfit! I love the vest! I, too, love artisan clothes & jewelry! I love art – paintings, sculpture, etc. I love supporting artists. I have bought some great pieces of jewelry, scarfs & clothes during art strolls where you visit artists’ studios. I have bought great art too! Artisan clothes & jewelry feed my spirit – my creative side, etc. If someone hasn’t tried artisan clothes & jewelry, know that there are lots of items in neutral colors – tan, black, etc. so you can acquire some striking basics to spiff up your wardrobe. Looking at art – be it in museums or in books or online – is a great way to be exposed to different color combinations. Thanks, Pam, for explaining artisan clothes & jewelry!

  5. This jacket is very kimono-like… And thus 100% yes for me. Beautiful colors and your composition for the whole outfit (including the fabulous accessories) is striking.

  6. I love how you get it, Linda, how the five adjectives work together to control and sharpen an overall look! Makes me smile!

  7. I also love to shop gift stores in museums…so much fun. Thanks for joining in, Judy!

  8. Thank you for the link as being a hobby sewer (don’t do as much as I use to and if I do its mostly interior design related) I appreciate artisan fashion namely due to its creativity and uniqueness whether it be in clothing or accessories. As fashion sources; artisan craft fairs/exhibitions, flea markets as well as 2nd hand stores are my go to. Do love what you are wearing.

  9. I buy often from Etsy and EBay. I have bought artisan jewelry from DuHope and I have been following IBU movement. Fabulous clothing! Thank you for sharing and bringing attention to women artisans who have found a way to support themselves!

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