What I wore this week

What I wore

Happy Friday, ladies…it is cold!!  And if I am cold down here, then I know many of you are ridiculously cold! Welcome to my review of What I wore this week!

Actually, before the front, the weather was its usual up and down during the week…and my clothing review reflects the change in temps.

Let’s start with the jungle…..


What I wore

Dressing for a doctor visit is similar to how I dress to go shopping… I prefer to wear items that are easy on and off.

On this day for another doctor visit, the temperatures were warmer just before the cold front hit later in the day.

When I purged my closet after the color revelations last year, I kept this Chico’s denim jacket with a frayed hem because it is a creamy off-white and not stark white.

Like my new elongated denim jacket below, it has the extra seams for a flattering fit and is a bit longer than the traditional moto jackets.

I am also wearing my Chico’s jeggings, and the remainder of this look has a touch of “jungle” to it. 

The safari print blouse from Talbot’s was purchased last year and combines the same off white, orange zinnia, and olive colors.  I prefer to tie it in the front rather than tuck it in the waist.

The blouse was in a spring collection and it is lightweight, so was perfect for a warmer day.

I added a Goodwill San Antonio wooden necklace which also has a touch of orange, and my leopard print slip on Aerosoles.

Chico’s does have several options for denim jackets…just check them out here: Chico’s Denim Jackets.



Last Sunday, we invited family members over for a hamburger cookout during a playoff football game.

The weather was sunny but still a little cold.

Though our football team was dismal, we still had fun.

I was doing a little cooking and playing with grandchildren, so I decided to select a comfy, creative look.

Lately, I have been totally into wearing a column of Chico’s jasper items because I love the color so much and the comfort.

Since I was cold, I wore over these items an older Soft Surroundings cardigan, that I only wear around home now.  The reason is because it is very oversized and not the look I desire for when I go out.

But, I have to say it compliments the jasper clothing well!

These are the Tailored Ponte Leggings in jasper and this top is sold out, but there are other lovely tops in jasper.

What I wore

The outfit was perfect to move in the kitchen and get some cooking done and then move around to do some loving on the grandchildren!


What I wore

Today is Mr. B’s birthday……and he asked me this week to go shopping with him to spend his Christmas gift card and to update his style a bit.

I hope to get a picture for you of what we found…but I definitely pushed him a little out of his comfort zone and I think he looks great.

It was fun to just sit in a chair in his favorite men’s store and give my opinions…I introduced him to the three-way-mirror which he usually ignores.

For shopping, I selected my new Chico’s Elongated Rinsed Denim Jacket, and paired it again with my a.n.a. denim jeans from JC Penney’s.

Underneath was my favorite tee in burnt orange from Gap.

What I wore

The outfit is accessorized with a brooch from Anthropologie; a necklace designed by Marla Wynne; and gold metallic sneakers by Sofft from DSW.

All have been in my wardrobe for awhile.

Of course, I followed my Foundational Five style adjectives to put together these looks.

To those who asked me to continue this What I Wore feature, thank you for the input.  As long as you like it, I am in!  Will have more next week.

Also, tomorrow is WOULD YOU WEAR IT with me and Jennifer…so have a great Friday and make sure that you…


By Pamela Lutrell

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Style Reinvention

My return to the Foundational Five


  1. I enjoyed seeing what you wore when going out this week. I love the Soft Surroundings topper! The cold is getting a little boring here at this point. I feel like I live in my heavy coats when I’m out and look forward to the day when what I am wearing can actually be seen! It would be fun to see what your husband picked with your help! Your football party sounds like fun! Seems like all the games are blowouts so far. I’m following my grandson’s favorite team but suspect this weekend is the end of the line for them too. Hopefully not!

    1. I will see if I can get him to pose this weekend! I know he is wearing the outfit this weekend. Thanks Karen!

  2. Those cookies look divine. Please share the recipe. I love the elongated denim jacket. I dislike chest pockets and this jacket has pockets down lower to use for your hands! I don’t know if a size 4 would fit but I might try it just to see. I am a plus size lady! I love all the ideas you share. Sometimes I look at my clothes and just see a mess. I need to see beyond that so I can put outfits together like you do! Thanks for sharing your life with us everyday. I look forward to your posts.

    1. I will share the recipe on Monday for you Charlene. Now, that I have organized my closet into my best colors and returned to the style words I want to communicate, it is much easier to look in my closet. I am glad I purged everything that does not work.
      If you have not selected the Foundational Five…five adjectives you want to tell the world about you with your outfits, that will help immensely.

  3. The knot idea (instead of tucking in) is brilliant, I always struggle to have the top at the right height when/if I tuck in, thus usually I let the top out. But I have to try the knot idea, thank you. Of course, I love, love, love the jade outfit and even more because of the oversize jacket. It seems quite light and floating, and although I do not like this word, it is very flattering on you (and creative). Here, we are under two wool sweaters, a thick coat and two or three scarfs (well, at least one thick) to keep the cold away, but it is nice to think of places where “cold” means something else. Have a nice week-end, Pam.

    1. Stay warm, Catherine and than you for your input. I am so in love with the jasper colored garments at Chico’s…wearing them often right now.

  4. Pam, I realized when I’m looking at clothing recently and I see a color that fits your analysis, I tend to think “ That would look good on Pam!” I really like that longer denim jacket from Chico’s, but right now it’s price is still quite high. However, I will continue to follow it in hopes it’s price drops. I enjoy seeing how you put together your outfits for the week. You often give me ideas. We’ll enjoy seeing Mr. B model his purchases too. I just realized that with your newer blog set-up, I can see many older pages, even some than 10 years old, so I’ll be looking at some of those too. Interesting, although you were wearing white white and black, and you’ve realized how uncomfortable the whites made you.

    1. The entire blog is truly a journey of hits and misses. I do like some of the earlier styles from when I was teaching high school. So glad I have returned to some of that.
      Thanks Celia.

  5. I love this feature! And I also like the new website. And the jasper color :). I keep looking at the a.n.a. natural-colored jeans, but can’t figure out what size to choose since it looks like there is no give at the waist and no stretch. Did you buy your regular size, or size up?

    1. Hi Linda! This pair of the jeans are no longer online and they do have stretch. I am wearing my exact size. If I see a similar pair in new collections I will let you know. It for certain has stretch but not too much!

  6. Yes I think we are all in love with the jasper pieces at j jill! Really lovely! I also like the longer denimjacket you’re featuring! I could use this definitely ,as spring approaches. (Soon?). Wishful thinking..
    And your cookies- recipe please. I’ll use my almond flour- coconut flour as I need gluten free products here.

    1. These jasper pieces are at Chico’s, Paulette. I was just at JJILL a couple of hours ago and did not see this color in their store.
      I will have the cookie recipe on Monday!

  7. Hi Pam!

    This is another invaluable post … seeing what you wear for different occasions/scenarios is so helpful. I appreciate how you explain your wardrobe selections and how they apply to your foundational five.

    Stay warm — we are definitely in the freeze zone here in Ohio!

  8. Great post Pam. Have a simple suggestion for you that I have used in the past, and which may help in reducing the front volume of your Soft Surrounding cardigan. This cardigan looks great with the jasper items, and it’s a shame that it will stay for home use only. Make a few pleats in the front area where the volume is, baste them in place, iron the area to flatten the pleats, find two large buttons of complementary color (1 for each side)—or 2-3/side depending on how long the pleats are and how you want the cardigan to fall—and sew buttons in place where the pleats are. I have fixed the volume of clothing with pretty buttons numerous times as I am quite small, and even petite clothing sometimes looks a bit large on me. Buttons not only can make clothes fit better, but can add an interesting detail if they are of quality and unusual. I am always in the look out for interesting buttons in thrift store clothing, and have often bought something inexpensive just for the buttons (which can be quite expensive in a regular store).

    1. I wish I had your talents, Elisa! I haven’t touched a needle and thread in years! But I can see where that might help!

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