Would You Wear It – Mixed Prints

Would You Wear It - Mixed Prints

And just like that…it is Saturday!  Welcome to Would You Wear It – Mixed Prints!

This is the day I join in with A Well Styled Life and bring you fashion displays from two cities simply to find out Would You Wear It?

Jennifer and I ask that you approach this day with a constructive eye and consider if you would or would not wear the styles if you had the opportunity.

We are seeking more helpful information than yes or no.


Would You Wear it - Mixed Prints

These two mannequins featuring mixed prints were discovered last week during shopping with Leigh and me.

This is a styling trend which comes and goes like most and looks like will be “in” for 2022.

Please consider these styles carefully.  You may always offer different ideas for styling the displays.

Comment in such a way as to help other women…the comments are read by participants and we always learn from one another.

They want to know WHY? you either would wear it or not wear it.

Would You Wear It - Mixed Prints

Give these your most careful fashion eye, and tell us, ladies………………………………………………………………………………………………….


This display was discovered at Talbot’s!  My curated slideshow will offer you more information on these pieces….. (NOTE: THERE WILL BE A LEIGH & ME WITH TALBOTS NEXT WEEK)


Would You Wear It - Mixed Prints

Winter wear is well underway, so would you consider wearing mixed prints as a part of your winter style?

Please share with us WOULD YOU WEAR IT?…then head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE to see what Jennifer has…and make sure always, always….


By Pamela Lutrell


Would You Wear It - Unique Details

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  1. I know this is a pretty popular thing to do, but it’s something I haven’t felt very comfortable with. It would have to be very subtle. Even though I understand the mechanics of how this is done, it’s just not something I’m doing. I have a few reversible scarves and do wear those, but that’s about it. I just prefer simple styles dressed up with a scarf or nice jewelry.

  2. For me the scarf with the print shirt doesn’t work. I do like the colors. I would wear a small print shirt with a wide stripe sweater if the colors coordinate. I would wear the jacket outfit minus the scarf. Also the sweater outfit but in my autumn colors.

  3. I think mixing up prints is fine and I would wear, but I think you have to be careful to have them relate to each other in color and or pattern. The sweater over the printed shirt with blues in both works and really is pretty subtle. The checked scarf with the printed top does not work for me somehow. The pinks are too different and the patterns don’t seem to work very well together.

  4. The striped sweater with print blouse is pretty meh – the sweater overwhelms the print. But the paisley blouse with the gingham scarf is a really good example of how to mix patterns: small v large scale. Rectilinear v curved/floral. & the scarf pulled the coral & yellow out of the print so they relate. I also like the green safari jacket & jeans with it. This is one of the best styled outfits I’ve seen in the store displays you’ve featured. So much so that it’s going into my example file so I can see if I can put a similar look together from my closet.

  5. I love all of these print mixing examples! They look modern and interesting. Matchy matchy all the time can get boring and look “mature”. I absolutely would wear these outfits.

  6. I like each of the pieces separately, but do not like mixed patterns together. This is why most of my tops …and bottoms…are solid colors. I then can use a patterned scarf or colorful jewelry. I can mix and match solid colors, but not patterns.

  7. Each piece is nice but I’m not a big fan of mixed prints. I tend to dress more in a classic style and this seems a bit bohemian or ‘artsy’ to me. I’ve seen people do it with mixed results – some have looked like hits and others like misses.

  8. My eye doesn’t know where to land here so it feels distracting. With so much going on, I certainly wouldn’t be the focal point of the outfit and that’s always my goal. Happy Saturday Pam!

  9. Being a fabric junkie I have the tendency to mix patterns following the guidelines of interior decor so also take into consideration their weave. i.e.: As in the honey-comb sweater which has a pattern of its own. With that said, the color-blocked sweater paired with the blouse chosen doesn’t appeal to me as feel the colors lack compatibility (conflict of intensity) whereas the pieces with the jacket are appropriate in color, scale and pattern mix, so ‘yes’ I would wear the latter.

  10. I’d wear any or all of these outfits. I do wear my smallish paisley print shirt (Talbots) layered under a similar sweater and love the green utility jacket with printed top and scarf. I’m embracing green with coral this winter for some reason. I think it works here as the print does hold some of that pretty Coral.
    We are entering the gloomy month of January up here and this display sure works for me.

  11. I like the paisley blouse with the striped sweater, which is more of a color block sweater. The tones and weights of the fabrics work.. The real question is would I think to put them together?! I am not a fan of the gingham scarf combo, probably because I am not drawn to the orange and yellow gingham scarf. I am not a Talbots shopper as I find their clothing to be too matronly (and I’m 64! Ha!). I prefer to shop at stores that offer free shipping, and don’t spam me with ongoing ads if I do browse their sites!

  12. The blue outfit seems to me OK from the point of view of the pattern-mixing, but I would not wear it because I would not wear the sweater at all. With or without a paisley shirt, I do not like these big stripes. As for the other proposal, I had a problem with it, but I spent quite a long time to discover why! I think that my problem comes from the fact that each piece around the central, paisley, shirt takes one color (or two) from it, but never the same: blue jeans, green jacket, orange-yellow-white scarf. I suspect that a green-blue-white scarf (or a yellow jacket perhaps) would do the trick of pattern-mixing much better.

  13. I love the pattern mix here, especially the jacket and scarf combo. It’s fresh and interesting. I don’t do this too often because, except for stripes, basically the only prints in my wardrobe are on scarves. But I do love a striped tee with a floral scarf in the spring when that third layer starts to feel too hot. When mixing, I’ve always followed the old decorating mantra I’ve read: a plain, a pattern, a geometric.

  14. I wish I could but I can’t mix prints. I’m just not good at it. Big with small, same size with different colours, accent coloured prints or monochromatic prints mixed? My brain does not compute. Mixing textures I can do. I’d wear the print blouse with the striped sweater only if my denim shirt was in the wash and then feel uncomfortable all day.

  15. I love the striped sweater with print blouse under it! This is in my color palette and looks bright and happy without any “look at me!” vibes. The only issue I have is that I rarely double up like this anymore. I end up having to tug at my clothing to make sure everything remains in place, so unfortunately I would only be likely to wear as separates. I loved the trend several years ago where stores had a lot of pre-matched tops that were one piece but looked as if you had on two. Sometimes there was a collar and cuffs, sometimes a collar and shirt tails.

  16. Mixing prints takes a little courage, in small doses I think it’s very attractive. I think both of these examples are very interesting. The paisley with the check is probably a little more off to me than the other combination. I love the example even though I probably wouldn’t wear either.

  17. I don’t mix prints, because it can look too busy for my taste. I prefer to play with color, either going monochrome or color blocking. That’s more my personality, but it works for my body type, too.

  18. I would wear the outfit with the blue striped sweater and printed blouse. Nice look. The other outfit with the scarf is too much fabric for my size, it would overwhelm me. The sweater and skirt a possible outfit with a much shorter skirt.

  19. Short answer: Yes I would wear them
    Longer answer: They would be toned way down
    Even Longer answer: A few months ago, I realized that the only solid colors I was wearing had textural patterns (like the sweater.) I had gone off the deep end with pattern on pattern on pattern. So, all of these are in my target zone of Less Pattern.
    (although sitting here this morning it is pattern pants with a heavily textured top…)

  20. I like to mix prints, but these don’t work for me. I might put the sweater and blouse together if the pants were white, but the dark bottoms is just one-too-many points of contrast. I love the pink gingham scarf, but it’s too pretty to have to compete for attention. I would let it stand on its own on a column of solid color. I like the oversize paisley tee and safari jacket together, but think the scarf is unnecessary.

  21. I personally like all the examples using mixed prints and would absolutely wear them. I feel they add energy, liveliness, pizazz, and a contemporary look – though not overdone. I see these as outfits worn for casual outings (which might be most of my retired life!), but would have happily worn them while teaching. I like the pieces separately, so I do like them together. They are definitely seasonal when combined, but some of the individual pieces could be worn in warmer times. I will look at my wardrobe to replicate the ideas. Thanks for the inspiration!

  22. I am not a fan of mixing prints for myself. I prefer a more classic style. I have seen some mixes that are not too bad, but neither of these outfits appeals to me. If the pattern of the scarf were smaller if might be ok. I’m really crazy about paisley either, so that might be a part of the problem for me.

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