Just a little shopping with Leigh & Me

Shopping with Leigh & Me

Happy, happy Sunday, all !  Welcome to just a little shopping with Leigh & Me.

We don’t always go to dressing rooms…we have gone to small hill country towns…festivals…downtown…and today we go shopping on Joy Street!

Gotta love it…right?


Shopping with Leigh & Me

Shopping with Leigh & Me

Joyeux Home Decor is a lovely French Country Style home shop that I have wanted to spend more time in for awhile.

This trendy little barn in the middle of our city is a great place for gifts and home decorating ideas.

Of course, greeted with words like joy and inspiration, make me feel like I am home!

Shopping with Leigh & Me

Shopping with Leigh & Me

This glorious artwork featuring birds was my favorite and I keep thinking about it ever since our visit.

I did get some great ideas I have already decided how to implement.

Are you like me?  After Christmas, I am always thinking of ways to improve my home decor because it seems so “sad” when the decorations get packed away.

Shopping with Leigh & Me

Shopping with Leigh & Me

My design aesthetic is so similar…many of you know that I love French Country, a little bit farmhouse chic design.

I like the way they have taken it here and modernized the looks.

Shopping with Leigh & me

Leigh Ann was excited to find Reese Witherspoon’s book Whiskey in a Teacup, a Southern cookbook/life lessons book.

The women I know who bought it for gifts never gave it away.  I have it on my reading list now.

Shopping with Leigh & Me

We both loved the kitchen area from individual berry cup pottery to beautiful coffee mugs.

And….we made purchases from the local Nectar D Fleur Honey Brand….the owners wife works in the store so they carry some of the items.

Shopping with Leigh & me

You can see the Mr. B and I have dived into the German Style Mustard and it is absolutely the best we have ever tasted.

I will be ordering more…or stopping by Joyeux to pick more up….it is sooooo good!

Shopping with Leigh & me

We were there to look over everything, and soon it was time to close the book on Joyeux…but I never close the book on JOY!


Shopping with Leigh 7 Me

Afterwards, Leigh Ann was ready to check out the deals at Rack Room Shoes.

As a regular wearer of the Sperry brand, she fell hard for these Leopard Sperry Womens Slip On Sneaker.

Shopping with Leigh 7 Me

There were many cute selections for casual fun.  We also liked this KEDS Women’s Jump Kick Slip On Floral shoe.

Shopping with Leigh & Me

Of course, my eye went right to this KEDS Kickback in rust…great color! It also comes in a lovely olive color.

Who says casual has to be boring??

Shopping with Leigh & Me

I liked these olive sneakers…Sketchers Street Catch the Light. 

Shopping with Leigh & Me

Finally, Leigh Ann liked the tie-dye designs by Bobs.  Rack Room seems to be sold out online, but I found them at DSW, Sketchers Bobs tie dye sneakers.

Kimono Cookies and Comfort Shoes

I have received so many requests for information on these shoes that I am wearing in the top picture…so here are the links again in case you missed them (and yes, I love them and wear often)

Comfortiva Taupe Sneakers

Comfortiva Navy & Black Sneakers

This was a fun outing…but all of our outings are fun and always include a little treat here or there.  On this one, we tried the new frittatas at Corner Bakery and their delicious pumpkin muffins.

Let me know if you have questions…thanks for being here and I will see you on JOY STREET!


By Pamela Lutrell


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  1. ordered hubby one of those mustards, he loves a gourmet mustard. shipping and and handling was a little steep, but if he likes it, he doesn’t ask for much.
    that shop looks fun to wander around in.

  2. The mustard is delicious…let me know what he thinks, Sheryl. And, yes…it was a fun place to spend time in.

  3. Other than the large mirror, I didn’t notice much French Country in that shop. But rustic is a way for many to use traditional design in a fresh way, and I am making my own home a little more streamlined and natural as part of a small refresh. My daughter-in-law is a big fan of this style and her home looks casual, warm, and comfortable. I like the “rough elegance” she has achieved, and I think looks like this are the new iteration of shabby chic. “Rough Luxury?” Like you, I always have to name it somehow :).

  4. Thanks Linda…this shop to me is rustic elegance and there was a lot of French Country within it. It is a style I really resonate with so I would probably love your daughter’s home.

  5. Great shopping trip. Of course you would find a street and shop filled with Joy. You are a joy magnet. There is so much to see in there and I would love it. Those floral Keds are on my list and I think may have to have a new home with me. Just my style. That mustard looks yummy but the shipping and exchange to Canada is making me think of an alternative closer to home. Have a wonderful day.

  6. Absolutely love French Country decor -how I would love this shop! I’m in search mode right now for new bedroom decor pillows and for our living room sofas too! Joyeux seems like such a wonderful shopping find! Lucky you and Leigh Ann too!

  7. I love stores like Joyeux! Even if you don’t end up buying anything, browsing is so much fun and I often come away with ideas. The painting with the birds is gorgeous! If you’re like me and you’re still thinking about it, you’ll kick yourself if you don’t go back and buy it (assuming that you have a place to hang it and that it’s within your budget, of course).

    I love most of the shoes that you showed. In fact, I’d probably wear every pair except maybe the tie-dye ones. I love the prices too! We’ve always found that shoes are more expensive in Canada than in the US. I used to shop for shoes whenever we were south of the border, but alas, that hasn’t happened for a long time!

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