Would You Wear It – Warm Reds

Would You Wear It

Happy weekend, ladies, and welcome to Would You Wear It…today, I am featuring warm reds.

On Saturdays, I team up with Jennifer of A Well Styled Life to bring you fashion displays from different parts of the country.

We ask that you look our displays over and tell us what you think of the styles.


Would You Wear It

New colors are beginning to pop up in collections for some of our favorite retailers.

Please use constructive thought as to why you would or would not wear these styles…explanations, please!

The comments are read by other women and they find your opinions to be very helpful.

Also, feel free to offer styling tips if you like.

You do not have to address the season or costs…just answer would you wear it …period.

From this point on, we will begin to see collections to transition us into Spring….even if you are freezing!

Would You Wear It

So, tell us……………………………..


Would You Wear It

This display is from Chico’s and here is a slideshow with more of their new color:


Would You Wear It

This past week was chocked full of posts which received a lot of attention.

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Each post last week featured something new for you and the Today’s News, positive headlines curated just for women, received a resounding YES.  

I was given a big thumbs up for these selections…and that doesn’t happen every week!

So, make sure you tell us if you WOULD WEAR IT, and then head over to A Well Styled Life to see Jennifer’s display…thank you so much for being here!


By Pamela Lutrell


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  1. I would wear all 3 of those blouses, I really like the last red one pictured best. I don’t buy very many blouses any more, they were more office wear than casual for me. but I do like the return of the flowy blouse style, in the past ive had quite a few of that style.

  2. I do like all of the clothing the mannequins are wearing although the warm red zinnia if not a good red for me. For most of the items on display and slideshow, the alternative color is black which I do love and wear, but would rather have some color for spring. However, I do like the styling of all three tops on display. I am not comfortable tying my shirt tails like the one blouse but realize many do this. I prefer the flow of the other two tops, and the heart top would be so pretty especially if one were going out for Valentine’s Day. Chico’s has such unusual necklaces and both shown are ones I would wear although I’ve realized since buying several Chico necklaces that my smaller frame is dwarfed in some jewelry like the longer black necklace. I’d need to try it on or see it on someone else. I have many Chico’s pieces that I buy online since they do not charge for shipping as others do. Have a good weekend.

  3. I do like red and enjoy wearing it. With my coloring, my reds need to be clear as opposed to dusty; i.e., more in jewel tones. Lately I find myself favoring more tailored styles as opposed to loose and long, probably a phase!, so as styles, a few if these appeal to me while others do not. But as to red, in the right tone, definitely yes!

  4. Cute outfits but I don’t wear red. I like the tied blouse with the white jeans. If the blouse was navy, I would wear it. Happy Saturday!

  5. Yes, I would wear them all. Red is a good color for me, and all three would fit into my wardrobe with pants and skirts I already have.

  6. Beginning with the pants; though I prefer slimmer cuts a possible ‘yes’ to both provided that the black ones are constructed like a trouser and has a waistband that could be accessorized with a belt and be worn with a tucked in top. Whereas with the white ones because I do not care for the way they fan out at their lower hemline I might consider them, if they could be cuffed/rolled up for even a more casual style. As to the red tops; sadly as much as I love the colour on others, it is one that I cannot wear so opt for it only in small dosage as in an accessory. i.e.: Belt, footwear, scarf etc. In respect to their styles; for casual wear I lean towards ‘front closure shirt cuts’ as serve double duty since can be worn as an overlay, so if offered in another colour I would consider the one shown. -Brenda-

  7. I don’t wear much red at all. I did years ago when I worked teaching, however. I had a gorgeous red blazer and red cardi sets with matching shell. Today- nothing.
    I do like the red shirt knotted at waist with white pants! But for somebody else!
    The other top doesn’t appeal to me.

  8. I would wear the outfit on the mannequin on the left as is, as well as the other two tops. I would probably wear the tie a bit looser, below the neckline of the shirt – personal preference. I would also leave the shirt untied or tucked in. I would pair the solid shirt and sweater with black pants, skirt, or longer culottes and a black leather jacket and low boots. I’d wear the black necklace with both outfits.

  9. Growing up as a copper redhead, I was not allowed to wear red. Or pink, purples or yellow. As a result I’m always a bit uncomfortable in red. I have found warms reds will work. I do like both of the outfits but I would need to try on the red to see if it works on me. I can’t seem to tie a shirt to look good on me so I would tuck the shirt. Maybe add a scarf as belt. And a necklace with length. I enjoy these posts.

  10. I like red and would definitely wear both as pictured. I tend to wear shirts and blouses mostly in spring and summer, though. But the print certainly works for a date night now. Both pants are perfect, too.

  11. Since going totally grey I’ve been experimenting with colors. This white/silver/blond hair and a warm complexion has thrown my eye off. Red has always been a favorite and I would definitely wear these styles but I would have to visit a Chico’s to see if it’s a good shade for me. I like the knotting at the waist and find it brings some definition to that area. When I’m feeling thin I do this! Love that black necklace!

  12. It is most likely my monitor, but the reds are reading cool (blue-red), so I’m not sure if by “warm reds” you are referring to orange/yellow-based reds, or just the red evokes warmth as a color. Sorry, long-winded way of saying I would wear all of these blouses if they were, in fact, blue-based reds.

  13. Like Karen A., Jewel toned reds look best on me, or a bright fuchsia, so I think I would pass on these tops. In the right colors I would wear the first two, but the third would make my short curvy frame look boxy. Your outfits this week are great and you really shine in them!

  14. I like the red color and would probably wear the white and red outfit. I say “probably” because I could not find the material online, but it looks like cotton. I am not sure about the knot, thoug: although I like the style, I think it is not the best on me, but the shirt is a button-down, thus there are many possibilities, with the neclace, open on a tee, under a cardigan or a jacket, etc. The poppy-heart blouse, on the other hand, is polyester and I never know what to do with these bows, thus I would pass this one. Have a nice week-end.

  15. I love the look of both outfits but the warm red is not a good color for me. Now a royal blue would be wonderful!

  16. I bought the red print blouse earlier in the month and love it! The sleeves are beautiful and the fabric drapes well and – you guessed it – red is my favorite color!

  17. Yes to all 3 red tops and, of course, black and white pants are classics. The styling and necklaces are perfect and I could see myself wearing them as shown or with pieces I already have in my wardrobe.

  18. I had an aunt who told me to wear red on gray days. Good advice. I find red and black or red and white combos are always energetic and classy and good work-horses pieces. I like the red button-down shirt with white (or black or gray or khaki) pants or jeans. I’m not a tie-at-the-waist girl, so I’d wear it tucked or untucked with an eye-catching necklace or neckerchief and interesting shoes. The tunic with roll-sleeves is my second favorite. I like the V-neck and the loose fit that’s long enough to wear with leggings. The heart-print tunic has its good points but the bow tie at the neck isn’t my thing.

  19. That warm red would be perfect for me! I would wear the shirt on the right hand mannequin, but I wouldn’t tie it at the waist. That’s just a personal preference. My favourite piece is the last top shown. I would wear either of these with dark wash jeans or white pants depending on the season and the occasion.

  20. I was in Chico’s two days ago to buy the elongated denim jacket. I looked at the reds but they lean to much to orange. I need cool reds. Chico’s seems to do a better job dressing their mannequins than many other stores.

  21. I would wear any of those red tops in a heartbeat – I love the flowing relaxed fit. As a plus-sized woman with big hips & thighs I would need other trousers though.

    But the thing I really like about the tops is that they allow shoulder pads; I have sloping shoulders and find that shoulder pads give me a more balanced silhouette. Not the massive shoulder pads of the 80s, just enough to add shape.

  22. Yes I would wear all of these tops. Red is such a happy color. They are all very versatile and copuld be dressed up or down. They would go with jeans for casual looks or with dressier pants or a skirt for the office. The red is a nice red, warm and friendly. It would say a lot about the person wearing it.

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