The Menger Hotel, Chico’s & Me

Menger Hotel, Chicos and Me

Welcome back to our tour of San Antonio…today, is all about The Menger Hotel, Chico’s & me. 

Yesterday, I showed you Alamo Plaza and today we go next door to The Menger Hotel, as their website site states, is known for legends and lore.

German immigrants, William and Mary Menger, opened the hotel in 1859 and it became known for its architecture, tunnels, gardens and stories of personalities who were taken with it.

The Mengers were loved by this community not only for a fabulous facility and entertainment, but also for their charitable spirits and generosity to the poor.


The Menger Hotel, Chicos and me

According to historians, these personalities were regulars at The Menger:

Oscar Wilde was a regular and the famous sculptor, Gutzon Borgium of Mt. Rushmore fame had a studio located there.

Captain Richard King of the famous King Ranch, was known for the cotillion he hosted at The Menger and later died at the hotel.

The well-known short story author, William Sidney Porter (O.Henry) wrote of the hotel in several of his works.

The Menger Hotel, Chico's and me

But, perhaps it is best known as a gathering place for President Theodore Roosevelt and his Rough Riders.

They often frequented the bar in the hotel where you can find their stories and memorabilia.

The Menger Hotel

The famous Chisholm Trail went through what now is the beautiful courtyard.

In 1864, the cattle drives would follow the trail from San Antonio up to Kansas.

Now, in modern day times, it was also the location where former President Bill Clinton discovered mango ice cream while campaigning. 

He loved it so much, he had it shipped for his Inauguration Day festivities.

These days, The Menger is also known for its ghosts and is on the ghost tour for San Antonio.  I guess all of these people love it so much that they have not really left it behind!



Menger Hotel, Chico's and Me

Wearing Chico’s new color, Red Zinnia, was perfect for a visit to the Menger. 

Of course in San Antonio, the more color the better and I am thrilled (as a Vibrant Autumn) to see this color hit the racks.

It is a vibrant combination of red and orange and depending on the light can sometimes look solely red or orange.

A great warm color to take into spring.

Today, I am wearing the Zenergy Relaxed Fit V-Neck Tunic…a perfect travel garment!

I paired it with the Zipper Hem Ankle Pants…a Chico’s necklace and bracelet…and taupe sneakers.

The pants are also perfect for travel and look so nice for a walking tour.

Here are more Chico’s garments in this amazing color, Red Zinnia:


The Menger Hotel

Some of you may be wondering…if this is a post with The Menger Hotel, Chico’s & me…where is Leigh?

You can see the back of her hair on the other side of the gorgeous lobby.  Of course, she was there.

The Menger Hotel Chicos and Me

After walking Alamo Plaza and the hotel, we needed comfy chairs and to find a glass of tea. 

As a local, I love to go downtown and enjoy playing tourist for awhile.

Thanks to Chico’s for getting us out in travel ready clothing. 

Have you enjoyed learning a little more about my home town?  Let me know if you have any questions and make sure throughout this day you…..


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  There were items within this post which were given to me for review.  The words are my own.

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  1. I do like the red zinnia color! Chico’s has some really creative, new colors that are easily imagined as new/replacement signature colors. It is fun to play tourist in a place you’ve lived for years, and discover places you drive by but don’t go into. I lived most of my years in a small city (by city size standards) and recently discovered the historical society. Never knew we had one! I recently moved to the neighboring,larger city, but am still attached to my hometown. When the weather improves, I’m planning to go over and check out a little more history at the historical society! I’d love to stay in a place with so much history as your hotel has. I’m sure the decor is something special. I love to visit places that take us back in time and have a fascination with the 19th century. I will be looking further into the history of your beautiful hotel.

  2. The new color is beautiful and so much better for those who like warm colors. You have me thinking about how much fun it would be to participate in a historical society! Thanks Karen!

  3. That was such a fun post. I love the history of the hotel. The red zinnia looks beautiful on you. 😊

  4. I do enjoy your posts that show various parts of your hometown or nearby locations. I had never really thought about visiting Texas as a destination, but you’ve put it on my list! It is also fun getting exposure to the Texan culture, as I had never before seen a Texas wedding! With the fashion, recipes and various outings, it is always fun to open up your blog in the morning to see what today brings!

  5. What an interesting backstory of this historic building! So many famous people who found it the place to be at one time or another. Thankfully it has not been replaced by more modern structures as many downtown buildings have. I too like to wear red, but prefer blue-reds rather than orange-reds so I would need to see a garment in a store before buying it. But I do like your blue pants with that zipper detail at the bottom. I need more navy in my wardrobe and not just jeans. You’ve given me another place to visit if we ever can feel better about traveling again.

  6. Happy to share a little history with you from where I live. This red zinnia is more for those of us who wear warm colors over cool. I am so glad to see Chico’s offer colors to everyone.
    Thanks Celia!

  7. I’m so intrigued and interested in your charming city! That Zinnia red is indeed dazzling! Pretty you! Pretty hotel!
    The idea of Ghost Tours in this charming hotel holds a lot of interest for someone like me who loves to read a good psychological thriller once in awhile too. Just to enjoy the same places that historic figures also enjoyed is interesting as well. Thanks for sharing!

  8. There are so many intriguing stories associated with this hotel! I love to imagine it back in the day! Thanks Paulette!

  9. Pam – can you share the details on your taupe sneakers? I love them and would love to get myself a pair if they are still in stores.

  10. The hotel looks very interesting. It’s nice to find places that celebrate their history. While new & modern is nice, there is something special about those places that stay true to their roots. That shade of red is great for your warm coloring. I am a blue red person. Stay safe in your ice storm. As the storm migrated to the Midwest, it has become a snowstorm. By Friday morning, we could have around 10″ of snow. I am warm & cozy at home.

  11. I love your Texas Tours! I have never been to Texas, but it is on my bucket list. I most want to see bluebonnet flowers. I have seen beautiful photographs and paintings, but I am sure they are amazing to see in person. And the warm weather you get to enjoy so much of…lucky you. The history of the area you shared was so interesting. I really hope you and Leigh don’t stop this series.

  12. We plan to keep going. The bluebonnets and wildflowers that grow throughout the Texas Hill Country are stunning! So glad you enjoy the tours!

  13. Hi Anne…I just added the sneaker links to my post today called Wardrobe Versatility. Let me know if you have seen all of these links.

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