Tour San Antonio with Chico’s & Me

Tour San Antonio

Happy Wednesday, ladies!  Please join along to Tour San Antonio with Chico’s & Me.

We are actually just hitting one big tourist attraction today as a way to show you how great Chico’s clothing works as the best travel essentials.

So, our tour of San Antonio begins at the iconic Alamo Plaza.

You are looking at the front of the mission behind me.  The entire plaza is currently under renovation and I love the improvements underway.  

If you have visited in the past, you will want to plan a return this spring or summer….when it is at it’s prettiest with flowers and greenery and see all that has been done.

Tour San Antonio

The plaza is surrounded by beautiful architecture and lots of history to read and learn. 

There are stories behind each structure and I will have more for you tomorrow on another one.

Of course, our tour of San Antonio is during a time of year when the landscape is not that pretty…but it will return soon. 


Tour San Antonio

On the tour of San Antonio, you will want to tour the gardens to the side of the missions.  When the flowers come out, it is stunning.

Yes!  That is a fountain dedicated to Davy Crockett…thank you for sharing him, Tennessee. 

Chico’s travel clothing is perfect for a casual walking tour like you find in downtown San Antonio.

I am wearing four Chico’s pieces here and love to wear red, white and blue when I go on a history tour of San Antonio such as we have downtown.

Tour San Antonio

I am wearing the warm, stylish and comfy Plush Shacket in Classic Navy (it is currently on sale!)

I styled it with my red Touch of Cool long sleeve tee.  This style is sold out, but here is one for spring that I want to pick up perhaps in mint twist.

On the bottom, are my Chico’s Pull-on ankle jeggings with my metallic gold sneakers.

All of these pieces maintain their shapes and are perfect for travel.

Tour San Antonio

Of course, this outfit includes Chico’s accessories!

The tweed tote is from a couple of years ago and is a beautiful travel accessory for this type of style.

I topped it off with the Bold Stripe & Paisley Oblong Scarf….this is a great scarf for navy outfits!  I will wear this one often.

Navy is now my new black…a perfect neutral for all color palettes and Chico’s has many options this year….just enjoy the slideshow:


Tour San Antonio

I love an excuse to tour San Antonio and Chico’s gave me one!

My Chico’s style is definitely San Antonio Style!

I hope you will return tomorrow for more of our tour of San Antonio and see a place that is a favorite of two presidents.

Thanks for joining in the fun with Chico’s & Me.


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided clothing for this post, but the words are my own.

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  1. I have never visited the Alamo, but find it interesting how a city sprang up around it! I love museums and spend hours reading every single thing, so this will go on my bucket list. I like your outfit for the day, looks just perfect for all the walking and touring. I know that it’s winter and all, but you still have so much that is green in the landscape that it’s a real treat to see for someone looking at gray and brown every day! I’m sure it is even more beautiful with flowers! This inspires me to add some historical sites to my list of places to visit this year.

  2. Such beautiful architecture in your city. I really should get out more this year to some of our own. After spending time in England enjoying ancient structures, I miss that. By the way, your hair looks fantastic.

  3. We visited San Antonio and the Alamo over 30 years ago. It was an enjoyable trip. Now my son lives close by in New Braunfels and thought we’d return. With the pandemic we spend it with the grand babies as limit our contacts. Last spring we all did visit your wonderful zoo. They have a membership and visit often.

  4. Great, classic look. As usual, the accessories make the outfit. I think navy is my new black too. For a while, I flirted with chocolate, but it’s too hard to find and I don’t feel it’s as crisp and seasonless as navy. I do want my core neutral to be dark, so that ruled out camel or khaki. It’s going to take a while for this transition to take place, because literally 2/3 of my wardrobe was black! But I’ve been trying to wear “my” colors on top, and, when purchasing new, to stick to the new look. I was so into black that even most of my accessories are black.

  5. I was the same way, Linda. Everything was black and I thought I would miss it but I haven’t. I love these navy pieces!

  6. Attempting to read your blog post on my tablet, but the ads completely cover what you have written. So frustrating because I wanted to read more about the Alamo. We visited years ago and thoroughly enjoyed the San Antonio area.

  7. As a southwest history buff, my husband often speaks of visiting that area again though we have not been to many places in Texas and mostly were driving through. Your showing us the San Antonio sights has certainly inspired my interest to visit your area. Your casual, comfortable looking outfit today does look good for touring and traveling. I always wear long pants and long sleeves or a jacket when we are in the car. And, of course, comfortable shoes.

  8. You look terrific in this navy outfit. I especially love your jacket with scarf! I would wear this during our New England springtime, when it’s time to put away our winter jackets yet too early to go out without something over our tees or shirts or light weight sweaters. Perfect jacket in my view! My fleece jackets are too casual for a city visit, I think, but yours has enough style to be right at home for that tour.

  9. Love San Antonio and have visited twice. The museums, the River Walk, the missions are wonderful to visit. Each visit I bought a pair of heavy Southwest earrings in a small shop by the River Walk. I wear them weekly! We also enjoyed the small towns nearby as well as, Austin and the LBJ Library and Ranch.

  10. I have no idea why that is happening, Michele, it looks fine on my I Pad. What type of tablet do you have?

  11. This is a very stylish, heavy shacket! I love the fit of the two Chico’s shacket I own! This navy won will be too heavy for me to wear soon.

  12. It is happening to me too and this is not the first time. I am reading your blog on my iPad.

  13. I agree with Linda M. Your accessories do make the outfit. From the scarf to the gold walking shoes, you have shown how to make a plain navy outfit fun. San Antonio looks like a fascinating city. My former boss attended at college football bowl game in which his alma mater played in San Antonio. He & his son enjoyed it so much that they jumped at the chance to return a few years later.

  14. It is a great place…a lot to see and do and amazing food! Thanks for the kudos on the accessories…I am really enjoying my gold sneakers!

  15. Hi Pam! I just ordered the navy shacket and think that it will be perfect for our Albuquerque weather. It was a great sale price too! I would love to visit San Antonio again. I’m so envious of your beautiful historic theatre downtown. We finally got a little snow today and the mountains are gorgeous!

  16. That is great Sharon…thank you. I really like the shackets and hope to see some for the spring in future collections. The fit and overall style is really nice. We are blessed in San Antonio to have the Majestic Theater and all of the lovely historical buildings. I have another one to show you tomorrow…and I am envious of your mountains with snow. We all have beauty surrounding us in some way. Thanks!

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