What I wore to welcome Kiehl’s to Dillards

welcome Kiehl's to Dillard's

Happy Friday!  This week has been all about healthy skincare and I hope you will enjoy seeing what I wore to welcome Kiehl’s to Dillard’s!

I will confess to you that I first learned about Kiehl’s from my daughter-in-law who loves the brand and it is always on her Christmas list.

So, I was excited to welcome them to a favorite store….Dillard’s at The Shops at La Cantera.

After doing my research and attending this event, I am now very impressed with this historical brand. 


Welcome Kiehl's to Dillard's

I was excited to join the Kiehl’s Beauty Team at Dillard’s to learn more about the brand prior to the big Grand Opening on Saturday February 26.

Welcome Kiehl's to Dillards

The Kiehl’s sales area in Dillard’s beauty is so customer friendly, bright and welcoming.

That does not surprise me because I have learned this all natural, sustainable brand was founded in the 1800’s on great customer service. 

Their motto is Try Before you Buy…they pushed the idea of giving lots of samples of their products.

Since Dillard’s also offers some of the best customer service, then they were made for one another.

Welcome Kiehl's to Dillards

The experts at Kiehl’s like to begin with new customers by evaluating their skin types and their skin hydration.  Then they know the best products to recommend.

I am so glad I was able to experience products for our age groups…the feel of the products are silky and light…the aromas are wonderful.

I was most impressed with:

Welcome Kiehl's to Dillards


Welcome Kiehl's to Dillards


welcome Kiehl's to Dillards


Welcome Kiehl's to Dillards

Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate

They did send us home with several samples so I can report back if I find something I want you to know about.

I am very impressed with the brand and its history.

And, San Antonio, the Grand Opening on Saturday Feb. 26th will be from 11-6 and will include:

*comlimentary skincare consultations

*expert product advice and use of a diagnostic tool

*Free 4-piece gift with an $85 purchase

*Additional free full-size gift with $125 purchase

*Free shipping, or curbside pickup


*light refreshments



Welcome Kiehl's to Dillard's

One of my new favorite color combos is the new jasper color at Chico’s with yellow. (I am wearing the Cool Touch Long Sleeved tee in jasper)

The yellow scarf was originally from Chico’s about five years ago, and my yellow necklace is Patricia Nash from Dillard’s last year. 

I wore my raisin colored, Eileen Fisher crepe jacket, Chico’s jeggings,  bronze Cole Haan ballet flats, and Patricia Nash crossbody…all have lived in my closet for awhile.

Welcome Kiehl's to Dillard's

Leigh Ann was sporting a new hair-do and it looks great.

She also was wearing previous favorites in her wardrobe.  

Welcome Kiehl's to Dillard's

Her Michael Kors pewter shoes matched her Brighton handbag so nicely and she said it was completely unintentional.  I loved it…older shoes but they are cute.


Welcome Kiehl's to Dillard's

I had my own welcome to Kiehl’s at Dillard’s by purchasing a Valentine’s gift for Mr. B.

I have wanted him to up his skincare game and keep telling him he will love it once he does.

After experiencing these products, I think he will really like the skincare set I got for him.

Welcome Kiehl's to Dillard's

I am excited to have this excellent healthy brand now at my favorite department store. 

I hope you enjoyed learning more about Kiehl’s as well…does anyone else wear Kiehl’s…please share and make sure that you…


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer: I was provided product to review for this post and the words are my own.

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  1. First of all, I like the combination of yellow with the jasper color. I know many people say they can’t wear yellow, but like with pink, I think there’s a yellow for just about everyone. Just have to try different shades. I am really enjoying my Patricia Nash handbag! It’s such a beautiful way to organize the essentials. I have heard of this skincare line and appreciate that there are more brands to pick from now that offer natural products for our skin. Winter is really rough on skin up here in the frozen north and it’s good to have some all natural options for combating that. I like the fact that they have the “try before you buy” concept, because through the years I’ve shelled out big bucks on products that performed no better than a drugstore brand. I’m kind of over that now and found a natural line that works well with my skin and hair that I can buy locally. I’m one of those who expect premium results from premium prices. It’s always nice when you can buy products in a store rather than having to get them online, and better yet that you can try them out first. They must be doing something right to be a brand of such long standing!

  2. Thanks Karen…I like a touch of yellow. There is a shade called “saffron” that is a little more golden and I believe better for my color palette. I am always on the hunt for it. I was very impressed with Kiehl’s and how it felt on my skin. I will be trying the samples and report back with my experiences and yes, they must be good to have grown and withstood such a long time.

  3. I too was not familiar with the Kielh’s brand until I saw my daughter-in-law using it. I think I thought it a product for young people so I’ve not investigated it’s use. However, I will be interested in what you think about the products you will try. You and LeighAnn both look very coordinated in your autumn color combinations. Yellow is such an uplifting color, but one I cannot wear successfully. However, I do wear some raisin and jasper-colored items though I prefer more jewel tones.

  4. I love the “Ultimate Man” body scrub soap in the shower! It rinses off beautifully and leaves my dry skin so soft. Look for it during Nordstrom’s big sales. Haven’t tried any of the skin care line yet.

  5. Kiehls is definitely a brand for mature women. In the winter here, my skin is so dry! While, like most beauty brands, I find their products hit or miss (didn’t see any benefit from their body oil over other brands, for example), their Ultra Facial Cream is just about the only thing that truly hydrates my skin and yet plays well under makeup. I love the combo of your spicy yellow and jasper with eggplant and even the dark orange in your bag. That is living proof that your color palette truly works together. It’s not a combo I would have tried back when I did black-plus-random-color, but I do now. I’ve been loving eggplant and olive this year, and the other day I added a saffron cardigan to that combo and was very pleased.

  6. I have just begun to use Kiehl’s products and am really loving them. Serum to help with age spots recommended and love facial cream! Hoping to add more products

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