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Would You Wear It

Happy Saturday…pre-Valentine’s Day…Super Bowl Weekend…lots of fun!  Welcome to Would You Wear It and I am discussing Trendy Dresses!

On Saturdays,  I join forces with my friend, Jennifer, to bring you fashion displays from our different communities.

We want to simply know…Would You Wear It..and why or why not!


Would You Wear It

You will probably look over this display of three trendy dresses and understand why I would want to know what you think!

These represent three distinct trendy styles.

Why you answer, WOULD YOU WEAR IT?, please explain with constructive thought why you answered the way you did…I really hope retail professionals read these comments.

Would You Wear It

Of course, you may comment on the jeans outfit, but it was the dresses which captured my attention.

And, you are always welcome to share how you might add to the styling.

If you would not wear a garment, help the retailers and other shoppers understand why.

Would You Wear It

So, tell us, ladies……………………………………………………………………………………………………………


This display was discovered at Nordstrom.  Here are more dresses, including the Farm Rio dress in the display:


Would you wear it

Last week, one of the regular readers to this blog, Nyla, asked for assistance to find a white dress for a special event…and it must be white.

There are more beginning to hit the racks, but February does present a challenge to those seeking white.

First of all, Nyla, if you are not familiar with eshakti, then I would like to introduce you to this brand which sews garments to your size. 

When you have a special event, sometimes it is worth it to go this route….There are white dresses on this page you might like.

Also, here are a few I found online:

I hope this helps!


A day of self care

This past week on the blog was mostly about self care and great products.

I introduced you to HydroPeptide and Kiehl’s…and received affirmation for my use of Chamonix

I hope these posts will help you re-evaluate your skincare plan and give you options that Leigh Ann and I have tested!

Thanks for being here today…make sure you comment on WOULD YOU WEAR IT…and then go over to A Well Styled Life to tell Jennifer what you think…and through this joyous weekend…


By Pamela Lutrell


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  1. Hmmmmm….
    The dress on the left: perhaps it would look fashion-forward on a young trendy woman. On my 60+ year old-self, people would think I was in the early stages of dementia and had put an undergarment on over my dress. They might also be checking to see if there were any Silver Alerts out for someone fitting my description.

    The pleather dress on the right: I would only wear that if I could accessorize it with a whip. And over-the-knee stiletto-heeled boots. Alas, I can no longer wear stiletto heels and my orthopedic sneakers would ruin the effect. Hard pass on this one as well.

    Anyway, I don’t think I am the target market for these styles.

  2. Hi Pam! These dresses are definitely not my style, and if these are trends I’ll be passing on them. I enjoy wearing dresses and wear them regularly, but prefer more classic styles that are not so memorable. First of all, these would be limited to women with zero figure flaws and personally I think they look very uncomfortable. The short-sleeved black dress might have potential except for the very deep slit which would make sitting a challenge, and I don’t even know what to say about putting the camisole on the outside. I don’t want to comment further on that because it would not be kind or helpful. I’d pass on the top shown with the jeans because to me personally, leopard is overdone and I’m so tired of seeing it. The flare on the jeans, while trendy, reminds me too much of the ’70’s. I won’t be revisiting that fashion era personally, but realize that the fashion industry reverts back a lot. My personal style is classic, and I often look for new ideas in places like Talbot’s and and Ann Taylor. I don’t think they’d be featuring dresses like these, but for women who are more trendy, there is probably some appeal in this display.

  3. Of the four outfits on today’s display the only one I might wear “as is” or minor tweaking are the jeans and print top in the rear of the photo. I would “ tweak” the top by going up a size so its not so form fitting. The black leather dress is just too too tight and somber, although I’m fairly thin I don’t wear things that tight. The split skirt and white top is too much for this senior woman!

  4. The colorful dress might work with a jean jacket to tone down the colors. Everything else is a NO – leather dress no, swim top over a sweater no – crochet bag no. The brown floral blouse with jeans maybe. This clothing is probably aimed at a younger buyer.

  5. I would definitely try on the Farm Rio dress……………I’m not usually a print person, but their prints are intriguing to me. Because of the size and all overness of the print, it could actually be cute, slenderizing and hide some flaws. The large zipper in the back is not attractive, and wish they’d opted for one of the more invisible kind. If I were tall and statuesque I’d love the leather look dress, but alas, I am neither tall nor statuesque, so no to that one. The last dress wants me to take it apart and put the underwear where it should be–under! And even without the corselet it looks like it would be too clingy. Plus, I always feel that sleeves that end at the boob line are just not attractive on me and give me horizontal shelf look even tho’ I’m average size in that area.

    1. I don’t particularly like dresses on me, and usually only wear a tee shirt or tank dress in really hot weather or on vacation. All these dresses are too tight for me. The pleather one would send me straight into Hot Flash World. The one with the underwear or swim top or whatever on the outside…just…no. The Farm Rio print is gorgeous and could work if there was a jacket over it to make it feel less like a field of flowers. It looks dark and rich enough for my blue autumn palette, but if the background is black, it would be a no go. As for the other outfit, I’m not happy about flared jeans, because to look good, they cover your shoes … and I looove my shoes!

  6. Except for the Farm Rio dress, I would pass (thanks for the laugh, Lisa). This poor dress does not benefit from the neighbourhood, I would say. I like bold-print-dress and I have one, but I guess this one will be too tight for me. I like the length, though, including for the arms and the fabric is viscose, which could be worse. I also find the print a bit too obvious and would not buy it, but to wear it, if not too tight, maybe, with a simple necklace to create a V-line, and more “elevated” sandals (I do not do sneakers with dresses, but for those who do, it could be a good solution with this dress, if the sneakers are of the simple kind).

  7. I don’t wear dresses often in my current lifestyle and these aren’t funeral or wedding or party (at least the kind of parties I attend) dresses. Firm no to the pleather and corselet and a softer no to the center mannequin.

  8. What season are these supposed to be for?

    The print dress someone else could wear.

    The pleather dress just makes me think sweat, so no.

    The black dress with the knit garment over it reminds me of the old playtex living bra ads with Jane Russell. So another no.

  9. I’d have fun with the sweater-knit camisole under a chunky knit cardigan worn with wide-leg pants (think Katherine Hepburn) but not over a dress. The fruit garden dress in the middle doesn’t need that necklace and wouldn’t be office appropriate. After hours, however, I’d wear it with colorful flip flops or flats and a colorful bracelet or two. The leather-look dress is not my generation. I might wear the top with a wool skirt or jeans, and I might wear the skirt with a sweater but neck-to knees leather is a younger girl’s thing. That said, I’d style it for a younger girl with black sheer stockings and low-heel booties, making it a little bit ladylike and a little edgy.

  10. None of these dresses are for me. The black pleather dress makes think of the episode of Friends featuring Ross’s leather pants. The print of the dress in the middle is too overwhelming & the length & style are wrong for my body type. There is not much more that I can add to what has been said about the outfit on the left.

  11. Seldom wear dresses now as lean towards two pieces that give the illusion of such, however if had to choose one out of the three it would be the Rio Farm one as do like its style as well as its print that gives an option of colorful accessories to choose from. i.e.: Handbag, footwear, stacked bracelets . -Brenda-
    P.S: I recently just purchased a sweat shirt and a white floral blouse from Rio Farm to add some color to my wardrobe.

  12. Oh gosh … my first thought is what were the display people thinking?

    I think the Farm Rio dress is gorgeous, but the way it is grouped does nothing for it. I think that this dress would be much more appealing if shown along side a black jacket or cardigan.

    I don’t care for the other dresses … a crochet undergarment over a dress? And the tight pleather dress? No No No. Thank you, Lisa R for expressing my thoughts!

    This store could do much better with their displays!!!!

  13. I would have to give all of these a hard pass. The knit is too tight and would show all my bumpy bits. I think the print on the dress in front screams “Old Lady walking by!!” I too, prefer classics now that I am in my 70’s and I sew much of what I wear because it is so hard to find what I want. Plus I can make it fit just for me. I take inspiration from Ralph Lauren, Ann Taylor, fashion lines that concentrate on classics. Then I put my own twist on it. I don’t know why fashion lines think we want to look like floral couches with the kind of doilies that our grandmothers made. I also try to avoid all black because it drains all the color out of an older face.

  14. Hi! First-time commenter. I am 61, size 22. Bright red very short pixie cut. Every day full face of makeup. Just for reference LOL. I would def wear the Rio dress, styled with a black bomber jacket, a denim jacket, or a fitted ponte jacket depending on the occasion. Would wear w casual, maybe combat boots, sneakers, or heels/smart flats respectively. The pleather dress looks a bit costumey for me, plus it makes me sweat just to look at it. Would also be too confining, I think. The black dress looks great and I would wear it, although there is too much contrast for my taste between the dress and the vest. Another type of cropped vest or top might work better. If the slit felt too revealing, I would go for some tights underneath. The jeans and top are OK. Too much coverage for me though! Need to show some skin! A three-quarter sleeve blouse or another neckline would do it though. What fun! Thank you, Pam (and commenters!!!)

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