Style & Adjectives: American Style!

American Style

Happy April Friday all!  Let’s keep talking personal “uniquely-you” style with Style & Adjectives: American Style!

What a fun week this has been on the blog…discussing style adjectives with influences from around the world!

Today, I am talking about my American style adjectives.

The purpose here is to help you with your own adjectives to define your own personal style messaging.

The goal is not to create you into Parisian or Italian, Scandinavian or even American…but to help you interpret other adjectives for developing your own.


American Style

Sometimes where we live or grow up does influence our style and our selection of adjectives.

I believe San Antonio with its vibrant cultures and colors has influenced my love of color….it is a unique American style with a touch of Mexico!

Like the residents of Scandinavia, I am also influenced by the weather…however, in the opposite way.

You might remember from yesterday…they are influenced by cold…and we are influenced by warmth.  We do not need many heavy garments in our wardrobes.

And San Antonio is in your face colorful and artisan.

American Style

My style adjectives are Joyful, Creative, Polished, Approachable, and Current. 

I include current to help me maintain a youthful vibrant style during my second half of life.

I also include polished so that I look put together and it helps me to keep my joyful creative side in check.

An outfit such as the one I am showing you today speaks all of those adjectives about me.

I am super into the color green this year…can’t get enough.  

This jacket was purchased on clearance at a Banana Republic Outlet…yes, it has the wrinkled look in the linen and I really am enjoying it.

Except for a new handbag from Marshall’s, these are all pieces currently residing in my American Style wardrobe: Blair Striped Top; Talbot’s jeggings; scarf from Anthropologie; and bee necklace from Chico’s

American Style

I like this Miztique bag I discovered at Marshalls…it is a good size and I really like the green leather-like straps.  Here are more spring/summer bags on the Marshalls site.

Also, this brand is carried at Kohls.

About these shoes!  I mentioned in Monday’s post a shoe brand to Sally called Aetrex.  These are Aetrex ballet flats and these shoes are made for women with different foot needs.

Specifically, I am wearing the Aetrex Lyla Nvy Woven Leather Slip On flats in Bronze, and they are available in other colors.

You will see the this shoe offers:

  • Leather uppers
  • Helps properly align your knees, hips and back with built in Aetrex orthotic support
  • Customizes to your foot with slow recovery memory foam cushioning
  • Prevents odor and bacteria growth with anti-microbial technology
  • High vamp ballet flat
  • Dri-Lex fabric and soft microfiber linings for moisture management
  • Rubber outsole
  • Approx. 0.20″ heel height

If you click through to the Dillard’s site for Aetrex through the link, you will find many different insole offerings for different needs.

This is a great brand for those who have funky feet issues like I do.  If you research what they do…you will be impressed and Dillard’s is behind the brand!


Italian Style

I have been discussing style messaging and adjectives for several years…at least 10.

The other day I saw a very young woman on Instagram focusing on what her style speaks and she listed adjectives.

She specifically wrote…I want to be perceived as fun, nice, friendly and cute…and went on to show her audience how she would do that.

Perhaps this idea is coming around…who knows…but I believe in it and hope you have had fun with it this week.

I have more planned.  I do want to confess that will all of the emails a couple may have dropped through the cracks…if you sent an email and have not seen your adjectives featured, please send it again.

I do remember reading one who wanted artisan and more creativity in her looks…but I cannot locate it.  So, please resend if you have not been featured this week!

Remember, Mother’s Day is on the horizon…what is on your wish list?

Here are a few new arrivals on the market:

Thanks for being here this week and today for my American Style….I hope you have enjoyed each day…I will join Jennifer tomorrow for WOULD YOU WEAR IT…and hope you all will


By Pamela Lutrell

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Scandinavian Style


  1. Pam – good morning and you’ve done it again- you’ve outdone yourself looking polished and pretty in that lovely colorful blazer with the vibrant yellow neck scarf! You simply know how to do what works. Beautiful!
    Happy weekend!

  2. Pam, you look exceptionally lovely today! The whole outfit comes together so well, and that scarf is the crowning glory. This is a look that would work for so many different style types, I think. Do you agree? And I love the handbags!! Thanks and happy weekend to all.

  3. I do agree that where we live can influence our style and even our adjectives to some degree. The style aspect is definitely influenced by location, I think. We are cold in my part of Ohio for probably 7 months of the year, and I struggle with getting bored with coats and winter jackets, and styling when what’s under them isn’t going to be seen a lot of the time. For example, running to the grocery store. Where what you are wearing will be seen, I’m not going to be taking my coat off. It’s not nearly as much fun dressing in the winter. So that’s an issue I have personally! I can’t wait to go outside sans outerwear like you are showing today! I’m going to be giving some thought to this one to try to find a way out of the cold weather rut, but admit it’s not easy! I love your green jacket! I don’t think that women in. France, Italy or wherever are that much different from us. “Street Style” in any country is going to be a little different from the average woman living her life, running kids around, staying in… Street Style to me is more deliberate, more to ‘be seen.’ We all have days when we dress like that, but maybe more days when we’re busy with the messier and more mundane things that need to be done. This might just be how I see it!

  4. You’ve done the American look proud–isn’t it funny how we overlook what’s all around us sometimes? I’m particularly loving your green blazer and yellow scarf, you always do such a fabulous job with accessories.

  5. Loving that shade of green on you, Pamela. As to color, patterns, designs and fabrics living in Canada as I do I look forward to Spring and Summer wardrobes as both seasons provide an abundance of choices in comparison to that of Fall ‘n Winter garb. Also wish to add, totally enjoyed the series! -Brenda-
    Footnote: I don’t know if you realize; your Nordstrom links automatically take Canadians to a different site where clothing etc. often differs. Just thought I’d mention this to you.

  6. Fabulous look today. I love you in colors, and this year my summer color seems to be coral/orange, (not Scandinavian, but me), especially with navy or khaki. Somehow, when I think American style, my brain goes straight to nautical or Ralph Lauren, maybe also to resort wear or preppy. I totally agree on climate and local culture influencing style, as it does for home decor, food, activities, etc. I was in the salon the other day, and ladies were sighing over the pretty spring nail polish colors, and then going with neutrals. I know I’m perceived here as a bit bold with my color choices and accessories, and would probably look toned down in SA.

  7. I so agree that where we live influences what we wear!! I live in the West and have purposely worked to maintain my Southern Style because it is me!!

  8. I think you have done American style proud. A blazer, tee & jeans are what I think of when I think American style. Yes, we are influenced by where we reside. Climate plays a role, but so does lifestyle. New York City & Indianapolis are vastly different, as are Seattle & Miami, but we are all Americans.

  9. Agree with everyone who says geography influences fashion and style. “American” style is really hard to define b/c we are such a large nation. Someone above mentioned “preppy;” someone else said “Ralph Lauren” — I agree with both, but preppy is so New England, while Ralph Lauren is often the dream of the American West. I give him points b/c he designs our Olympic uniforms and manages to be new or renewed every year. I think American style embraces stripes (and sometimes stars), maybe b/c of our flag. Jennifer had a discussion on her site, and we ALL wear stripes. I think we are a nation of sneakers and find it sad in a way that the French are now wearing them: are we seeing the Americanization of French footwear? I’ve always loved that French women wore low pumps with jeans and panache and aspire to be like them. I hope sneakers in France go the way of the dodo bird. And I hope that the French, Italians, and Scandinavians resist fast fashion and us, as Pam has shown they are doing.
    Pam, I’d love a discussion of eco and sustainability trends in American style. It’s Earth Day, and maybe Americans are leading in this field???

  10. You are projecting your adjectives very well today, Pam! I love the jacket and scarf colors. It brings the eye right up to your lovely smile. What a great two weeks of posts! I didn’t comment yesterday, but I found the Scandinavian style very calming. I think it is much fun (and very American! ) to borrow traits of the styles that you are presenting to us. As a natural classic, my consultant made suggestions as to what I could do to be more dramatic, more romantic, more boho, etc. Now I also know how to ‘borrow’ ideas to look more French, more Italian, more Scandinavian. I love how you link to specific items and sites for explorations. You spoil us! Thank you!

  11. As a non-American, we can usually still tell when someone is an American tourist despite the nuances that may come from the vastness of the nation (I can also tell Chinese tourists apart from other East Asian nations, despite the vastness of their nation too).

    For example, you mentioned the French wearing trainers/ sneakers now – I’ve noticed that the style they wear is not quite the same as the styles that I see in the states (& on USA bloggers). Of course this is a generalisation, so it does not apply to all (especially with the above-mentioned vastness), but I noticed their trainers tend to still be low profile styles – either with a lower vamp, less chunky outsoles or more tonal shoelaces (or simply slip-on styles). If they do have that typically white rubber sole, there tends to be some other small detail to offset that (e.g. leather fabrication). This is of course weather- & personality- dependent, but that’s just my two cents 🙂

    (PS – Pamela I’ve noticed that my comments become one long block of text whenever I comment – how can I add line breaks for paragraphs?)

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