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Would You Wear It

Welcome to the Saturday version of WOULD YOU WEAR IT with me and Jennifer Connolly.

On this day, both Jennifer and I post fashion displays from our worlds for you to look over and answer the question WOULD YOU WEAR IT?

We are not seeking a yes or a no…but explanations as to why the looks work or do not work for you, plus ideas on how you might style the mannequins.

The comments are always read and enjoyed…we learn much from one another.


Would You Wear It


Today, I discovered a display with comfy casual style.

It made me wonder how comfy you are getting these days with your casual.

What do you like here or not like or how would you do it better?

Would You Wear it

So, please tell us ladies……………


This display is from Target, where I have discovered some styles sell out very quickly.

But here are a few pieces of interest, Target currently has online:



Would You Wear It

When assessing the displays for Would You Wear It, you should always consider what you want your clothing to say about you!

On this blog, we have been discussing style messaging this week and the journey to help specific readers literally took us around the world.

Here are the readers I assisted with their style this past week:

Sally Parisian Style Influence

Cinzia Italian Style Influence

Linda Scandinavian Style Influence

If you want to know more about style messaging, please consider watching this video, DEVELOP PERSONAL STYLE THAT IS UNIQUELY YOU OVER 50.

I have more reader adjectives in the queue!  I plan to get to them later next week!


Would You Wear It

James Avery Craftsman Jewelry is always a good idea for Mother’s Day…or any special occasion.

I love my new Blossoms & Bee Ring, with it’s mixed silver and bronze.  Such a lovely new addition to my James Avery Collection…which, as you see, can be found at Dillard’s.

I have worn and gifted their jewelry for over 30 years and am proud to be a James Avery Ambassador.

Now, make sure you leave your thoughts on WOULD YOU WEAR IT today, and then visit A WELL STYLE LIFE for Jennifer’s display…I will see you tomorrow for shopping with Leigh & Me!


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was gifted product for review from James Avery, but the words are my own.

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  1. I like your nail color! I definitely wear comfy casual when I have days when I’m home all day. These particular things don’t appeal to me color wise, except the jeans, of course. That shade/tone of coral would completely wash me out and be very unflattering. Style wise, a huge “no” to the shorts and the top they put with them. I’m really very picky about shorts these days and if they don’t cover my thighs I don’t go near them. Knee length and close-fitting is my comfort zone and even that is gradually going away! The jacket here looks kind of uncomfortable due to its lack of structure. Looks like something you’d be tugging on all day. The top and jeans (the top in a more saturated color) would have a place in my “staying home” wardrobe.

  2. Good morning. I wish there was a bronzier version of that ring! I love it, and my name means ‘queen bee’. What is that lovely Autumnal nail polish color?
    The jeans look really cute; the coral looks very dusty. Maybe for the summer palette? The sweatshirt fabric is interesting but I can’t put my finger on why it doesn’t appeal to me. I am not sure that a scarf or necklace would improve it. The shorts and t might be cute on a young, thin gal. As always, a fun post to contemplate!

  3. Love your nails and that ring! Wow! I’d call that sensational.
    On the display – the short/ tee outfit doesn’t appeal to me tho I do wear longer shorts, (more classic styles) in hot weather. And I wear 3/4 sleeve tees. This grouping (shorts/tee) just doesn’t do it for me.
    The only outfit I could envision myself in is the crew neck coral sweatshirt (?) with jeans. It would fit into a casual day in my world. The other 3 piece jeans outfit seems a bit sloppy here and I don’t like the look.

  4. I think I like the orangey/coral color with the mushroom colored shorts better than with the jeans.

    It’s not quite shorts weather here, which is good because once Spring leaves it’ll be so hot!
    I like that full not too short style of short. Give us another 10-15 degrees and I’ll be trying those on.

  5. Looking at the styles on display and automatically saying no in my head, I realized something about my style. I want pieces that have more potential. Pieces that can be dressed up with the addition of scarves or jewelry or the third piece, and pieces that can be casual on their own merits. I guess my casual is more dressy casual and so am never/rarely tempted by pieces that are themed or graphic. The jacket in the photo would be tempting as it could be the piece that might tempt if it could be found smaller and not such a loose fit. The fabric selection would also turn me away as it looks cheap.
    But overall for me………these are a no thank you, let me walk right on by.

  6. Not much of a comment on the display today, as the colours are so not me and the styles are a bit too unstructured for me as well. Once the shoulder seams realign with the shoulder, I will be much happier. As for the ring….. GORGEOUS. I love that look and is something I would already wear. I have to look into that one. As for the nail polish, it blends so well with your skin and looks lovely on you.

  7. Except for the shorts these are items that I wear daily around the house. However, I definitely would not wear the tops in these colors. If I had these in other colors, and I were running errands, I’d probably accessorize them with a scarf or necklace. I rarely wear shorts anymore, but when I do they are longer to the tops of my knees. This display would not catch my attention unless the items were offered in other colors. Your ring is beautiful, but my husband has given me more gemstones than I can comfortably wear over the years. I do like the color of your nail polish too although I rarely polish my fingernails, only my ugly toes!

  8. Style-wise, the jeans outfits would work for me, but not the shorts outfit. I love the idea of layering an open shirt over a tee because I go from hot to cold often; although I probably wouldn’t do that color combination. I like the olive tee and I might add a white shirt or maybe one in a navy/white stripe.

    What nail color are you wearing in the picture showing the ring? I’ve been looking for something that shade.

  9. I’ve never been a fan of the shirt over a T or tank look. My mind reads that you can’t do up the bottom buttons. I much prefer a sweater or jacket if you need a second layer but maybe that’s because I live in a four season climate and am always glad when we hit T-shirt weather and can doff the second layer. I’m not sure of the material on the right hand top and it has my dreaded drop shoulders so I would pass it by. However in a different colour I would style it with either a scarf or a long single large pendant necklace.

  10. Pamela, Lovely nail color!! I wouldn’t wear any of this!! Just not my style!! Too casual!!

  11. Your ring and manicure are beautiful! The mannequins? Firm no on those particular shorts: paperbag waist, wider legs, shorter length. The formula of these outifts: jeans (not distressed and a darker wash) with a cami and jacket/shacket or sweater/sweatshirt/top is my casual style. I prefer a less oversized fit than this jacket and the dropped sleeve seam isn’t flattering on my narrow shoulders.

  12. I have decided I’m over being hot all summer, so I’m wearing shorts in public for the first time in years. Using Pam’s link, I bought some from JCP (St John’s Bay brand) that are tailored and look waaaay better on me than these super soft, baggy, short ones would look on me. I liked the silhouette of the shirt to the left; dare I say it’s faintly Scandinavian :)? I wouldn’t buy it, but I might wear it. I don’t like graphic tees as I see no reason to lecture people via my chest. I know many consider this playful, and we all have different personalities. So just a personal preference.

  13. I do like this look. The colors are also quite nice. I might have to get to target.
    I also love the nail color.
    I’m going to see if this shows up in comments. I’ve had trouble in the past.

  14. A definite ‘yes’ to the dark wash blue jeans as one of my favourites to wear as can be easily dressed up or down and also a ‘yes’ to the oversized shirt for the same reason plus I would wear it as an overlay in an air conditioned environment or in lieu of sunscreen, since it is long sleeved and appears to be lightweight. As to the other pieces (exception of the sandals and the tank top which I consider staples for the summer even in my climate) a ‘no’, since their styles are just not my preference. -Brenda-
    Footnote: Re your link — I have a very similar black dress (but is in a plain knitted jersey fabric ) which has given me a lot of mileage as to my go-to when in a dilemma ‘what to wear’ as easily adaptable to any occasion and appropriate for three seasons depending on how you dress ‘it’.

  15. I like the jeans, and the tshirt with the big shirt worn over it. The colors are very pretty and I can imagine myself lounging on the patio with a cup of coffee when I think of wearing it. Maybe add some sort of natural pendant.. I don’t like the sweatshirt. It just looks odd. The shorts would contribute to making a tummy look larger.

  16. they are witing love songs but not for me……described this mornings out fit. while I like the colo rcombos,I fell on me too casual looks too sloppy! so would have o take a pass on these/ Pehaps if i wee still younger and skinnyer. But those were the days!

  17. I would wear the jeans as they are staple for me at home & running errands. The shirt over the seems to be a bit oversized, & that is not a look I’m drawn to. The green tank is not my color. The shorts outfit is a definite no. I am not a fan of message tees, & the shorts are too short for me. The paper bag waist would also be unflattering. I’m not sure about the color of the sweatshirt or the length. If the color is more peach than is showing on my monitor & the length were a bit longer, then it would rate as a maybe, as I do wear sweatshirts at home on cold days. All & all, the display is a bit underwhelming. Your nail color is lovely.

  18. Carol, I think your comment is so insightful. I like comfy, cozy, but often it seems ‘throw away’ to me. Your reference to “pieces with potential” really hit home. It also is in sync with what we’ve been learning all week about French, Italian, and Scan. style. So, thank you. I’m adding it a a sidebar to my adjectives.

  19. i can do wrinkles quite well without it being built into my clothing as “comfy casual)…which is definitely what the shirt and the shorts are…and that is before the paper bag waist
    The “sweatshirt” however, looks quilty cozy-
    Jeans are utilitarian-so it becomes totally situational-
    IF I get out of my Pj’s to be “comfy casual” do I feel like trousers, jeans, “pull-on or yoga waist” Pants, leggings/jeggings, or even sometimes even a casual skirt…
    It also depends on how many pockets and of what size that day

  20. I understand you cannot feature fashion from every country around the world Pam, but perhaps you could take a look at a few other countries. I quickly googled ‘older women fashion’ in South Africa, Japan and Brazil. The colors and patterns in South Africa were striking. Japanese women seem to be very thoughtful in their clothing choices and in Brazil I discovered a lingerie designer and model in her 80s. What other interesting things are women from around the world doing with their style? Wouldn’t it be fun to look together?

  21. I would wear the ring! 🙂 As for the looks on the mannequins, even if they were in colors that look better on me, I would have to say no. I don’t like such a short top with narrow jeans. And I’m afraid I don’t think the shorts outfit would look flattering. I’m a big fan of scoop neck or V-neck T’s, not so much on crew neck. This is such a fun blog concept, though. I enjoy seeing what I don’t like as much as what I do. I think it’s really helping me to understand my style!

  22. You have such lovely nails, Pam. Nothing in this display appeals to me. I’m tired of skinny jeans and these tops feel too shapeless for me.

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