Style & Adjectives: Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian Style

What a week it has been on this blog!  So much fun with style messaging for some of our readers.  Today, we go to another place to discuss Style & Adjectives: Scandinavian Style.

Though this week has taken us to France, Italy, and now the Scandinavian countries, it is still the reader’s adjectives we are focusing on to help them in sharpening their style.

For the most part, women who choose to dress in these focused styles look similar, but by looking at the five individual messages a woman wants to say with her clothing, then the look becomes unique to her.

I was familiar with the styles of women in France and Italy, but new to Scandinavian Style.

So, this past Tuesday was a crash course for me with watching Youtube videos…the idea of Brenda, a reader…who I am thankful for pointing me in the right direction.

I took copious notes and combined the knowledge with what I know about our reader today.

While Scandinavian style is similar to France and Italy in many ways, there are a few distinctions.


Scandinavian Style

All three of our core influences this week include timeless, classic, minimal influences.  With all three, less is more.

However Scandinavian Style is the most minimal of the three with these differences:

  1. There are no bows, ruffles or intricate details.
  2. Most of their wardrobes are decluttered, understated pieces for layering…the are the coldest climate of the three.
  3. They are the most casual, soft pieces (little less structured) and the prints are very refined.
  4. Like most of the world’s fashion, there has been a color explosion post pandemic.  Women were just ready to wear color. They will wear an occasional sleek vibrant color as a statement piece.
  5. Their core neutrals are black, white, navy, beige, and gray.

The Scandinavian style also includes the current sneaker trend, boots, sandals, and loafers.

The fashion is known to be classy and simple….and warm!


Scandinavian Style

Sometimes a blog can be a little bit like the bar on Cheers….you want to be where everybody knows your name.

For those who come here every day, you are probably very familiar with Linda M!  

Because Linda is here often, she tells us about her preferences often, but only this week mentioned her desire to be more Scandinavian with her style.

That is what drove me to research.

I do remember that Linda is a fan, like I am, of the Danish lifestyle hygge…I explained it in this post.

Basically, it is a cozy, warm and fuzzy lifestyle.  I believe in retirement Linda is desiring the same confident comfort with her style….but she wants to look put together and not like a comfy pillow!

The first time I did this for readers, Linda sent me these adjectives:  polished, confident, interesting, creative, and aware.

In retirement, she has tweaked these to now be CASUAL, CONFIDENT, INTERESTING, ACTIVE, and AWARE.

Her explanation is:

  1. Casual – not sloppy
  2.  Confident – in case I ever have to fake it to make it
  3.  Interesting –  usually expressed in accessories, but I am open and lately drawn to batwing sleeves
  4.  Active –  Not necessarily athleisure, though i’ve added some, just clothing I can move in and not be sloppy.  Maybe nautical or clothing that adds interest
  5.  Aware – This encompasses so much for me: understanding of my real lifestyle; my best colors and silhouettes; appropriateness for an occasion; value and versatility; good quality fabrics and workmanship

I do remember Linda liking accessories, but Scandinavian Style is simple and low on accessories.  Linda, since you are interested in going that direction…that is how I focused the slideshows.

I did include some core pieces in most Scandinavian wardrobes: trench coat; blazers, trousers, and sweaters.

I believe I remember you live up north where it is colder, so Scandinavian cold weather influences (think layering ) is reflected here.

I know you do not see many creative type accessories or prints, but based on your adjectives and the Scandinavian style influence…this is what I put together.

It is a quieter, minimalistic, neutral based style.



More Clothing:

Let me know how I did…this has been fun and I love learning about different styles of fashion…but make sure you select adjectives that will help you become UNIQUELY YOU!!

Italian Style


By Pamela Lutrell

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Scandinavian Style


  1. Again, you did a great job interpreting this style with your choices! While reading, it occurred to me that it might just be helpful to do what you did and study different styles deliberately. As I know what is authentically me, this would not be done so that I could change or become someone different, but rather to incorporate the aspects of each that feel authentic. Plus, it’s just interesting. I wonder if women around the world ever look at American style…or do they just think our goal is to copy others. That said, I guess I’d have a tough time identifying American style!

  2. I am brining my take on American Style tomorrow. I have learned something new with each style inspiration this week. And I will have more readers who have sent information in coming days.
    Have a great day, Karen!

  3. Pam, what a great assortment of pieces! They definitely highlight this style category. Simple is beautiful! It lets the loveliness of the woman shine through.

  4. Thank you, Pam! You certainly nailed Scandi chic. I will likely never do this type completely, as bold accessories are a favorite part of my wardrobe, but I love the lines, shapes and fabrics you have featured, including some of the styling I’m seeing in the photos. I think Scandi chic hits best my “aware” word, because it’s so versatile, high quality, and appropriate. It often hits “interesting” for the silhouettes. Mostly, I just think they do “casual” better than anyone in the world. And yes, I would agree that living in Ohio, our color palettes tend to be more muted and layering more of a factor than in San Antonio. Overall, what draws me to their style, I think, is that they will land, with much deliberation, on the “perfect” navy blue sweater, and I will see just a nice sweater. Then they style it and mix it, and all of a sudden, you see that it -is- the perfect navy sweater. They put a lot of thought into what looks effortless. Thanks again … lots of fun … I was so excited, I turned to your blog this morning even before wordle :)!

  5. Thank you; I really enjoyed this! I don’t know anything about Scan style really: you’ve done so much research. I was excited to see your choices as I share 2 words with Linda: “casual” and “active.” But my definitions are different from “not sloppy.”. Casual to me is uncluttered w/o many accessories, and leans toward neutrals, boots and casual shoes (trainers, Sperry, Bog). I am active: walking, cycling, hiking, gardening, etc. and need my clothes to work with me — but not athleisure, more LL Bean, Eddie Bauer … Regardless, I loved your choices and suggestions here as well as the French looks. Thanks to you, I’ll give Eileen Fisher another look, despite the $$$; I love that her line is organic.

  6. I am glad you discovered some inspiration here, Linda in order to refine your adjectives during retirement. I also thought about your love of accessories and Scandinavian might influence that. But, that is one of the reasons I prefer to use the style adjectives to help us communicate who we are…it allows so much more than trying to just meet a particular style type. Glad you enjoyed it.

  7. I love Eileen Fisher and have found what I have purchased…mostly on sale… to be very good purchases! All of her pieces in my wardrobe have a low cost per wear, because I reach for them often! Dillard’s and Macy’s also have EF on sale regularly.

  8. Pam this series is outstanding. You asked recently if we can tell how much you are enjoying this and I absolutely can. In fact I had been thinking the same thing, your energy and clarity is shining through.

  9. What a pretty roundup of clothing today for Linda. This Scandinavian style resonates with the direction I have taken these past two years to soften and simplify my own color and pattern choices following our home refresh to a more monochromatic, restful design. The calm of it is very harmonious with how I want to live (also hygge) and feel day in, day out. That beautiful cream cabled sweater has been, in one form or another, a staple in my cold season wardrobe for almost fifty years. Thanks for this thoughtful series.

  10. Scandinavian style is about simple, sometimes architectural pieces. There are no unnecessary details, but the way pieces are put together makes them beautiful in their simplicity. Solid colors are favored over prints. From my experience, Danes favor neutrals or subtle colors but the Swedish can be bolder in their color choices. Young people wear more color than older people. Big logos are not seen. Items are not easily recognized as a designer brand. Footwear is practical, but practical can be beautiful.

    With the globalization of fashion, we’re all starting to look much the same in our clothing, wherever we live. It’s the accessories that give us away, and whether we leave things simple, or keep adding on. Scandi style is a whisper, not a shout.

    That’s how I see it, anyways.

  11. I am loving your new country focus! The only thing I would add to today’s feature is a Nordic sweater. I am a fan of the Nordic noir books and drama and I must say that I absolutely go “awe” every time I see one of those hand knit sweaters with their minimalist outfits!

  12. I have enjoyed “visiting” the fashions of the various countries. I like the idea of Scandinavian influence in my home because of the simple clean lines & the hygge factor. I need to revisit the hygge ideas for summer because I’m sure we will eventually get there. We are expecting 80 degree temperatures this weekend in my area, but next week, we will be returning to the 50’s for highs. I liked Linda M. definition of casual. It is mine, too. I am looking forward to seeing what you have store for us tomorrow as we visit American style.

  13. Well, please remember…it will be about expressing my personal adjectives. Not necessarily about the style of all American women! 😉

  14. Yes I think you’ve definitely captured Scandinavian too! I’ve spent some time visiting Sweden and Denmark (not the others sadly) and it’s chic meets simplicity, where the few simple accessories seem to carry the looks. A stunning bracelet or necklace- or interesting earrings but not all three. That’s how I remember the fashion culture there.

  15. What an enjoyable and interesting series this has been. Thank you so much for providing us with these examples.

    I have to say that I am surprising drawn to the Scandinavian style — I like the softer, more muted colors as well the simplicity. I’m going to explore this style further and perhaps make some adjustments to my wardrobe. It’s like a light bulb went off!!!

  16. First off Pamela, I am glad that my suggestion was of assistance to you. As to your findings; it has been my experience that Scandinavian styling is very similar to that of ‘winter’ dressing in Canada which also prompts creative layering for warmth giving reason why it is seldom described as tailored but still can be classic and refined. -Brenda-

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