Talbots New Collection with Leigh & Me

Talbot's New Collection

Happy final April Friday, all!  As promised, today features the Talbots New Collection with Leigh & Me!

We shopped Talbots last week in this post, only to find out a new collection would be in stores the next day!

It is a fun collection with many fun colors and prints for everyone in every color palette. 

Remember, Talbots Friends & Family Sale goes through May 2 and EVERYTHING is 30% off.

In the lead image today, we are both wearing the Ruffle Popover – Scattered Blossoms.

Leigh Ann tried on the Perfect Skimmers. 

I am at a point where I need to size down with what I take in the dressing room…these Relaxed Chinos were large on me…but I like the pants.


Talbots New Collection

As always, Leigh looks great in Talbots and the new collection is no exception.

In this photo, she looks great in this super cute Embroidered Shift Dress – Nantucket Slub….great warm weather dress!

Talbots New Collection

Now she is ready for a backyard barbecue or vacation dining out in this lovely Voile Midi Dress – Tranquil Multi Paisley. 

She loved this dress and had special events for summer in mind…..

Talbots New Collection

It is so nice to see so many different colors in this new collection…such as this lovely orange print.

Leigh Ann is wearing the Tiered Halter Maxi Dress – Medallion in Hot Coral Multi.

Talbots New Collection

Lots of cute skirts, as well, as dresses in the new collection…helping us all get excited for summer.

She is wearing the Tossed Flowers Canvas A-Line Skirt in a bright papaya print. 

It looks cute with a blue denim top, and Leigh Ann tried it here with the popular trend this year eyelet….The Eyelet Square Neck Top in Caspian Pink.


Talbots New Collection

I try on clothing for those of you who are a XL or size 16.  With sleeveless dresses, I prefer a topper of some sort, so I tried these on with a Classic Denim Jacket.

This lovely color explosion is the Smocked Belted Fit & Flare Dress.

It is comfortable and fun!

Talbots New Collection

So is this dress.   The Jersey Max Dress in Tropical Floral is a great fit in Xl and would be comfy and fun for travel.

If you like the idea of a denim jacket, there are some available in other colors!  Check out the Classic Denim Jacket Colors here.

Talbots New Collection

If this little dress in the T by Talbots collection was in another color, it would have come home with me.

Great fit and comfort for this Cross Back Cozy Crush Dress…great warm weather casual and cute with sneakers.

Talbots New Collection

For those who live in cooler climates, here is a sweater for you…with a summer nautical vibe.

The Lace Up Sweater in Indigo Blue looks cute with this color of pant….again too big.  Next time we go I can pull smaller pants with confidence!!

Talbots New Collection is a fun one in perfect time for warmer weather.  Here are some key selections for the collection:

Thanks for joining Leigh & me to day for a look over Talbots New Collection.  If you have any questions, just let us know. 

I want to thank Yolanda and the other lovely sales associates at Talbots in North Star Mall…they do exceptional work.

Tomorrow is Would You Wear It with me and Jennifer…and until then, make sure that you…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. Looking through the catalog and your photos, there’s a lot to like in the new collection. They have a lot of cute shoes too, although those are difficult to find in the store, though sometimes you can. The current designs are so fresh and summery, and personally I think you look great in the cross back dress, even in those colors. I’ve got my eye on that one too, as well as the longer paisley one Leigh Ann is wearing!

  2. Lots of fun in this collection, Karen. I need to try on their shoes…I never have…and I will do that next time we are in store.

  3. I read in a recent Talbots catalog that they have invisible elastic in some of their pants.Did you see any? While I’m small, many of the at the waist styles pinch my straight waist. Going larger just makes hips and the crotch too big/long. Just hoping for some more info.
    BYW, you look spectacular in the dress you thought were the wrong colors. Perhaps rethink a bit cuz it’s not an exact science!

  4. I hope Leigh did, indeed, get the blue paisley dress, so cute! Also, those printed dresses were really attractive on you, Pam, I especially like the last t-shirt looking dress.

  5. I’m voting for the cross back dress, too. The color mix is right for you, it works. Thanks to you both for the try on session!

  6. You both look great although some of the prints are too vibrant for me. My mom always said to be careful with standout prints because once your friends have seen it, they’ve seen it, which limits how many times you can wear it. Sage advice in my view. I’d love to see some of the dresses (e.g., halter dress Leigh Ann wears) with belts rather than self-sashes. You both look super, BTW. Love the pants you chose and the casual skirt and dress on Leigh Ann.

  7. I loved that short dress, too, Pam. If only there was an autumn version. You two always look like you are having fun! Thank you for showing us how clothing looks on real women.

  8. Thanks for mentioning the size you try on. I noticed that the jeggings you try on are not that tight
    looking. I like the slim leg, but not too tight in the hips and thighs. I will go back and take another look at those. Since I don’t have any stores near me, all my shopping is online, with mixed results.

  9. I know it can be hard. The jeggings are tight when you put them on, but stretch well…and not too much. That is why they look like a pant on me. The other pants give too much….the jeggings for me are just right! I hope that helps.

  10. Oh my gosh I hope you purchased the smocked fit and flare dress and the jacket! You look beautiful. How fun would that be to wear to theater, special events, date nights and festivals this spring, summer and fall in your area? Fabulous posts.

  11. this is just a Suggestion. get a lighter colored jacket to wear with those prints. the denim looks too heavy. Other wise you both are having too much fun !

  12. I agree…that is why I included a link to the lighter colored jackets! Sometimes you have to use what you find in store.

  13. That navy embroidered dress looks like it was tailor-made for Leigh! Enjoyed seeing all the summer dress options on both of you – thanks for doing the hard work for us so we can order online with a pretty clear idea of how things are going to fit.

  14. There were several things in the Talbot’s catalog that caught my eye, including the eyelet top that Leigh Ann modeled. Both of you looked great in the dresses you tried.

  15. I love the narrow-legged jeggings. Some can even be ordered in Long. I need the extra length because I am tall.

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