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What I Wore

Hi everyone…hope your weekend was special.  Today is another WHAT I WORE with more ways I have styled my spring jackets.

There was a great reason that I was not posting comments over the weekend…and you will see it below.

I already confessed that I have been in the allergist office many times recently due to a heavy spring oak season…and I am very allergic to oak.

Jackets are the perfect thing to wear over a sleeveless or short sleeved garment…that way I can just slip them down and get my allergy shots in the backs of my arms.

What I wore

What I wore

On this day, I was once again in my Talbot’s Montauk Jacket in Ivory. 

I paired it with the Simply Vera Vera Wang V Neck Top in Foliage Cluster at Kohl’s;  olive jeggings from Chico’s (I cuffed them up);  the Green Goldtone Long Tassel necklace; and a Chico’s gold cuff.

I showed you this new handbag from Miztique that I found recently at Marshalls; and these are my Sofft gold sneakers from DSW.


What I Wore

This time I was headed out to go to the grocery….and yes wore this jacket…the cost per wear is headed downwards!

A simple teal tee; denim jeggings; and a fun scarf from a boutique downtown.

These are my rose gold Sarna Fit Flops from DSW.


What I wore

Here we head off to the allergist again…we are becoming great friends over there!

This is a Twill jacket from Talbot’s last fall.  

I styled it with my Chico’s brown v-neck Traveler’s tank and my white jeggings from JCP…a favorite for sure this spring!

What I Wore

My necklaces and shoes are from thrift shop treasure hunting at Goodwill San Antonio!!

The shoes were brand new KEDS slides sitting there waiting for me!!


What I Wore

Here is the final off to the doctor outfit today…I am not scheduled to return for a couple of weeks…my arms are like a colander.

I am restyling my fun New Day boyfriend linen blazer from Target.   They have re-stocked these blazers and when I typed this last Thursday there were more sizes available.

This is a very old top…no way to link it…but I liked it with the blazer and my Chico’s pull on jeggings.

What I Wore

The necklace was a Goodwill find at the newly renovated Goodwill San Antonio Accents Boutique…full of fun accessories and designer wear.

What I Wore

Finally, this outfit included a touch of pink with gold flecks from my new UGG 

Love these comfy fun UGG Sammy Metallic Knit Slip-On Sneakers…..such a good purchase for my funky feet.

The weather in South Texas is on the rise, so my jacket style will be limited soon, but I have enjoyed these jackets so much.



What I Wore

What I Wore

My family was together all weekend and what I wore…what we all wore…were tee shirts to honor my youngest son as he turns 30 this week!

It was so much fun to stay in an AirBnB with the whole family and to just play and have a great time together!!

The six grandchildren love their uncle so much and were really into the tee shirts and all of the party celebrations…including a specially designed tatoo from Etsy.

Thanks for being here for WHAT I WORE…feel free to jump into the discussion…and I will see you tomorrow.


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  1. What a wonderful family photo Pam! That’s a great idea with the shirts, might have to borrow that one! Fun to all stay together, those are the best times! I do like your jackets and have a question. I’ve been noticing that a lot of the Talbot’s jackets are no longer lined, something they don’t usually mention in the online description. Is the one you have from last fall lined? It looks somewhat heavier. Sometimes they are low on sizes in the store and you can only find them online, so I wondered. Lining is helpful here where it stays colder for much longer. Today is a random warm day and I’m going to make the most of it!!

  2. The shirts and the tatoos helped make the party fun for all…I highly recommend it! I just went and looked at my Talbot’s jackets and blazers. I only own one blazer which was in a fall collection that is lined. The others were purchased during warm weather seasons and they are not lined. I just believe it has everything to do with the season of the collection where you find the lining. Have fun today with a touch of warm!!

  3. You have inspired me to locate a jacket or two that I have not put into a donation bag. I’m rethinking what I’m wearing, and trying to put together outfits that I might not normally grab. Our weather here in South Georgia has also heated up to the point of using our air conditioning , but I continue to wear a third piece to cover my arms and long pants. What a fun thing to do with your family…everyone together to celebrate a birthday! I’m hoping to do the same thing with my far-flung family this summer.

  4. I hope it works out for you, Celia…we had so much fun! I am exhausted, but it was worth everything. I am really enjoying my jackets this spring. I personally love jacket-style when I create the look with my adjectives.

  5. I just loved how you celebrated your son’s 30th birthday with wearing the T-shirts!!! Love your first two outfits!! You find fantastic jewelry at you thirft stores. I have also found a few!! Just love your posts!!

  6. My husband suffers from tree allergies, though I too have them more mildly. He got the shots for years and improved, but felt terrible the other day after walking in the park. How long is your season? You wore nice jackets, but the family fashion this week was even more lovely. Great idea and it looks like memories were made!

  7. Yes…I believe memories were made. The kids seemed so happy to have all of us together in one house…it was beyond a blessing. I know what your husband suffers through…today is really bad, but there is heavy rain on the way which will help. It should be over next week, but it has been one of the worst years I can remember for the oak.
    I hope he feels better soon.

  8. Great styling, Pam, and what a fun family weekend. After seeing your gold sneakers I ordered a pair and love them. So comfortable and versatile! Is it too late to send you my style adjectives? I would love your take on mine.

  9. Oh Pam, I could not get that stripped New Day blazer in to my cart fast enough! It was sold out as you know then I got a notice it was back in stock. However, it was still showing sold out for over a week after that notification so I gave up. Thank you! Love how your family celebrated and the tee shirts were brilliant.

  10. So sad, Suzi…it showed in stock when I decided to post the look…both of those jackets are winners. Thanks the family gathering was a blast.

  11. Sorry for the confusion I got the jacket as a result of you posting this today. (I gave up over a week ago) thank you! thank you! thank you!

    BTH what was that nail color from Saturdays post!

  12. Great family photo and love the shirts idea too! Memorable
    I’m still looking for a lightweight jacket or blazer ?that fits well. Also- I’m still looking for a dressy shrug which I saw a bunch of last year but none this year.
    I’m having a frustrating Monday with some household mechanical “stuff”- and, yes it’s a horrid allergy year here too. Trees and grasses and my gorgeous lilac bush will be next! I feel for you. No fun.

  13. It is a brand at my nail salon called Gellish and the color is Texas Me Later. And I AM THRILLED YOU GOT THE JACKET, SUZI!!

  14. I’m going to offer an alternative view. I live in New England, and even in Maine, the Talbot’s jackets are unlined and have been for several years. Some are so thin that they are more shaket than jacket. Both Talbots (where I’ve shopped for more than 3 decades) and others are cutting costs and increasing their margins by selling unlined jackets for the same price as lined ones. I have many older Talbot’s blazers and jackets for spring, summer, and fall, which are all beautifully lined. The same seems to be true for handbags. Double check anything called “nappa” because they tend to be polypropylene at the same price. If you want leather rather than a resin, search for leather not “nappa.”

  15. Great looks with your jackets, Pam. You are having fun with them. Sorry about your allergies. Great weekend you had. We had an Airbnb farmhouse over Christmas and had our daughter, two sons, and grandchildren (and grand dog) under one roof. Wish I had thought about tshirts or sweatshirts. So much fun. Next year. We assigned meals and brought everything with us. Can’t wait to do it again. By the way I had ordered a pair of marine blue Olukai slip on sneakers that you linked to a while back. Great for fussy feet and autumn palettes.

  16. So glad you found a pair that worked for you, Deborah! Now that we had so much fun with the shirts for a birthday…I may consider another round for Christmas…thanks for the recommendation!!

  17. What a beautiful family you have!! Happy Birthday to your son! I love how you all celebrated and it looks like there was joy all the way around. And I am so sorry that you deal with allergies. That is so hard. May your shots work- and I hope you feel better very soon.

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