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Happy Wednesday and welcome to Today’s news for women over 50.

This is your very own weekly news magazine, with stories curated just for you from a wide variety of places!

So get your morning beverage and a cozy chair and let’s dive into some headlines!  (No worries…all positive lifestyle news here)


Today's news

Texas Monthly: How a kid from San Antonio’s south side came to run Hermes

Sydney Morning Herald: Plus size fashion – creating a timeless wardrobe means skipping fads

The IndustryZara begins charging customers for online returns

The Today Show:  Podiatrist recommend Hoka One Sneakers

InStyle: How to distress your jeans at home


Today's News

Better Homes & GardensBird Flu Outbreak: What does it mean for your backyard birds?

Better Homes & Gardens: 8 top garden trends for 2022 to inspire your next backyard projects

Homes & Gardens:  Summer porch decor: 12 ways to add life to your home exterior

9NewsU.S. women giving birth at highest media age on record

Life Hacker: The best perennial herbs you should plant in your garden

Note: I purchased some outdoor items from Walmart and can highly recommend these products:



Today's News

Southern LivingThe best pie recipes to make all summer long

The Pioneer Woman 60 best Memorial Day recipes for the first day of summer cookouts

Eating Well: Best and worst foods for healthy blood pressure

The Kitchn: The three best substitutes for balsamic vinegar


Today's News

Better Homes & Gardens24 must-do activities to put on your summer bucket list

Fox NewsWWII nurse 100th birthday skydive in Florida

Mind Body Green These habits can add up to 6 years to your life – even middle & older age

Mind Body Green: New research discovers how sleep can affect our eye health

Well, that is it for Today’s News, ladies.  I hope you found something encouraging, enlightening, or educational here for you.  Please comment on any of the above…and always…


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Today's News




  1. Thanks for the sneaker article. I took my new pair of Hoka sneakers to Maine and Vermont and wore them almost daily. They are indeed cushioned and very lightweight. My feet tend to be slightly wide, and this brand fits well. I also like Brooks, but they are heavier. The Brooks (and New Balance) were recommended by my podiatrist following foot surgery. I think those of us with funky feet (almost all of us, it seems) can benefit from the sneaker trend. I’ve been happily adding them to my wardrobe. At first I felt weird and underdressed wearing them with a dressier outfit, and now I just do it. Comfy feet make it easier for me to smile.

  2. Oh yes! Comfy feet help me smile as well. Thanks for sharing this, Linda!!

  3. Pam, thank you for the great list. Such a variety of topics! I’m trying to grow herbs (emphasis on TRYING). Love the summer bucket list. I’m ready to tackle it . Lots of smiles are sure to come.

  4. Hi Pamela! Really enjoyed the Chavez story! Sorry I’m rushing about this morning- had an early yoga class to do and got up late. Cleaners are headed here and this afternoon I’m dog sitting.
    Wishing you a happy Wednesday!

  5. I’m going to send the article about the sneakers to my sister. Her feet are giving her fits. I enjoyed the porch decor article very much! For the first time in my adult life, I have a balcony and I’m absolutely loving it!! No weeds, no constant grass cutting… and if I miss any of that, I’m at my son’s house three days a week and can yank weeds to my heart’s content! I bought new furniture and planted flowers and herbs in containers and have been living out there except when it’s too cold. This article had great decorating ideas. I can’t have the beautiful swing, but I’d take those dogs in a heartbeat!!

  6. I have been suffering with plantar fasciitis for months. It hurt to even walk across the floor. After getting new orthotics, my mission was to find comfortable footwear. My podiatrist recommended Hoka runners. Laced up shoes give you more support for your fallen arches. The Hoka runners were uncomfortable for me but SAS runners hit the mark. This is the first time I’ve found comfortable shoes that I can wear all day and every day.

  7. Thanks for sharing Judy…SAS is headquartered where I live in San Antonio.

  8. I will even have more for you to look forward to this summer, Marcia. Will be announcing soon!

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