Coastal Grandmother Style on a budget

Coastal Grandmother Style

Happy Tuesday!  Yesterday, we discussed a new fashion trend and today I show you how to do Coastal Grandmother Style on a budget!

Coastal Grandmother Style is distinguished with sustainable, high quality brands and fabrics.

While the brands I mentioned in yesterdays post are excellent, you can still achieve this coastal grandmother style on a budget.

Follow me…..


Coastal Grandmother Style

Coastal Grandmother Style

I headed over to my local Marshall’s store seeking Items from the guidelines I shared in yesterday’s post.

Now, I understand I cannot link to these, but wanted to encourage you, that you can still get the look with high quality pieces for much less than many retailers. 

Here is what I find when I search the word “coastal” on their website…Marshall’s Coastal.

And searching “Beach” gets this Marshall’s Beach.


Coastal Grandmother Style

However, going on a Coastal Grandmother hunt in store was a lot of fun…and I found items for the wardrobe and for the lifestyle.

Coastal Grandmother Style

I still cannot get this amazing Brahmin bag out of my mind…I don’t need it, but it is gorgeous.

Coastal Grandmother Style

There were substantial linen pieces in the soft colors of the coastal grandmother style and by quality brands such as this Sigrid Olsen tunic.

On this trip, I discovered the racks full of linen tunics from many places.

Coastal Grandmother Style

Our local Marshall’s locations have really upgraded their dressing rooms, so I always try on the garments…

That way I don’t purchase anything too large like this tunic was.


Coastal Grandmother Style

Coastal Grandmother Style

Perhaps you are into the overall Coastal Grandmother Life-style.

I saw many decorations for that “beach” looks at Marshall’s…so you can go coastal all the way.

Coastal Grandmother Style

The lifestyle encourages sustainability and recommends recycled shopping bags for your farmer’s market days.

You know me, I always love an optimistic message on a shopping bag!

Coastal Grandmother Style

I did purchase these bandanas for Tux.  He can use a little coastal grandmother touch!

Coastal Grandmother Style


I hope this post has given the fans of this style encouragement to know that there are budget saving options out there.

Marshall’s is such a great way to find those name brands much, much less.




Chicos Summer Sale

Also, Chico’s summer sale began yesterday…. Get Tees ($29 + $39) and Shorts ($49) for all your Summer needs.

Promotion details:
Tiered Event (5/23 – 5/30)
• $29 + $39 Tees
• $49 Shorts
• $59 Bottoms (Cotton Poplin Crops & Denim Crops/Capris) & Capris
• $79 Dresses

Chico’s started with coastal trends and continues them today!!

These are the types of ideas I will bring to you on Tuesdays beginning next week...Budget Saving Tuesday.  I will cover a variety of topics for you!

Thanks so much for being here today!  


Coastal Grandmother Style

By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. Even if it’s not completely my style, a lot of it is, just because of linen and relaxed styles! I do love that tote with the shells – gorgeous! And those bandanas for Tux and so cute!! My homes have always been done in a beachy, cottage vibe. The beach is my favorite place to be, so I have brought it home even though I’m landlocked! I really enjoyed looking through all of your finds in this post! Marshall’s is always a treasure hunt!!

  2. I love to treasure hunt there, Karen! I was surprised at all of the coastal items I found this day…it is worth the visit if you like this lifestyle!

  3. I hit Marshall’s and Home Goods on the regular. I have never seen a Brahmin bag in Marshall’s. What a find! I looked it up, and it is/was part of their line (the pattern didn’t look familiar, and I window shop Brahmin often). I don’t know if Brahmin has an outlet version, as Coach does. But if you “needed” it, it’s a great purchase! I love the shore, but I avoid things with obvious summer references, such as shells. Our summer season in northern Ohio is just a couple of months, and I find I don’t get enough use out of such specific items beyond one straw bag. In that way, they are not budget friendly. Just like you need to straddle the winter with warm weather gear, often summer here means darker tees and tanks that can take me into fall as a layering piece, and plain beige leathers.

  4. Thanks Janet, but white is no longer in my wardrobe. It just looks ok and I want to look my best! So I now wear beige, buttercream, gold, and some off-whites! Wearing my new autumn palette has helped me in so many ways! I tried this on for the audience and not me! Thanks so much.

  5. When I saw the blue tunic you were trying on, I thought how you and Leigh Ann both could fit in that one! But in the right size it would be very wearable. I realize that I have several linen tops like that but rarely wear them with my loose linen pants as I always think that loose pants need a close-fitting top, and loose tops need closer-fitting bottoms. However, that fashion rule does not seem to apply with this coastal grandmother idea. I just need to shop my closet!

  6. I highly recommend Sigrid Olsen linen shirts! Mine is also from Marshalls. The quality won’t let you down.

    I agree with the reader who said it’s necessary to straddle the seasons in a place with a short summer. I do this with linen pants in darker colors in early spring and early fall, combined with cotton long-sleeved sweaters. This way I make the most of “calendar spring” when it’s still snowing, and “late calendar summer”, when it’s frosty and/or snowing. When it’s hot, it’s hot, though.

  7. Lots of good finds at Marshall’s. I really liked the Brahim bag. The linen tunics were nice, too. I am trying to embrace linen for summer, & at those prices, it be easier.

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