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Happy Wednesday, everyone!  Welcome to your personal weekly newsmagazine called Today’s News for Women over 50!

On this day, I curate articles together from a variety of publications to make sure you do not miss out on something you would love to know….today’s news!

This has been a fun week so far discussing Coastal Grandmother Style and let’s take it a little further into today’s fashion news.

So, grab your morning beverage, a comfy chair and let’s get started!


Today's news

Glamour: Is messy hot aunt the new coastal grandmother?  (Disclaimer:  There is a lot in this article I take issue with…but I will leave it at that)

Pure Wow5 geriatric trends millennials are decidedly embracing 


Today's News

Southern Living: 20 coastal design trends that will never go out of style

Home Bunch: New coastal interior design design ideas for 2022

Homes & GardensHow to decorate kitchen counters: 10 ways to a functional and chic space

Better Homes & GardensAncient Greece- inspired decor is a top trend for 2022

Go Upstate: Make your garden a hummingbird hangout

Homes & GardensLakeside cabin mixes cozy Interiors with bright, breezy beach house style

The U.S. Sun: The best color to paint a room if you want to be calm, productive and eat less


Today's News

Camille Styles: 10 best high-fiber fruits for summer

Tasting Table: Stop throwing out your watermelon rinds

Eat This, Not That: 21 Old-fashioned Midwestern desserts to try this weekend

Eating Well25 vintage recipes like Grandma used to make

Southern Living54 vintage cakes from the south that deserve a comeback

Cleveland Clinic:   3 foods to improve memory and brain health


Today's News

New York Post, Dick Van Dyke, 96, makes rare public appearance after hitting gym with wife

Eat This, Not That: 5 eating habits Meryl Streep swears by to feel amazing at 72

SciTechDaily: Fountain of Youth: Cutting Calories and eating at the right time of day leads to longer life

Eating WellWhy drinking water all day long is NOT the best way to stay hydrated

Very Well Fit:   This herb may boost your hair growth


Today's News

Just a reminder that beginning next Wednesday, I will Include budget saving headlines.

Perhaps we can all learn from some of these ideas….look for them in Today’s News next week.

Any thoughts on today’s news headlines?  Please share if you do…..and I hope you will join with me to


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Today's News



  1. Dear Pam . . . Praying for your Texas communities struck by yesterday’s incomprehensible violence.

  2. Thank you Connie…Uvalde is such a small town and their community needs much prayer today.

  3. Your newsletter, Pam, offers a welcome respite to the horrifying national news that we are once again grappling with today. Thank you.

  4. You are welcome, Deborah. I live very close to Uvalde and there is a heaviness over us all today.

  5. A lot of good articles today, so much to read. The “messy hot aunt” is disturbing, but that’s for me personally. Interesting about hydration too. I liked the enduring coastal style article. Thank you for taking the time to bring things a lot of us would miss. Yes, our world is a mess, but I know that there is something much better waiting.

  6. I, too, found the messy hot aunt article disturbing. My aunt was one of my role models & she was none of those things. She married late in life, so she had no children. Even at this late stage of my life, I am still striving to be like her & make my home like hers. I enjoyed the articles on decorating, as I am slowly moving my home style from dark & heavy to lighter & serene. Having been Midwest born & raised, I must confess that I have eaten a good many of those desserts.
    My heart is broken for all those devasted by this latest act of senseless violence. My prayers go out to the families & friends of those who lost their lives.

  7. I join with you Becky in those prayers…and with finding that article a problem.

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