Look #2: Wide Leg Linen Pants

Wide Leg Linen Pants

Happy Thursday!  Welcome back for look #2 of my new wide leg linen pants.

I shared look #1 on Monday, as I styled these wide leg linen pants for a semi-formal event last weekend.

Today, I wanted to show you another way I will wear the wide leg linen pants from Chico’s in my life.


Wide Leg Linen Pants

The forecast for Mother’s Day weekend in San Antonio has temps in the triple digits!   They are predicting these two days to be record breakers!

So, I went to my closet and immediately thought of these new wide leg linen pants….they are soft, cool, and very comfy for linen.

I added a red linen top by a brand called Planet.  I was gifted this top years ago.

I really like the brand and the designer.  She creates funky, fun, quality styles often found in boutiques.

You can learn more at their website….Planet by Lauren G.

Here are more beautiful options at Chico’s for warmer weather…..



Wide Leg Linen Pants

It is always a good idea to have a beautiful fan in this part of the country.

I purchased this one for myself when we went to Puerto Vallarta a couple of years ago.  I love it and know it will get a workout this summer.

As more and more businesses are feeling the pinch of inflation, I will need this fan in some buildings…particularly our church.  Sometimes I just need to feel the air moving!

There are some pretty ones currently on Amazon…..Salutto Hand Held Fans. The art deco black and white one is super cool!

My colorful straw bag has been in my wardrobe for a long time and was discovered at Soft Surroundings.

Last week, I shared that must about my entire family went to Concan, TX for a family celebration and all came home with hats…this is mine!

The fun bracelet sold out so fast at Chico’s….I am learning to react quickly when I really like something.

Here are some new releases Chico’s has in accessories….

The wide leg linen pants are long on me, so my Rose Gold Fit Flops are perfect to add a little height.   And look at these……


Wide Leg Linen Pants

I will announce the winner on Sunday of this fun Chico’s adjustable necklace (now sold out at Chico’s).

If you want your name in the hat, there is still time to get it there.  Just comment on THIS POST with your name!

Well, I am ready for the heat with my wide leg linen pants…bring it on.  I welcome it now, but by early October am ready for it to go away! Once it arrives, it stays for awhile.

Thanks for being here today…let me know if you have questions or comments….and make sure that you….


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. Such a fun, cheerful look for a warm day! Your fan is beautiful! I am also a hat person and need to add a couple, definitely prefer the wide brim ones since they keep the sun off my face. I really like your colorful outfit!!

  2. Your fan so reminded me of my mother who always took her silk fans to church. And she often wore a fancy hat to church also. Growing up in a time when people dressed up to go to church with hats and gloves makes me keenly aware of the casual nature of church dress now. Our weather is not quite as hot as yours but your linen pants and top would be quite comfortable now in the high 80’s.

  3. I really like this shirt/pants combo. Although both are flowy, they work well together. My next stop is to check out your Planet by Lauren G link. A great outfit for high temps.

  4. You are prepared and looking festive. I love those bracelets. The fan! I didn’t realize that people still used them. I have a pretty Asian one that I will have to find, although coastal Maine rarely goes into triple digits.

  5. I love the wide leg pants.Thank you for showing us how to style them!

  6. I like everything about your outfit. The color, the style. It all looks great on you. Thanks for your blog— a lot of good information

  7. Would love to win the bee necklace. Thanks for the chance, and have a Happy Mother’s Day!😊

  8. You look lovely in this cool smart outfit ready to face some mighty HOT weather! Well, you’re ready- beautiful fan too!
    Up until today it’s been cool and rainy here. Todays 65 degree sunshine feels so fine.
    ( yikes triple digits!)I’ve spent the morning in my very small herb and flower garden and planting my window boxes! Time to clean things up I guess.
    Things are just starting to click!

  9. That red and white linen is very flattering- Love it! You’re right about needing a cool fix for this weekend, my forecast says 106–I’m west of you.
    Anywho, please add my name to the Bee necklace beauty— I can see that I NEED that 😆. Take care, and enjoy your posts!

  10. This is such a cute look! The top is a perfect length. I am so happy wider leg pants are having their moment. (Always loved the style in “the day”). Didn’t realize I was struggling/stressing with skinny pants. The wider leg balances out my wide shoulders and rectangle shape.

  11. This outfit looks great on you, Pam. I may have to try wide legs. I’ve just worked up to straight legs from skinny pants! Chicos has some beautiful stuff, their jeans are nice too!

  12. What a fun festive outfit, & it looks like it will keep you cool & comfortable, too. I have a fan I bought a few years ago, & it has come in handy on several occasions. I have a couple of hats that I wear when out in the sun. Try to stay cool this weekend. We are looking at 80-degree temperatures next week.

  13. Pamela, Love your fan!! Reminds me of the old Methodist church I grw up in when every women was fanning her fan during service!!!

  14. Such fun colors and ideal for warm weather what I am patiently waiting for and envy you for the temps you are having. Happy too that you are getting extra wear out of your palazzo pants as look wonderful on you.

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