Mr. B’s Father’s Day Gift Ideas & Summer Plans

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Happy Sunday!  Meet my Mr. B…today he has Father’s Day Gift Ideas for you and I have summer plans to announce.

Mr. B loves to look his best…no matter what he is doing.

He owns few pieces of clothing, but all are quality top brands he loves and recommends.

His closet compared to mine looks sparse, however, he wears what works and what he loves over and over again.

If it doesn’t work for him, it quickly goes…while I am on the other side of the room thinking about it!


Father's Day Gift Ideas

So, from date night to the running trail, here are Mr. B approved brands currently in his wardrobe….

Bombas for socks and underwear…hands down his favorite to wear!

Peter Millar for pants, shirts, casual,…many pieces are currently on sale at Nordstrom.

LuLuLemon for athletic wear …I workout in old pieces I have worn for years that are falling apart!

Banana Republic for casual shirts, sweaters, pants, shorts (likes the linen shorts)

Altra running shoes are his favorites and he is an experienced off-trail runner.  The blue vest he is wearing in this picture is also Altra. 

You can see here that he wears these shoes often!

Father's Day Gift Ideas

He also loves his Peleton…but that is a special bike shoe!

For professional or dress up footwear, he has always like anything Johnston & Murphy.

He has worn some of these for 25-30 years, and carefully polishes them often.

I turned him on to UNTUCKIT during the pandemic when he was mostly working from home.  He likes the brand and wears the shirts and sweater he owns.

Tommy Bahama is in his wardrobe with a few pieces he likes for summer casual.

He loves his Apple Watch Cremo products for his beard (also at Walmart),  and his James Avery Ring.

Perhaps some of these will help you with Father’s Day Gift Ideas, but if you have specific questions for Mr. B let me know and I will get his assistance!

He did learn about many of these brands from our sons…makes it easier for me to shop the brands for both!!  Our youngest son is quite the dresser!

Also, allow me to throw in a brand I just discovered from my DIL for gifting photos far It has been a great experience.


Father's Day Gift Ideas

Summer is rapidly approaching and I want to do a couple of new features on the blog…so these are plans for you, and not personal plans for me!!

First of all, in America, the high inflation is hurting many of us and adjustments must be made In spending.

Beginning on Tuesday,  May 31, I will start a new feature called BUDGET SAVING TUESDAY!

Every Tuesday, until September, I will give you ideas of how to save money on things you love…these posts will be about more than clothing….but also include clothing when it fits….here, not on you! 

My first feature is going to be one to help us save in an area we love, but have seen prices rise.  I hope you will join me on Tuesdays as we work together to save our budgets.

Also, I am looking for news content that will also be helpful to us during inflation to include on the Wednesday News Posts. 

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Leigh Ann and I are excited about this next one and plan to have fun with it.

In the current issue of Magnolia Magazine, created by JoAnna Gaines, the theme is A Summer To Flourish.

We may be struggling through inflation, but we can still find reasons to SMILE!

Father's Day Gift Ideas

They published a list of fun things to do in order to help your summer flourish!

We are going to do as many of these as we can…separately and together…and report back to you how it went….what we did…and a little about the experience.

We are excited to have fun with this and hopefully encourage some of you to join in the fun.  

I am not sure yet how I will organize these or present them…perhaps at the end of other posts.  But, I will let you know!

We will make sure you see it checked off the list!

These new ideas will be woven around the content you often find here….News for Women, Would You Wear It, what I wore, and special features. 

Please share any Father’s Day Gift Ideas you might have or ask Mr. B questions!  Thanks for being here…..



By Pamela Lutrell

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Father's Day Gift Ideas


  1. Mr. B is such a handsome man :). Altra shoes are a revelation!! My husband and I are big daily hikers in Tucson and we both recently switched from boots to these shoes. My feet and legs have never been so happy. Thanks for this list of high quality items from your husband!

  2. Mr B knows what he likes and that is great- yet he seems open to your suggestions too. Even better ! I l admire his style choices. I typically buy the guys in my life something from LL Bean or their gift card. (Sometimes a massage from a local yoga and wellness center. ).
    I like your planned agenda tackling inflation! Cannot wait to read your ideas and recommendations!

  3. What a nice idea to tackle a fun set of summer ideas. My Magnolia issue arrived yesterday so I haven’t seen the article yet but will read with an eye to joining in! I love the magazine’s deeper dives into self exploration. Thanks for Mr B’s gift ideas. I am always looking for ideas to give my sons, not fathers yet at 27 and 31, so would love to know more from your sons and daughters-in-law in that regard. Happy Sunday! 🌻

  4. Hi Connie, my youngest son, 30, shared his love of Lululemon and Banana Republic with Mr. B…now they both wear those brands.
    How exciting that you have this issue of Magnolia, please share what you do on the list! Let’s have fun with it!

  5. Mr B has excellent taste (I offer Pamela as Exhibit A)! Heartily endorse Bombas socks and Banana Republic for both men and women. I cleaned out my sock drawer after discovering Bombas a few years ago, and then my thrifty-minded husband actually did it too! Finding fun, free or almost free things to do is a part of retirement I’m enjoying immensely. Yesterday we went to a sea glass festival being held for only the second time on the Great Lakes vs the coast. So beautiful! We signed up for a free summer concert series in one of our local parks (exploration of the acoustic guitar is this year’s theme). One of my favorite fall activities is to take my morning muffin and find a lovely spot on the trail to enjoy it. My advice is to get on mailing lists with your local park, museum and library, and to keep an open mind and try things out for interesting surprises.

  6. Pam, your post ideas sound fabulous! Just what we need right now. I love summer. And saving money is just the thing!!

  7. Awww, Linda, thank you! If Mr. B heard about your acoustic guitar event, he would want to join you! That is perhaps his first love!

  8. Pam your enthusiasm, quest for knowledge and the desire to share all is up-lifting. Can’t wait for what’s next! Thank you.

  9. Thank you, Suzi! I want this to be a place of inspiration, education, and encouragement! So glad you are here!

  10. Mr. B is my kind of guy. It is such a pleasure to see a gentleman that takes pride in his appearance no matter what he is doing. Our daughter & son-in-law recently discovered Bombas socks & rave about them. I may have to pick up a copy of Magnolia magazine to look at those summer ideas. My life has been in a bit of a funk lately, so I need some simple ideas to give me a kick start. Looking forward to your new features.

  11. I think the new Tuesday and Wednesday topics will be great. Really looking forward to reading these ideas!!!

  12. I’m looking forward to your new features. I like that you will sharing different ways to save on things. This will be interesting.

  13. Pamela, this is just so upbeat! We all could use a little mental spring cleaning and new areas for growth. Just love your ideas – can’t wait. I shop LL Bean quite often and will use your link. I have a sun-blocking shirt and hiking pants in my cart. Mr. B, if I may say so, is an attractive man with style. I’m trying to get my husband to up his look a little and like the looks of Carbon2Cobalt. They have some women’s items, but clearly women were an after-thought. Some of the men’s shirt colors are just great. Thanks for all you do.

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