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Would You Wear it

Happy Saturday!  We are getting closer and closer to the unofficial launch of summer, so let’s look over styles with WOULD YOU WEAR IT on two blogs!

Today, I am showing a display of casual chic summer fashions!  


Would You Wear it

Casual chic would be styles you can wear to a variety of events or places.

Tell us specifically why these looks would or would not work for you….remember the comments are read on these posts.

Think about design, styling, color, and fit.

Look it over closely before commenting…some ladies come back later and have a different perspective.

Also, if you would style the display differently in order to attract customers, how would you do it?

Would You Wear It

So, tell us ladies………………………………………………………………………..


This display is in the IC Collection department at Dillard’s.

Here is more from that collection….


Would You Wear It

While I was at Dillard’s, I decided to try on a couple of looks from Eileen Fisher for summer.

I did this because I know that many of you like Eileen Fisher…so these are for you!

This first look features the new butter color in the Knit Jersey Tapered Wide Leg pant, worn with the organic cotton linen slub knit drawstring funnel neck top in white (the butter one is on sale)

Would You Wear It

This outfit features the coriander color in the Washed organic linen delave cross dyed point collar top and the washed organic linenwide leg pull on crop pant.

Once you click through to the Dillard’s site, you will find EF in plus and petite sizing.  Also, always check their sale tab for EF…I have found amazing off season deals there…some 65% off.

For those who like the softer colors, here are some options:


Would You Wear It

My Chico’s linen popover dress was the most popular outfit this week on the blog…but I was not as cute as my granddaughter!!

Now, let’s get back to where we started! 

Tell us what you think of today’s Would You Wear It display, then head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE to see Jennifer’s.

Now, let the weekend begin…stay safe…stay cool and always


By Pamela Lutrell

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Would You Wear It



  1. You look great with your Grandaughter! That’s just the right outfit.
    I’ve been eyeing that tunnel necked EF shirt. I think it’s a flattering neckline and about the right amount of sleeve, at least for me!

    It’s been a cool Spring but this weekend we’re going to hit Summer in a big way. Jackets and long-sleeved shirts won’t be seen again for awhile.

    I like the meshy top in your first photo. The coral color isn’t for me but they’ve got some others.
    The neckline is nice. I almost always wear a cotton tank as a first layer so tops that are breezy and see-through aren’t an issue, they just pop over that.

  2. The dress looks interesting. I would need to try it on and feel the fabric even though it looks volumous in the hip area. The other items are not my style especially capris with buttons on the hem. nope

  3. I like the deep pink/coral tee with ruana (left) but might pair with white crop pant rather than black. Thinking summer! I do like the center outfit tho it’s a bit bold for me. Still I might try it on. There’s just something in the styling that I like.
    The black dress (?) on right I’d forego as I have two sleeveless black dresses – one is a light material for summer evening. The other is a 3 season dress.

  4. I do like the black trimmed kimono, and the tunic top in the middle, but the black dress on the right initially gave me the appearance of someone with huge hips… not very fashionable in my opinion. The same thought occurred as I looked at the slideshow. The dresses seem to make one’s hip area look large. Perhaps I’m thinking this because I attended a grandchild’s high school graduation last night and was so aware of many “hippy “ people. I’ve been looking for clothes on Poshmark and eBay lately as I try to recycle, but have not thought of looking for EF. I remember you saying Dillard’s has them on sale at times, but I don’t live close to a Dillards.

  5. The middle outfit I might try in the black, but the capris end at the widest part of the leg, thereby drawing attention to it. I much prefer ankle pants. No to the other outfits, just not my colors. The black dress looks like it has enough fabric for a dress and a skirt!
    Your red Chicos dress is still the winner, better than all these shown by a mile!

  6. The only piece that I might consider to try on is the mesh top because of its soft drape however would much prefer it without the high cowl neckline. With that being said; I’m afraid the other pieces would be wearing ‘me’ due to my slender body type so basically they are a ‘no’. Do like some of the other garments provided in your links though.

  7. These seem a bit ‘heavy’ for summer casual and I think they might overwhelm my frame. The kimono on the left is my favorite piece, cute for spring and fall. The length of the top and pants in the center seems out of proportion – a shorter top and/or longer pants would be more flattering (for me) and the black dress looks like it has deep armholes (would I need a cami underneath?) and too much volume through the hips – maybe it’s the angle of the photo?

  8. Brenda, well said! That statement (feel like they’d be ‘wearing me’) was my thought on these outfits but for a larger frame, they’d be perfect

  9. I think that I would have to pass on the displays. They would look good on certain body types, personalities, and seasons. For me there is too much looseness and volume. I absolutely loved the EF undyed organic denim jacket and simple slacks. As a deep autumn I would pair that outfit with a deep olive or marine blue or rusty top with a pair of deep slip on sneakers. Add a contrasting thick bangle and earrings and I would be good to go! You really look great in that Chicos slip on dress, Pam. Perfect color and accessories, especially the Little One standing between you and Mr. B.

  10. I love that mesh fabric in the center. but not the shape. I’d wear the pants on the left and perhaps the kimono but the dress is too voluminous in that stuff fabric for me. Happy Saturday!

  11. Judy, I thought she was saying that, since so many people looked “hippy” last night (more than usual), she attributed this to the loose and wide dresses they were wearing. No reflection on hippy people, but on the style.

  12. First, let me say how much I enjoy your blog and this feature. This is the first time I love all three of the modeled items. Loved the colors, the style and the idea of styling these three looks into numerous different looks. An entire vacation casual wardrobe. The EF line is beyond my price point, but I do look for sales. Enjoy your weekend!

  13. Absolutely love your hair! The red dress is totally in my wheelhouse and it is very attractive on you. Wearing more dresses than pants outfits lately. They are so cool and comfy plus I feel very stylish wearing them.

  14. You look gorgeous in the red dress even if your granddaughter steals the show. I’m eying the bright blue one as it looks like a versatile style. No to pretty much everything else. The middle outfit is trendy, but it so reminds me of old Sandra Dee movies — very 1950as — with the cigarette pants. Happy weekend.

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