Over 50 Casual Style

over 50 casual style

Happy Friday!  I am happy to see the weekend and hope you are as well.  Let’s end it with some over 50 casual style…another What I wore post!

This was a week to get out and about again…moving back into my regular life with a smile.


over 50 casual style

Last Monday, Leigh Ann and I put on some casual styles and headed out hoping to enjoy a fun tea-room lunch, and pursuing a shop she wanted to show me.

Much to our sadness….everything at this little center is closed on Mondays and we did not know…won’t make that mistake again.

So, you see us here in front of the window displays of the store she wants me to know about….we will return soon.

Leigh Ann was looking great in pieces from her wardrobe and showing off her James Avery Silver Butterfly Pieces

All of her strength training and tennis playing has paid off and her arms look amazing.


Over 50 Casual style

All three pieces of my outfit are from Chico’s….the reversible tank is not longer available, but I am so glad to have it in my wardrobe.

This No-Iron Linen Blend Metallic Shirt is on sale for $39 and is a great topper if you are looking for an alternative to white like I do.  I really like the flecks of gold in it.

The Brigitte Ankle Pants in Envy Green are also on sale for $49.    Comfortable…and they don’t wrinkle.  

I am again wearing BZEES sandals.…so comfy.  I have owned this pair for awhile. 


Over 50 Casual Style

JJILL has really had my attention lately with their colors for warmer palettes.  

I am loving the colors of pottery, baked clay, viridian, cape cod red, marine blue and daisy.  

This Wearever Pleated Shoulder Tunic in Pottery is a new favorite…you can see the neckline if you click the link ….it is lovely and not heavy at all…also ON SALE!

For autumn palettes, check out these looks:

Thanks to JJILL from the autumn palette casual style ladies!!

Over 50 Casual Style

I also wore this particular over 50 casual style this past week featuring a past season Chico’s top and jeggings (which are getting paused more and more in the heat).

I am thinking of getting a pair of these…..

Over 50 Casual Style

They are the Convertible Capri Pants in the Sand color (available in three colors).  I like the fit, length and feel of the fabric.

I tried them on recently with the No-iron Linen Confetti Print Shirt.

These would be great additions to the over 50 casual style for summer. 

That is it for our what we wore looks this week….but I had to share with you this guy who has been hanging out in Leigh Ann’s backyard!

Over 50 casual style

He is one big owl!!  And so beautiful.  He stares at her when she works in the kitchen!!

A couple of heads up on content…tomorrow, of course, is WOULD YOU WEAR IT, and on Sunday I will share two new special features to look for this summer!

Any thoughts today on what you will be wearing for the summer?  Please share and always……..


By Pamela Lutrell

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over 50 casual style


  1. Good morning Pamela, love all your bright colors today—so San Antonio! I’ve been wondering if you’re going to write a bit about the trend of the “coastal grandmother.” It’s ubiquitous!! I realize it somewhat flies in the face of the multihued wardrobe of many SA women (I used to live there and LOVED it!), but our own Texas coast is just a couple of hours away. What do you think about this “movement “ and all the whites, beiges, and pale blue linens? I’m so glad you’re doing well after that frightening experience; your smile is irrepressible!

  2. I have been watching it and thinking about the best way to approach. Will address it soon.

  3. Pamela, I love the outfits you and Leigh are wearing, today. I love a light topper blouse over a tee, for my all four seasons “uniform”. I dress in a more casual style during the summer. The J Jill tops are my favorite style for summer. I enjoy wearing an elevated Henley type embroidered tee/blouse for the summer. You can do so much with the Henley style – dress up with a beautiful necklace, or dress it down, to fit the occasion.

    Leigh is so fortunate to have a Barred Owl as a backyard bird. Did you know their call is “Who Cooks For You”? Leigh, does! She might even hear them at night, or during the day as a contact call to its mate. Anyway, I am a birder/nature Photographer, and birds are my favorite subject.
    I loved your Black-capped Chickadees from your backyard.
    Thanks for today’s inspiration!
    Janet in Michigan

  4. I am fascinated by this owl, Janet! He is so big and just beautiful and all my little backyard birds being such joy! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I live in those capris, skimmers – whatever the manufacturer calls them. Most of mine are Lee’s which I find at Kohl’s or order direct from Lee. They’re more comfortable for me when the temps climb. Looking forward to seeing what treasures are hiding in that shop!

  6. I love that Cape Cod red (looks a lot like Nantucket Red) from JJill. After a few years of meh, I started going there again, because the clothes fit a casual lifestyle so well, and they’ve upped their color game. As for what I’m wearing this summer, a big decision was to add shorts again. Since I’ve been walking so much, I’ve gained more confidence in showing some leg, but mostly I decided I’m wearing them because I’m hot (as in temperature 😉), so they fit a true need. I got some St Johns Bay at JCP through your link a while back, and love the fit and the price. I didn’t want to pay a lot for something that is a new style for my wardrobe. At 5’5”, I dislike the knee or capri length on me and got them a couple of inches above. It hasn’t been quite hot enough to wear them yet, but we will see if I like myself in them enough to wear them a lot. I’m out of my comfort zone! But not in a rut either!

  7. I have my one pair of shorts! Waiting to see how I wear them along with the rest of you…but thinking I might return them for the skimmers.

  8. Pamela, I enjoy all the colors you show!! I dress with color in the Summer much more than during Fall/Winter seasons. It was actually depressing how all my clothing is dark then so I decided to make changes last season. I included my Spring red, teal and medium purple to lighten things up. I also purchased Spring navy and warm brown pieces. I’m trying to stay away from black near my face now that I’m older!! Love your site!!!

  9. Hi Pamela,
    I recently came across your blog on Chico’s website and just love it! I think it’s awesome that you & Leigh model clothes for your readers that you perhaps wouldn’t choose for yourselves just so we can see how they look. Today, I ordered the Brigitte pants in Envy Green because you look so amazing in them, and I don’t think I would have ordered that color without seeing how great they look on you! So, thanks!
    Keep smiling!

  10. Thank you for being here, Michele and introducing yourself. I am so happy to have you join in the fun. The Envy Green is such a lovely color for spring and summer. Hope you like it!

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