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Would You Wear It

Happy Saturday, all!  Welcome to Would You Wear It on two blogs…with me featuring dresses and skirts.

I join forces on Saturday’s with Jennifer of A Well Styled life to bring you two fashion displays from our different corners of the country.

Then we ask you to tell us if you would or would not wear what you see and explain why.


Would You Wear It


I found this display in Nordstrom to be so interesting.

I never give my opinions because I do not want to influence you in any way, but I will be curious to read the responses.

Please evaluate what you see and even offer your thoughts on the overall display if you like.  What does it say to you?

But, explain why you would or would not wear an item here.

Would You Wear It

The comments are read and enjoyed…so tell us, ladies………………………………………………………………………………………


As I said, I discovered it at Nordstrom…and they are in the middle of their Half Yearly Clearance Sale.

The link will take you there to check out what is on sale.


Would You Wear It

In Thursday’s post, I shared a recent stop by Talbot’s, and then on Friday discussed shorts.

Here are a super cute pair of shorts I saw there……Relaxed Chino Shorts with a contrast cuff.

Would You Wear It

All vibrant autumns may want to check out this lovely Bamboo Detail Straw Tote in Hot Coral.  

Nice to see there are a few pieces around for us.

I did find lovely options for us warm ladies at JJILL as well…see them here….

It is time to tell us what you think about the WOULD YOU WEAR IT display…then go over to A WELL STYLED LIFE and look at Jennifer’s…make sure you have a wonderful, safe day and


By Pamela Lutrell

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Would You Wear It



  1. Good morning Pam! “Interesting” is certainly a good descriptor here. I’m not sure what’s going on with that top in the center, but can’t think of how that would be flattering or workable. I find the florals bland so would pass those by. The long dress with the self-belt would be another pass. The belt seems to drape in an unflattering place that would accentuate a mid section. It appears to be hung up on the stomach. The more body conscious dress might be okay if one sized up, unless, of course, one was reed thin. Just a little too much showing through on that one. Overall, this would not get a second glance from me except to ponder that center top. The Nordstrom I visited last weekend has discontinued their Eileen Fisher line, kind of surprising, but no matter because our local Dillards has a much larger EF department and even has sales. I found Nordstrom to be a little sparse with not much to see. It’s concerning to see so much reduced inventory overall in the brick and mortar stores. I’m one who must try on for fit so I’m hoping they don’t bail on these stores completely. Maybe just the on-going supply chain issues…

  2. Thanks for starting us off today, Karen. I agree that it is sad to see so many of these stores going downhill. I am shocked they discontinued Eileen Fisher.

  3. How interesting to hear you feel that way about the off-white blouse – as a supposedly Romantic Kibbe type, it’s the only item from the display that I think would be flattering on me!

    It’s the combination of the shorter length (waist definition) on the ruched top (details to draw the eye to my top half instead of my pear shape) with both a rounded neckline (mimics my softer face shape) & blouson sleeves (very forgiving on the upper arms, especially during hot weather)… even the pencil skirt with which it’s been paired has potential, so long as its ruffled hem hits me at the knee.

    That said though, I mostly agree with the rest of your assessment – the other florals don’t grab me, whereas both the V neck & purple dresses look a little limp (as if their fabrics would showcase every lump & bump).

  4. I really like the purple knit dress in the background — left side. The style, the color, everything about that dress speaks to me. Nothing else – I don’t wear florals or huge poofy sleeves. The floral skirt with the poofy blouse is so confusing. The peach dress is cute but it looks like it’s falling off the mannequin. What would keep it on me? Have a nice weekend and thanks for the style inspiration.

  5. There is a song for all of this “Walk on by:” or “But not for me” pretty much sums up my reaction to these<No doubt will look good on someone else. Better luck next week. I never see the sales staff wearing these items!

  6. As someone who wants to de-emphasize the top half, the interesting ruched top is a no-go for me. I agree with the others that the florals are dull, the dress on the left is too body-con (and a terrible color for me). The dress on the right could possibly work, but seems to be suited to a slim rectangle shape (not me) with the way it drapes. I too have been very disappointed with the selection in my local Nordstrom for the past few years and the Eileen Fisher section seems to have disappeared along with some of the other brands I enjoyed.

  7. I would not wear the ruched blouse and skirt. Both pieces are too fussy for me and not flattering colours. I like the purple floral and coral dresses but would cut about 10 – 12 inches off. I find most maxi dresses make me look frumpy and I often trip over the hem. I would wear the floral with sandals and silver jewelry. I would drop the belt from the coral dress and add a long necklace or a scarf with sandals or floral Keds.

  8. you know, my first thought was that the white blouse, instead of coastal grandmother, would make me look like stormtrooper grandma, but then reading the above answer, she makes some valid points, the length, the ruching, and neckline would work for me, but the sleeves I just don’t think I could do. the purple dress is definitely for a slender person, the floral skirt is a style I like, but the print doesn’t speak to me. the floral maxi is too much material for me…and im still trying to think about how one would make the coral dress work…the deep v and those deep arm openings, it looks rather saggy on the mannequin, maybe on a slighter fuller real woman it would be pretty. and those contrasting shorts, baffle me, I can’t think of a top that would coordinate.

  9. I like the blouse, but a recent Goodwill donation load reminds me that I tend to buy dressy, fussy sleeve tops aspirationally, and then don’t wear them very much. I’m limiting my romantic blouse inventory to one or two. I think it’s flattering and not just on the tall and thin. With warm weather upon us it’s something you could wear as a statement top – no topper required.
    I don’t see a link to it, my next question is — will this need to be ironed after washing? Of the tops I have that are similar I find I wear them more if they’re knit and can make their way back to my closet without a stop at the ironing board.

  10. The maxi floral dress is the only item in today’s show that I would like to try on. I like the sleeves, the soft blend of colours and the fitted waist. However, I would take the hem up to a midi length for me. The peach dress is an interesting style, if it came in a cooler colour and styled without the belt. Add a necklace and bangles some light sandals in a nude colour and that could work as well. As for the blouse in the front, after loosing 40 pounds, I just can’t see myself in that style. I like a bit of a slimmer cut and the colours are not for my taste either. A very interesting mix of ladies in this group. Wonder where they are going.

  11. Hmmm. There’s certainly a lot going on with these dresses! I think the coral dress looks summery and cool but since I don’t wear long dresses it would be a no for me ( for someone younger yes!) The other dresses are just too heavy looking to my eye, , too much fabric and don’t seem to work in our humid and warm conditions here.
    So, if I were younger and firmer I might wear the coral/orange tone dress.

  12. Wow. Just from the point of view of ‘fashion’, that ruched top(without the oversized sleeves) is really interesting to contemplate as far as design goes. The peach dress is attractive for me color wise but flutter sleeves do many no favors. Without them, I might wear a tank and cut the hem to midi length. I am so hoping that soon the trend will be pared down to less fabric, less flow, and less dramatic prints. I guess I live in the 60s!

  13. The ruched blouse is a hard no for me – I am petite so that would be overwhelming. I really like the idea of the coral and the color would be great on me but I think the proportion would be very off – v is too deep and hem too long. Also it looks like it would cling to my stomach area which isn’t a good look. I actually like the floral maxi and I think it might do a better job of deemphasizing my stomach area.

  14. About the only thing I like in this display is the length of the dresses. The blouse in front is too fussy, too froufrou. I do not care for the pattern on one dress, nor the low-cut neckline of the dress on the right. I like the purple color of the dress on the left but it’s made for a slender person which few of us seem to be these days. I’m in agreement with several others although I might stop and wonder what motivates designers sometimes.

  15. This display is a very hard pass for me. My style is casual and more on the classic and sporty side. I dislike so much fabric, and almost never wear a print. Plucked out of the group, someone with a feminine, flowing style might look good in one of these, but the group as a display is both overwhelming in its volume and underwhelming in its impact. The blouse in the middle would require very narrow shoulders and seems exaggerated in its trendiness to me. As far as what this display as a whole says to me, it says dreary. Taken together, it’s lifeless.

  16. Good morning! I have a little different take on the floral skirt, than most. I like it but would wear it with a simple pastel t-shirt and cute wedges or sandals with a slight heel (like the beezs you turned me on to that are stylish but oh so comfortable). The peach color dress is cute but not for my body type. The blouse is too much fabric for me.

    I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing weekend. Please take a moment on Monday to reflect and remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so we could have the freedoms we have today.

  17. Perhaps the coral dress is a nod to the fashions of Downton Abbey with the movie opening last week? It would be great on the right body. I actually like the flowered skirt but would pair it with a solid colored blouse – perhaps pink or green. The white blouse reminds me of Victorian window dressing – I can’t get passed that, so no on the blouse.

  18. I generally like dresses and skirts but none of these appeal to me: the plunging neckline and deep arms-eye in the orange dress on the right , the tummy hugging fit, the length. I could work with the floral skirt in the center to re-style but can’t imagine how I would ever wear that blouse. Wishing everyone a good Memorial Day Weekend!

  19. Wow, just wow. Your Nordstrom is certainly different than mine. I wouldn’t wear any of these. This looks like the jr department! Whew, thank goodness for online selection :). Happy Saturday Pam

  20. I would not wear the dresses. Oddly as a petite who wears more classic, tailored looks, I love the cream blouse. It’s old-fashioned but rich looking. If I ever went to formal dinners or a really fancy restaurant, I could see wearing this with a satin or brocade skirt. Expensive jewelry would enhance the look. But, it doesn’t fit my life now, that’s for sure — and it might look terrible on … but I think it’s lovely. Reminds me of photos of my great-grandmother.

  21. I would wear the terracotta one all the way to the right but I’m too endowed for the low cut. Otherwise none are my style unfortuately because I only wear skirts and dresses!!!

  22. There is nothing in this display that would be flattering to me, so I would just move along. The blouse might garner a double take & a “What were they thinking.”

  23. None appeal. The coral dress looks shapeless and unflattering. The prints are a bit too tween for me. The blouse will look dated next week. I generally avoid trends because the do not last long enough to justify the purchase.

  24. I agree. I much preferred the picture of the white pants and blue tops, even the orange shorts if I could still wear shorts that short 😅. I linked the red straw bag.

  25. I love that coral dress! I’d at least try it on to see how it fits (it looks awfully low cut) and feels (I have sensory issues, which makes it really hard to find things that actually feel good on me).

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