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Would You Wear It

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  Welcome to a special edition of Would You Wear It….that I call This & That!

In these posts, I find different displays and items currently in stores that make me wonder what you think about the styles.

Just answer my questions, and tell us WOULD YOU WEAR IT and why or why not!


Would You Wear It

Recently, I spied these small, fashionable handbags at Marshall’s.

It made me wonder…how small to you go for a daily handbag?

What are your most important features when considering the size of your handbag?   Please share.

And here are a few smaller bags currently on the market…..


Would You Wear It

Headbands are back in a big way…and I have seen them on all ages from babies to seasoned ladies!

So tell us, do you wear headbands…please explain your answers of why or why not.  If yes, what are your favorite ways to wear them…

Here are some beautiful headbands on the market at several price points….



Would You Wear It

Would You Wear It

How fancy do you get with your summer sandals?

I considered an embellished sandal for my event last weekend, but ultimately went with a gold, sparkly flat.

Do you wear rhinestones, bows, etc.  Tell us what you think about your sandals.

Here are fun ones currently on the market….


Would You Wear It

Here are several styles I recently saw at Talbot’s…and wanted to show to you.

T by Talbots dress with a quilted vest.….WOULD YOU WEAR IT?

Would You Wear It

What about a top tied at the waist like this Linen Tie Waist Top in Sagebrush.

Would You Wear It?

Would You Wear It

A short scarf tied at the neck?  This is the Ditsy Floral Neckerchief over the white Eyelet Square Neck Top. 

Tell us if you would wear this style….

Would You Wear It

Finally, today….would you wear this Perfect Tote – Lemon Blossom design.

Please feel free to comment on one or all and answer for us WOULD YOU WEAR IT??  Also, what would you like to receive in your Mother’s Day stocking????

Make sure you enter the giveaway HERE, because I am going to send a Mother’s Day surprise to one of you and will draw a name from a hat (which is actually my son’s football helmet!).

I own one of these necklaces and whoever wins will love it too.


By Pamela Lutrell

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Would You wear It



  1. There’s a lot here. Small handbags with plastic or wood handles are uncomfortable for me personally and get in my way. I’ll use a clutch for church or evening, or a small crossbody when shopping, but no stuff handles for me. Headbands, yes, because they keep my hair back in the summer. I think they are cute and can be a fun accessory. Embellished sandals, no, because they call attention to my feet and I don’t care to do that. Regular sandals are a yes though. That vest with a summer dress looks like a mistake to me. I don’t understand why they put those together but no, sure wouldn’t be doing that. The tie in front, no, because it adds bulk where I don’t want bulk. I’d wear a side tie, however. The small scarf, yes, but not in hot weather because I’d be tugging it away from my neck in the heat. That’s a cold weather thing for me. That tote with the lemons is just too cute! I prefer solid neutrals in handbags, but that one would have me reconsidering. It’s just fun!!

  2. I like several of the purses you’ve shown, but I do not like a hard handle as some have. When I’m looking for a purse, I’ve learned to look for an outside pocket where I can put my keys. I use my keys so often that this makes it much easier to retrieve them. I do not normally wear embellished sandals. Many that you’ve shown are so flat, and I cannot keep a flat shoe on my feet. Plus I saw little arch support which would cause bad problems. As an older person, I’ve finally realized what works for me, and do not stray from those choices…no matter how cute, pretty, trendy, etc.

  3. Good Morning- I think I lean more towards solids than prints so some of the above items are not for me. Talbots used to be MY STORE but has not been for the past few years. I find the styles boring…a bit cutesy and def. not the same quality it used to be but the prices have stayed on the high side…for lesser quality. Hope I don’t sound too negative but frustrated with retail right now…feel like I no longer have a few ‘go to stores ‘ I know will fit me (XL, XXL), be stylish (no tiers/puffy sleeves, etc) etc et

  4. Good morning Pam! I rather like these bamboo(?) handled small bags but not sure How practical they would be. I wear glasses so carry sunglasses, wallet, phone and keys. I need my more spacious bag I think! But they are cute!
    I like Talbots’ springtime collection abd yes their cool looking linen tops and tees will be a go to for me, once our heat and humidity ramps up. Just love everything!

  5. aw, pretty handbags…how often I have tried to size down with purses, and failed. over the years I have discovered that im not the type to change purses with outfits on a daily basis, I was always forgetting something in one bag that I needed in another. and when I size down, my shoulders are happy, but again I always need something that wouldn’t fit…say sunglasses, can’t leave them in the car in the summer, they will be ruined, and they are prescription too. or hubbys bag of Splenda packets that im always in charge of (why?, I created that monster my own self, lol) .
    quilted vest aren’t for me, they add bulk and my whole dressing goal is too disguise bulk.
    I love a pretty scarf, but I can’t wear stuff rubbing my neck, I know im weird but its like contact lenses or mascara, I can feeeeeeel it and its all aggravating.
    aw but some of the ads on the page are for Anuschka bags, love love love those, im on my 4th one. they get attention because they are so colorful, and people can’t figure them out with just a glance. I get lots of compliments on them. they have all sizes (hint if you see one on the website, check out amazon, hsn, or eBay for competitive pricing.)

  6. Generally no on small purses unless I’m traveling via air. I get one purse and use it for most everything. Small would be fine for an event but would need to look the part.
    Love the hair bands but I have short hair .
    Embellished candles are a maybe. Perhaps not the ones shone since they are very flat.
    The vest with the summer dress a big no. I live in Florida and would be considered certifiable if I did that!
    Probably not a tied neck scarf because of 90 degree heat here. But fall or winter yes.
    Big yes to the lemon purse really cute and fun!

  7. I have a hard handle small rattan bag by Ralph Lauren that I bought 23 years ago and I still use it occasionally usually for dinner out but not where I would be holding it for length of time. A bag must hold prescription sunglasses, reading glasses, iPhone, lipstick , small brush and my wallet for it to do daytime duty; evenings I can get away with a smaller one. Talbots is my go to store & I like their lemon print just not on me; I usually stick to solids or stripes. The poor mannequin was probably cold and someone stuck a vest on it; definitely not in Talbots corporate guide! I wear embellished sandals because I have good feet & they’re a fun accessory. Those ones at Marshals are the most uncomfortable things so if I purchase fun sandals they must be comfortable. Naturalizer has some I’m keeping my eye on. I wear headbands but not the ones you show; they are much too big for my small head but big face. I tried on my daughters & they all looked silly. I’ve been tying a bandanna or small scarf to keep my hair back but not my favorite look. I like the tie at the waist; gives a straight, flat body definition. Looking at all the trends you highlighted I thought it’s wonderful to be at an age where I don’t covet everything on the market!

  8. Yes, lots of options, again, today! Yes, to the small handbags–the cork one is darling. Headbands, sometimes, if my hair is in need of a trim. Fun, bling-y sandals, yes, if they have a heavier sole for comfort. Dress+vest, no, weather mismatch and not my colors. Yes, to the front tie–I’d wear that entire outfit! Neck scarf, too warm for summer. Lemon tote, no, to this one, although I like the idea. These colors seem washed out imo. However, another word about lemons. I think you had lemon prints on here previously, so I’ve been scouting for a lemon shirt with colors in my palette, so cute for summer time! Have a great day!

  9. Small handbags – no. Looks too fussy to me but I wear a small crossbody bag when shopping.
    Embellished sandals – yes!! I think cute details or bling can be the perfect accessory (just like statement earrings) for a neutral or monotone outfit.
    Puffy vests with dresses – I don’t get it and wouldn’t do it. It just doesn’t make sense to me.
    Blouse with tie – not my first choice. It draws the eye to the wrong place on my body.
    Neck scarf – nope, not attractive and in my opinion, “breaks” the cohesion of my outfit.
    Lemon tote – yes, please!! I love a touch of whimsy.

  10. Good morning! Love these little ‘scatterings’! Headbands, I can’t wait to try a sedate one. My hair is always in my face when I am gardening or painting. I will look tomorrow. It has to be a try on. ( Kate Middleton wears them so well. )The vest with that dress doesn’t do either piece justice, to my eye. Lots of cute bags and I am looking for a straw or wicker one. It has to be a crossbody for me with an outside pocket. Of course I am attracted to the Brahmin, my favorite bag line. I take the Brahmin coin off. I don’t like advertising. I love the cute shoes, especially the sparkly wedges, but I don’t need them. Cute shoes and simple dressing appeals to me lately. My orthopedic doc says no flip flops or shoes without backs for me, but I love looking at them. Tie waist is cute but brings the eye right there, rather than up. Like the side tie idea. That olive is a great color for me though. Nice array of choices, Pam. Have a good day!

  11. I love crossbody bags which leave my hands free. Although the bags are lovely, I would not probably carry them. The bamboo handles are irritating on my arm and I would not be comfortable. I would use the lemon tote! It’s lovely as I have a thing for lemons! The Talbot dress is pretty but I am not fond of the colors on me personally or the print. I would not wear it with the vest unless I was transitioning to fall and had worn a light sweater over the dress so it looked like a skirt. Scarves at my neck in spring/ summer are generally too much for me and I feel uncomfortable so I would defer. Lovely on someone else but not me. The saddles are gorgeous and I would wear them with a maxi dress!!! Very feminine and sparkly….makes me smile!!

  12. Small handbags – a big no. I always have either glasses or sunglasses plus my phone as well as all the usual stuff. Bags tat are less than 4″ are unusable
    Hard-handled bags – also a no. I really hate being encumbered with a handbag I have to carry.
    Headbands – only if I could try it on; they tend to give me headaches
    Embellished sandals – also a no.
    Quilted vest – the vest with the dress is just odd, but I have Talbot’s summer weight vest and will wear it a lot for walking
    Neck scarf – in the summer/ Ugh, no, even it New England, it’s too hot. I am wearing a lighter scarf still, though, LOL
    Lemon tote – no; I have all the totes that I need and cannot imagine wanting another one; it’s also too cutesy for me, personally.

  13. Yes to small purses,no to head bands and the sandals. I always liked the skinny head bands that were popular a number of years back. But these fat looking ones. More like a hat than a headband to me. Seems like some of the manufactures are just testing the water with some combos and designs. I am more of a keep it simple person. easier to work with, fussy always looks great on someone else but not for me!

  14. On the most part all streetwear/casual handbags are of quality leather (exception those for summer) , cross body or wristlet in style and must hold house ‘n car keys/phone/card wallet/hearing device adapter/comb/lip balm/kleenex pack/small bottle of hand-sanitizer. Absolutely not handled as purchased two cross-body canvas ones and ended up removing them as were a nuisance… 😊. Have no need for a hair band and only use bandanas to tie on a handbag or style as a necklace. (Knot in the center, tied in the back.) As for embellished sandals; am very picky! i.e..: Have gone so far to change the colour of a buckle (from gold to silver using ‘chrome’ nail polish, removed chain or a faux gem BUT not to say that I haven’t added some to a plain sandal using selective sewing notions like beads/studs or customized (thrift shop) earrings as remove their backing applying them with glue. (The latter for example as a knock-off to a pair of a Jimmy Choo sport sandals that retailed at US $1,000+ ..😲… which is waaaaay out of my budget.) Last but not least; like the blouse but would be wrestling to get it on or off so its a ‘no’ , see above for handbags and yes wear puffer vests as consider it a staple for our Fall weather but ‘not’ with a spring/summer dress. Apologize for being so long winded. -Brenda-

  15. Small handbags don’t fit my current lifestyle. I have a couple of dressy clutches but don’t have many dressy occasions anymore. I have worn headbands in the past but not lately. I may have to revisit them as the ones shown are quite pretty. I don’t wear many sandals as most don’t agree with my feet especially the inexpensive ones. A quilted vest in the summer? That’s a definite no. I don’t really care for the print of the dress. I would wear the tie waist top in a different color. It looks like it would provide enough coverage. That short scarf wrapped tightly around my short neck wouldn’t be flattering & would drive me crazy. I would wear the white eyelet top with square neck. It’s fresh summer look. The lemon print tote looks like a fun summer accessory, & it’s roomy enough to hold everything I need to carry.

  16. Hi Pamela- the bamboo handled bags are very retro and cute, but the size and style are not for me. All my bags now are convertible satchels that can be worn cross-body. I always carry the same size, a medium satchel (approx 9″x12″x5″), with 2 pockets inside for phone, glasses and car fob, and a zippered inside pocket for lipstick, mints, etc. I do change between different colors and I’ll sometimes buy the same bag in multiple colors. I haven’t used a clutch in a number of years, and then it was usually for a night out. I wouldn’t wear a puffy sleeveless vest over a dress, it doesn’t make any sense to me. Same goes for a scarf, I have a drawer-full of favorites, but here in So. Calif. I only get to wear them as the weather requires, never just for looks, as they get too hot. I have a pixie cut now and love that look when someone adds a headband like your showing over a cute short haircut, but it’s not my style.- I wish it was. I do love jewelery, but I think I’m simplifying other things in my 60’s!

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