Budget Saving: smart accessories + a giveaway

Budget saving tips

Welcome to Budget Saving Tuesday!  The day I offer tips to help you stretch your dollars and accomplish more.

Today, I am discussing smart accessories + offer you a fun accessory giveaway!

I personally believe the best way to build versatility into a wardrobe and get more bang for your buck is with smart accessories.


Smart Accessories

What makes accessories smart? 

I think there are several ways to have smart accessories:

  1.  Smart accessories help to speak the overall style messages you want to say with your wardrobe.  My accessories are selected with “creativity” in mind.
  2.  Smart accessories do not go out of style but can live in your wardrobe and enhance your looks from season to season.
  3. Smart accessories will go with the majority of clothing you own.

Smart Accessories

4.  Smart accessories support your color palette….this is why I wear gold and bronze accessories over silver now.

Just as I have changed my wardrobe to only reflect my warm, vibrant autumn palette, so have a gleaned my accessories to only be those which compliment the same palette.

That smart way keeps everything working together and creates a plethora of new looks with the same pieces.  That is budget saving!

If you are a winter classic woman, your smart accessories will look very different from mine.  Simple, silver, pearls….much much different but it still works the same.


Smart accessories

5. There are several ways smart accessories are sustainable.  

First, longevity is sustainability.  When you have the right colors and styles, then they live longer in your wardrobe.

Second, since I like creative smart accessories, I do love artisan sites….like World Finds.

Their mission statement says: “Our mission is to uplift artisans by creating dignified work, meaningful opportunities and long term partnerships. From the repurposed textiles to the handcrafted, small batch production methods used by our artisans all the way to the packing materials we use to ship your order, we strive for sustainability every step of the way. This journey has been one of progress, not perfection! We are always striving for ways to continue to be more eco-friendly.”

Smart Accessories

It is always fun to discover what artisans create….like this Kantha Garland Necklace necklace that I love so much and is very affordable. 

My cost per wear is already low with this necklace…I have worn it often.


Smart accessories

World Finds would like to gift three of my followers with one of their beautiful, smart accessories.

There will be a winner on this blog, Instagram, and Facebook…and, YES, you can enter on all three places.

Here is how it works:

  1. I will select a winner on the blog to receive the Kantha Aura Necklace.  All you need do, is leave a comment below and tell us that you want to be entered and also share one item on their website you really like.
  2. I will select a winner on my Instagram to receive the Kantha Sling Bag (in my first picture).  You must follow me and WORLD FINDS ON IG, and leave a comment on IG that you want to be entered.
  3. I will select a winner on my Facebook to receive a Sari Silk Bandana.  You must still must follow World Finds on FB and leave your name on my Facebook post.

Three ways to win….how much fun is that??!!

I will select winners on Friday, July 1!

Please share this post with family or friends you believe would like World Finds products!

Yes, accessories can be smart accessories….save you on wardrobe building…help you create great style…and help you to save money!

That is smart to me…….

I hope you will enter the smart accessories contest…remember on the blog not only to say you want to be entered but leave which item is your favorite on their website…..


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided product for this contest.


  1. I’d like to be entered to win. Funny all the items you are giving away I looked at on their website. Especially like the sling bag . Thank you for a chance to win.

  2. I’d love to be entered to win the silk bandana. Like you, I love accessories, and I’m sure I’d wear the bandana often and in many ways (around my neck, as a headband, around my wrist, etc.) Thanks for offering me the opportunity to win!

  3. Hi Carol, for the silk bandana, click on my Facebook link and put your name in on Facebook! Thanks!

  4. Would like to be entered to win. I love all the jewelry, particularly the Kantha graduated bead necklace on their web site.

  5. That’s a beautiful necklace! I will have to spend more time on their website, although you described me when you mentioned winter classic! You always wear such creative pieces and I’m sure they get noticed when you’re out! I have that sneaky little boho side so will going back to check out the website! I’m not on any social media, but that’s a cute backpack that someone is going to receive!

  6. If I order from the link in your post, will you get credit? I love the earrings and would like to buy several of them!

  7. I think so, but I am not taking any compensation. Just want to help them out!

  8. I’d like to be entered in the drawing for a necklace. I love the kantha necklaces and looked at their site when you first showed them. The one I liked was “sold out” at the time. Hope to win this one!!

  9. The other day someone asked about a scarf I was wearing and as I thanked her I told her I’d never gotten rid of any scarf I own…………I have a drawer full of them and many others hanging! They are the best investment and travel souvenir that you can buy! They change up an outfit and expand your wardrobe.

  10. Good morning Pam, another fun giveaway! I would like to be entered into the draw. Such an interesting company and some lovely products on their website. I’ve kept my hair long post-pandemic, so I was intrigued by the hairpins on their site, as they would make a fun accessory too!

  11. I’d love to win, but I’m not on social media, so someone else will get these lovely pieces! I agree one hundred percent with everything you said about accessories. And some accessories, like jewelry and scarves, take up so little room that you can keep them for years. They also have the advantage of helping you get “dressed” through weight fluctuations (hand raised here), so they are often where I spend a little more. They have also helped me keep some of my black bottoms by integrating new (more flattering) colors and putting warm colors near my face.

  12. I love both the Kantha Aura Necklace and the Kantha Intertwining Necklace. I would like to be entered in your contest. Thank you so much for doing this!

  13. I would like to I be entered. I saw you wear one of the necklaces and loved the look so ordered one for myself. I have worn it many times and always receive compliments and questions about how it was made and where I got it. I enjoy your site as I’m also an autumn but not bohemian.

  14. Hello, please enter me to win the necklace. The colors are so nice. I looked at the website and want to buy the Kantha Block bracelet. So cute, colorful and interesting. “Sustainably handmade by women artisians in India”.

  15. Please enter me in the drawing. I especially love the bracelets and necklaces because of all of the beautiful colors. I am a bright color person. They will go with anything and everything.

  16. Just perused World Finds’ Instagram and 💖’d same on yours – yes, I would love to be included in the contest drawing. I especially love the bags on their site: sling, tote, even the little eyeglass bags were super cute! This is a terrific (and affordable) feel-good shopping resource for girlfriend gifts. Their ocean awareness bracelets were so cool!

  17. I would love to be entered. I went to their web site and already made a purchase. I love the necklaces.

  18. I also love accessories, maybe too much! I have admired your colorful bracelets & would love to be included in the giveaway. Thanks for all you do.

  19. I love the aura necklace! I also love the orb & cubist necklaces. The site is a fabulous place to buy jewelry from – thanks for sharing! I want to be considered for your give-away. Great article about smart accessories!

  20. Good Morning~ I would like to enter your blog giveaway. I am not on social media though.

    Thank you. Have a blessed day!

  21. Good morning, and thanks for the chance to win. I’d like to be entered on this blog.
    I’ve been to their site a couple of times and really like the sling bag. Thanks for modeling it.

  22. Please enter me into the drawing for the necklace…..I really like the Fractal Kantha Spiral bracelet. I just found your blog and find it very refreshing….and affordable….Love it!

  23. Pam, is your bracelet one piece or have you stacked several? I took a quick peak on the website but didn’t see one like it. I particularly like the visible rope wrapping the beads.

  24. The bracelet is one piece and it sold out super quick at Chico’s! That is why I did not link it today!

  25. I’d like to enter the draw. The rings on the World Finds website really appeal to me for their simplicity and timelessness. I particularly like the Reflective Ring (nickel free). I would never tire of these designs.

  26. The World Finds website has beautiful things! The scarves are lovely and the two that caught me eye are labeled Chocolate and Watercolor. And yes, I would like to be entered in the drawing. Thank you for bringing our attention to this website.

  27. I’d like to enter the draw too.
    I enjoyed looking through the World Finds website. I have struggled to find accessories to go with a bright red Chico’s dress I purchased last year. The multicoloured Aura Necklace looks like a good solution so if I don’t win it on Friday I’ll make a purchase. I liked the unique styling of the Equinox Bracelet and may have to have one of those too.

  28. I’m a classic winter, but I occasionally like a pop of color in my accessories. After looking at the World Finds website, there are things that fit my classic style & would add a bit of color. It’s such a worthwhile cause as well.

  29. Pam, I spent quite a bit of time taking in all the beautiful accessories on the World Finds website. I especially love many of their coiled bracelets, one of which is the Kantha Spiral Shapes bracelet. Please enter me in the drawing for the Kantha Aura Necklace. It’s a beauty.

  30. I’d like to be entered to win the Kantha Aura Necklace, please. Their items are beautiful and the prices are amazing! I really like the Embraced Metallics Bracelet!

  31. Hi Pam,
    I would love to be entered for the cute backpack that you pictured! I went to the World Finds site at Instagram. I really appreciate their Clean Up Cause bracelets for supporting the cleaning up of the beaches, since I live on the Oregon Coast, and I hold this cause close to my heart. Thank you for this opportunity.
    Have a wonderful day.

  32. I would love to enter your contest to win the gorgeous necklace! I browsed the website earlier and just love, love, love the kantha overlap bracelet! The colors are gorgeous! I’m so glad you linked to the site in your post Pam because I just placed an order for 3 items! Thanks for all your fashion tips!

  33. Thank you for the lovely giveaway! I especially like the Kantha Trio Bracelet.

  34. What won’t that necklace go with? Of course I want it! Please enter me in your drawing. 🙏🏼

  35. I’ve admired your necklace when you’ve worn it before but did not realize it is made from wooden beads wrapped in cloth, and it helps artisans in India. A necklace would be my choice of the items available. I’m reminded of another student of mine who since high school has developed an organization called “Solo Hope” which enlists the indigenous women in Honduras. These women began by making bracelets and necklaces, but has now expanded to include many household-type items, placemats, baskets, bowls, key rings, trivets using the clay and pine straw from the area. Beautiful items. And such a loving, giving you lady.

  36. This is a fun challenge…just figuring out what needs to be done to enter. I love The Kantha Block Bracelet one the WorldFinds website. Lovely of you to help them out.

  37. Thank you, Pam. So interesting. I had never thought about accessories being sustainable, but yes! Gosh, I have jewelry, scarves, purses, an umbrella, etc. from my mom, grandmothers, aunts, friends…all still with me and wearable. Please enter me for the blog giveaway. I am going to peruse that website. It looks like an alternative to travel shopping!

  38. That necklace is beautiful. Please enter me. And, if I do t win, I will need to pick one up myself.

  39. Thank you so much for introducing me to World Finds. I love their mission statement and their fabulous jewelry and accessories. There are so many things I’m interested in. One of my favorite items is the #NE-5074 Gilded Moon Necklace (at only $29 it’s a real bargain!)
    Please enter me in your drawing. I’d be thrilled to win the beautiful necklace that you featured.
    I’ll be shopping their site and buying gifts for myself and others soon. Thank you again Pam!

  40. Hi Pamela,
    I enjoy wearing boho clothes and World Finds jewelry goes so well with the style. I love the Kantha Garland necklace on their site.
    Just want to thank you for your posts! I’m learning so much from you.
    Thank you!

  41. I would love to be entered. I think the Kantha Aura necklace would be a lovely, lightweight way to accessorize in the summer.

  42. Pam, I love hearing about new places to shop online! After looking at the jewelry on the website, I noticed that a lot of these pieces would brighten up any outfit. The beads are beautiful and the colors make me happy. I feel The World Finds jewelry pieces are definitely conversation strikers and I think all of us enjoy receiving compliments on what we are wearing. I love all of the necklaces on the site, but I would have to say that the Kantha Aura Necklace is my favorite! I have a few casual t-shirt dresses that would look beautiful with that necklace! This piece can definitely make an outfit go from drab to fab! Pam, thank you for the opportunity to enter this contest.

  43. I just read this post and would love to be entered. I checked out the website and they have some really nice looking items. I like all the different colors but I especially liked the waves cuff bracelet. I don’t wear much jewelry and this is simple and nice.
    Enjoy your blog a lot.

  44. Pamela, my current favorite piece is the Encircled Collar necklace. I’d love to win a piece of their beautiful jewelry. Thank you.

  45. If I am not too late I would like to enter the contest. I liked the Kantha Kai necklace. I enjoy reading your blog

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