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Today's News

Happy National Day of Joy….and welcome to Today’s News for Women Over 50.

Of course, the top news headline today is that it is the official National Day of Joy 2022.

My kind of holiday for sure.

Wednesday Today’s News posts are when I curate today’s news together that might be of interest to you…the fabulous women over 50.

It is your own personal news weekly…so grab a comfy space and let’s get started.


Today's news

ABC“Just keep your returns: store chains consider paying you to NOT bring back unwanted items.”

Today Show: “What is the coastal grandmother trend? Stylists break it down.”

The Sun“3 clothing styles which are making you look old, do you have any in your wardrobe?”

Yahoo! Life: “The message behind the Duchess of Cambridge’s white”




Today's news

Homes & Gardens:  “5 ways to stage your home with mirrors so it looks bigger and sells faster.”

Southern Living“16 blue front doors we’re obsessed with.”

Better Homes & Gardens“How to try bold maximalist decor at home, according to an artist.”

Homes & Gardens:  “5 steps interior designer Sarah Stacey takes to a living room remodel”


Today's News

Southern Living:  “50 extra festive recipes for your Fourth of July.”

Sally’s Baking:  “Summer baking recipes.”

Kitchn:  “Nigella Lawson’s watermelon salad recipe review.”

Insider:  “I’m a chef who loved to shop at Costco but there are 12 things I never buy there.”

Tasting Table:  “What to do with corn silk instead of throwing it away.”


Today's News

Cleveland Clinic:  “Is it healthy to drink water before bed?”

Eat This, Not That“America’s largest grocery chain is no longer selling these medicines.”

CNET:  “Don’t know your blood type? There’s a good reason to find out.”

AARP:  “5 tricks to help you lose weight over 50.”

Mind Body Green: “Being optimistic may actually promote longevity in women, according to a new study.”


Today's News

Banking“How many hours can you work and still collect social security?”

Better Homes & Gardens:  “How to throw your own ice cream social.”

Kitchn:  “We spent $62 on a week’s worth of groceries.”

That is it for Today’s News, ladies…let us know if you have any thoughts.

Speaking of the National Day of Joy…there was so much joy on the blog yesterday as readers put their names in the hat to win the giveaway!

I will announce the winners Friday….so you can still put your name in…read the post and follow the directions. HERE.

Now, make it a purposeful choice to experience JOY today!


By Pamela Lutrell

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Today's News


  1. Maybe it’s just me, but I see a fiasco brewing if “keeping your returns” becomes a thing. Seems that they will have to put limits on this, because let’s face it, there are unscrupulous people who would spend thousands at a sale and then head back to the store saying the things didn’t work out, only to be handed a wad of cash AND the items (that they really wanted in the first place). This has trouble written all over it. Just how I see it.
    The clothing styles that “make you look old”….. seems to come up as a topic frequently, usually by very (very) young women. They see us as old to begin with! Sometimes I find myself in agreement, but it really comes down to how we put things together to suit our shape and style, and learning what looks best on us and the all-important confidence factor. The corn silk….hmm….kinda gross!! It reminds me of hair and while I never knew it had nutritional value, that’s interesting, but that’s a pass for me! I go to great lengths to get it away from the corn because it honestly just reminds me of hair in my food! Interesting though!

  2. I completely agree with you, Karen! How could that possibly work on the returns! Lots of crazy things going on these days! Happy National Day of Joy!

  3. Happy JOY day!
    PThe returns article set me up with a head filled with questions ! Gifts that simply don’t fit? Or duplicates?
    And clothing styles that make us look older? Again a loud Yikes here! So my tee shirt dresses for very hot humid days I must belt? Defeats the whole idea of loose and cool.
    I’m getting old abd cranky I think! Better remember to find Joy!

  4. These articles on fashion aging us often mix up the causation/correlation of statistics. For ex, I wear dresses lacking waist definition because due to aging, I no longer have a curved, slim waist; some women wear capris because aging has given them spider veins. The grocery shopping budget article was fun but kind of silly … they get free meals and snacks from the hospital and don’t count dining out in their budget. That said, my grocery list looks a lot like hers and produce has had the least percentage of inflation of any food group in my estimation (I too love “tuna” salad made from garbanzo beans). Keep your returns? Never going to fly. Maybe brands should make less and quit training us to wait for sales. Or actually stock their stores so we don’t have to buy everything on line. Oh, and some consistent sizing within the brand might keep me from having to order two sizes of almost everything I purchase on line. Great job, Pam, on curating this set of articles.

  5. Lots of good stuff packed in here today. I copied out the watermelon and feta salad – yum! Also perused all the blue front doors as mine, though blue, could use a refresh. I ckicked on the $62 groceries story and smiled as I read through this young woman’s week of food and her husband’s busy schedule as a resident. My physician husband is now retired, but for so many years we lived a similarly irregular schedule which meant eating at odd hours or at a distance from one another. Reading this made me extra grateful I have him home for breakfast, lunch and dinner now. 😊

  6. Happy National Day of JOY!
    The only thing that might be a plus with keeping returns is the fact that Goodwill & other thrifts say they need donations, or at least the ones in my area do. I’m always interested in coastal grandmother articles & love Duchess Kate. As to the items that age us, I think it is all about proportion & fit & knowing what flatters you.

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