Dresses, dresses and more dresses

Dresses, dresses and more dresses

Happy Monday, all!  Today is a post about dresses, dresses and more dresses!

After I began to tell you how much I am enjoying dresses this summer, I heard from the lovely people at Closet52.

This is a website retailer dedicated to nothing by dresses, dresses and more dresses.


Dresses, dresses and more dresses

Some of you may be looking for more affordable options and selections in dresses.

Closet52 certainly can provide those options.

This is the Cap-Sleeve Midi Dress and it is currently on sale.  I am in Misses sizes, but they do carry selections for petite and plus sizes. 

Dresses, dresses and more dresses

I think this is a fun casual dress and I wish I had sized down on it…I also think it would be cute with leggings.

This is the Chambray Pocket Dress in beige.  

Allow me to remind you once again that I am currently in between sizes, which means fit is a bit of a challenge.  But at least I am going in the right direction.

So, this is another place where you can go when in need of dresses, dresses and more dresses!


dresses, dresses and more dresses

Leigh Ann has kept us steadily working our Summer to Flourish list!  She has made certain we are in the game.

But not necessarily wearing dresses, dresses and more dresses to do these activities!

dresses dresses and more dresses

Recently, she and Mr. T visited Rocky Mountain National Park.

As a child, that is the national park our family visited most often in the summer.

Note:  She is wearing this Patchwork Bloom Everyday Pocket Shirt from Loft.

dresses dresses and more dresses

She also wanted to be sure that everyone knows about the SENIOR PASS to the National Parks….

While the pass price has increased, it is still a benefit if you are going to go often to see the beauty in our wonderful country.

I love checking these boxes and sharing our experiences as we go through the list…so much fun!

Does anyone have fun plans in progress for the July 4th weekend ahead?  We would love to hear…please share!


Dresses dresses and more dresses

Now, tomorrow, on Budget Saving Tuesday, I will have a fun giveaway for this week and there will be three lucky winners.  

The giveaway sponsor is the creator of this fun necklace I am wearing…World Finds!

I hope to see you then as we also discuss fun ways to stretch your wardrobe…and your dollars!


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. So glad to see a company bringing us dresses! I’ll be browsing this website for sure as I love wearing dresses! I’ll bet they are very comfortable in your hot weather! The beige dress looks so cool and comfortable especially! It looks like they have some fun things to choose from. I got the National Parks senior pass about 5 years ago when it was $10 for a lifetime pass, right before prices went up. Maybe that was more than 5 years ago, time flies! Since I live less than 10 minutes from a national park, that’s a very easy one to check off the list. Fortunately, there are no admission fees here, it’s all free. Also bought a straw purse and just yesterday we had a picnic at church. So the list is going well! I’m going back to browse the dresses!

  2. Well, that was a real rabbit hole to check out all the dresses. You look lovely in those, and I bet you will be glad you didn’t size down in the chambray one in the heat, it looks great with that looser feel. I have to go back and see about shipping across the border now that I have found a few that I like. I like the fact that everything is on sale now, and many styles. Looking forward to your thrify Tuesdays tomorrow.

  3. I like that navy blue dress! I have a few dresses, mostly bought at Marshall’s to see if I wear them enough to justify some better options. Nope! Not so far … I’m wearing shorts instead. I might just be a separates girl at heart. We bought the national parks senior pass long ago when it was lifetime for $10, with $10 shipping. Unfortunately, sigh, they sent my receipt but never sent the actual passes. Now they say their policy is not to replace “lost” passes. It is still a bargain at $80 though, and we can’t always sweat the small stuff, right? I’ve decided to consider it a donation to our lovely national park system.

  4. Love the beige Chambray pocket dress you’re modeling. You look youthful and modern! Love it!
    For the 4 th of July our town puts on and sponsors fireworks, food trucks etc down near our sea wall. It’s packed with people and finding a place to park becomes an issue.
    Must get there very early. Since our kids and grandkids are both on road trips this weekend we won’t be enjoying a family cook out. Maybe the mister and I will find a cozy spot for a picnic before the fireworks. Hope you have a nice day planned, Pam.

  5. I got the $10 pass just before it was discontinued. I haven’t been able to use it yet but am hoping to get to Acadia (Maine) this fall. I love the dresses you selected, but a caveat for little people … there were only 36 petite dresses, and I just could not find an XS at all (even in Misses), so sadly, this site is not for me.

  6. I agree with Suzi! The beautiful blue, the length, and the fit are all so becoming on you. Unfortunately, because of my thick veined ankles I don’t ever wear dresses, skirts, shorts, or capris. It really limits my wardrobe choices, but somehow I find plenty to buy. LOL

  7. That’s a good way to look at it Linda…and I am sure they need any boost they can get!

  8. I think we are going to have grandchildren for the 4th so I need to track down where we can watch safe fireworks!
    Planning still in progress…

  9. Hopefully, they will read these comments and see the need, Maeve. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Thank you Sharon. I just recently returned to dresses and I am loving them for summer…but prior to that I found plenty of fun to wear…just like you are doing.

  11. I also love dresses in the hot weather. Our area (near Toronto) gets the four seasons and summers can be hot and humid, and I find dresses cooler than separates. The blue dress is my favourite of all the clothes you have worn in your photos. Love having morning coffee with your blog!

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