Summer mornings, sales and sangria

Summer mornings, sales and sangria

Happy Sunday, ladies!  Welcome to my little celebration of summer mornings, sales and sangria! 

Perhaps…random to put these together, but they all make me smile this lovely Sunday summer morning.

The last one in June….


Summer mornings, sales and sangria

Though June has been incredibly hot…the mornings have remained nice…still in the 70s.

Summer mornings are a time for me to experience gratitude…just sitting in the backyard.

Gratitude for the first lemons on my lemon tree and fresh fruit to enjoy for breakfast.

Summer mornings, sales and sangria

Gratitude for new blooms I spot in the morning sunlight….and the potential for more beauty they promise.

Summer Mornings, sales and sangria

Even gratitude for the incredible, artistic work of visitors….I don’t mind outside, but do not want to meet inside!

Summer mornings, sales and sangria

The hope of a new day and what it holds for me is always enticing.  I love to breathe it in and begin with peaceful appreciation.

During summer mornings, the first light is just right to discover new treasures and moments. I make sure my phone camera is near by.

Summer mornings, sales and sangria

I hope you enjoyed sharing a few summer morning moments with me…I am definitely a morning person!


Summer mornings, sales and sangria

We are entering my favorite sale shopping season…July Clearance Sales!

I talk about it often, because July is my birthday month.  I often combine birthday savings with sale shopping for more impact.

This time of year I begin Christmas shopping, and also find a few items for fall in the last winter’s clearance options.  There are many colors in these sales no matter your palette.

Beginning today and throughout July, I am going to hand pick sale items you may not want to miss and make sure they are in slideshows for you.

It is always fun for me to look through the clearance sales and see what treasures lie beneath! 

Today, the first slideshow is FASHION, and the second slideshow is HOME.  Have fun looking and let me know if you are looking for a particular item this year!

Why picnic baskets in the slideshow?  I have given them as wedding gifts before and always received a great response…truly something a bride loves but might not purchase for herself.


Summer mornings, sales and sangria

On Father’s Day, my daughter-in-law served the most delicious sangria I have ever tasted.

So, naturally, I wanted to share the recipe with you…but warning, it does have quite a bit of alcoholic content and tastes great….so be careful about over indulging!!

And before you think it or ask…this had nothing to do with my stomach virus…that was truly a virus!


Seriously this is soooo good.


1.5 liters of Cabernet or two bottles of wine

(She used the Domaine St. George Cabernet Sauvignon)

13 ounces orange juice

10 ounces of pineapple juice

3 ounces of brandy

6 ounces of Sangria Syrup

13 ounces of mango syrup

(I linked the syrups she purchased online and recommends)

Toss in some fruit…chill and it is the best!

I need to pick up a lovely way to serve this…like one of these dispensers.

Thank you for joining me today for Summer mornings, sales and sangria.

I hope there was something here that made you smile.  Let me know any questions or thoughts you may have.



Summer mornings, sales and sangria

By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. That sangria sounds soooo good! Maybe while sitting on the patio with some nice, spicy guacamole and a plate of sliced heirloom tomatoes … you are making me hungry this morning :). There are some good ideas in the sales. I start Christmas shopping this time of year too.

  2. I love your blog this morning, Pamela! It is so uplifting and just what I needed. I’m slowly recovering from covid (I’m vaxed & boosted so it was just like a very bad cold & I know it could have been much worse) and I was feeling a little down, but the beautiful photos from your backyard and your lovely slide shows really brightened my day. (My husband really enjoyed the spider web photo – amazing!) Thank you, Pamela, & have a happy day!

  3. Be of good cheer, Nikki! You will now have it behind you and the antibodies within you. I am so glad both of you liked the pictures. I was so fascinated with that spider!

  4. What a beautiful message, Pam. I, too, love the morning, and I thank God every day that I can savor this time instead of having to run out the door. Bless you and have a wonderful Sunday.

  5. Lovely Sunday post!! Sangria is one of my favorite warm weather drinks, and this recipe sounds perfect. Linda has the right idea with spicy guacamole. I think I will whip up both to take this week for our concert and picnic in the park. Now if only I had that cute straw bag with the bright yellow flower on it! 😎

  6. I too so enjoyed todays post and I’m on board to whip up this sangria!! ( but need to find those syrups you mention).
    Yes to summer mornings- coffee on the porch abd watching Mother Nature wake everyone up. . My blue hydrangeas are providing such a show this summer and I just love to stare at them in their mesmerizing blues.
    My peonies (pinks) passed rather quickly this year however. Does anyone have a helpful hint on prolonging their season? Last year was a great year! They were big and puffy and healthy appearing, but such a fast bloom.

  7. We have had some cool mornings here in central Indiana this summer. Since I usually need to make a trip to the bathroom in the early hours of the morning, I have opened the bedroom window before getting back in bed. It is wonderful to wake up a couple of hours later to the singing of the birds. I love having fresh air when I can get it. Your pictures were lovely.

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