June Calendar: Ballet and a road trip

June Calendar

Happy Monday!  Welcome to a peek at my June Calendar with ballet and a road trip!

I hope seeing my favorite ballerina at the top of the post makes you smile like it does me!

She performed a precious ballet to “I enjoy being a girl” from Flower Drum Song…one of my favorites.

It is hard to see the way she is smiling, but both front teeth are missing right now…pretty precious!

Yesterday’s wine tasting ended the month of May and my June Calendar quickly filled up!!


June Calendar

I know you will get tired of me saying how hot this summer already is, but it really is!!

I have already worn my Chico’s Perfect Summer Dress often.  That tells me that I need more dresses this year than normal, so I have two on the way.

Summer dresses for a Vibrant Autumn lady are a bit of a challenge, but I found two more I believe will work and will show them to you soon.

For now, in air conditioning, I am still able to wear a third piece like the Talbot’s Montauk Twill Jacket in Ivory, which I have also worn often this spring.

I like this jacket so much, that I am considering adding the bright papaya color to my wardrobe….but I need to hit a sale!

For the ballet recital, I paired the jacket with my super light Zenergy navy pants, and a super light navy sleeveless top from Loft

The Zenergy pants are so nice, no one would ever know they are really athleisure wear. Super comfy and do not wrinkle.

I am so glad that my color palette allows me navy and creamy off whites for my neutrals.


June Calendar

Last week, Mr. B and I loaded the car for a little Texas road trip….he attended a Songwriter’s conference in Kerrville and I headed to West Texas for a week with grandsons!

June Calendar

I like a road trip best when it is unplanned and we can discover new surprise things…though the territory is one we have covered often.

Mr. B likes to ask where the locals eat…that is how we discovered LUM’S Barbecue in Junction, Texas.

Great food, but they do need to add shade to their patio for those of us who eat outside with our dogs….the sun is brutal right now.

I also would like to commend the best gas station in Winters, Texas which does have a shaded patio and a Canine Corral for walking!  Perfect place for a stop.

I went along with my grandsons to get hair cuts for summer camp, and this small town Texas barber shop includes a pool table which they loved. 

June Calendar

We came upon a vintage car show in Fredericksburg…I even enjoyed looking over some of the older cars.

I also discovered two small Goodwill locations…some day I am going to do a road trip focused on THRIFT.

Movie nights with my daughter and grandsons were cozy…in their area of the state the weather is much cooler than south where we live.

June Calendar

June Calendar

It was a great week and also on my SUMMER LIST from Magnolia Journal…so check off another one!

I am excited to have Connie, one of our regular readers from Oregon, join Leigh Ann and I with tackling the Summer Flourish list! 

There will be more to show you from the list later in the week.

Yesterday, I pictured Leigh Ann in red leather slide sandals.  I could not link to that particular one since it is older, but I found these on the market:

Love a red shoe of any type!

I hope you will join me tomorrow for the second edition of Budget Saving Tuesday!  Does anyone have summer fun planned for June?  Please share if you do…..and…..


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June Calendar


  1. So far, I can check off each item you focused on on the summer list. I’m making a point of joining in! Your granddaughter looks precious in her ballet attire, and your road trip sounds like a lot of fun. Even return trips to the same place can turn up new activities. A question about your Zenergy pants… which ones are they? The link brings up all of the different styles. I’m guessing they are lightweight? My road trip was this weekend…my oldest son’s family moved farther north in Western New York, and now live in a community that is right on Lake Erie. This was my second visit since they moved, specifically to watch my grandson’s track meet. We definitely made it to the lake as a family which was wonderful because large bodies of water bring me such peace. I loved the time with the family and can’t wait to go back. We are just beginning to discover new places in that area. I’m glad you are posting the list as you go through it!

  2. Hi Karen! My Zenergy pants are no longer available and they are very lightweight! I wanted to show how I could dress them up for an event. They are perfect for warmer temps. I would think the other selections here would be similar.

  3. Road trips, even short ones, are such favorites things to do! Just yesterday my Mr. B and I made a quick 3 hours trip to south Alabama for a reunion at an old church where his grandfather and father had been members. Spending time together, singing old ‘60’s songs along with the radio as we drove is always fun. I have sat through many dance recitals as three grandchildren performed in years past. Always entertaining, and often funny when there are younger little ones who “ do their own thing”. Oohh, red shoes…I need a pair! So many nice ones from which to choose!

  4. Your road trip sounds perfect, Celia! And yes…there were some really cute, enjoyable tiny dancers in this show!

  5. We are road trippin all summer. We just bought an RV and looking toward retirement. It made me feel old in some weird way.
    Next stop is Boerne. I saw your trip with Leigh Ann and decided it looked fun
    And you are so right, the Texas heat is already brutal. Skorts snd dresses for me already. Happy summer, everyone!

  6. We are on a long road trip! Arrived in Utah from Atlanta to visit our niece and new baby, as well as see the National Parks! Off to visit family in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Chicago and New York in a few days. Back in GA after the 4th of July! So much fun!!

  7. The photo of you with your precious granddaughter and your sunny smiles started my day off right this morning! Loved hearing about your road trip, too. I’m a Southern California native but my Dad was from Texas and my brother and his family live in Arlington now, so half my heart is always there. My birthday is next week and we’re planning a road trip to Lake Tahoe, but I think a road trip from SoCal to Texas is somewhere in my future. I remember going that route many times as a kid to see my grandparents in Dallas. There are always so many fun things to discover along the way, and being on a new adventure is always the best!

  8. Happy early birthday, Niki! A road trip to Lake Tahoe beats anything I have to offer…such beauty. Enjoy the ride.

  9. I just love how you all travel in big states! There’s no such thing as a “quick” 3-hour drive. I can travel across Rhode Island in an hour or less: the longest drive for me is to the CT border because there are a couple of rivers to cross. My hub and I go to southern Maine quite a bit. It’s a 4-hour drive, which is about as much as I can take w/o stopping — LOL. Thanks for the LLB link, Pamela. You are so lucky in your grandchildren!

  10. I recognize the blessing it is to have all six of them nearby. Thanks Maeve!

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