Summer Fun with Leigh & Me

Summer fun

Happy Sunday, everyone!  Welcome to a post about Summer Fun with Leigh & me!

Despite the excessive heat and little rain, Leigh Ann and I are determined to have summer fun.

We have both been out and about…more about that later…but we kicked off summer fun with a double date!


Summer fun

We convinced our Mr. B and Mr. T to join us on a double date of summer fun!

I knew we would be inside and that it was a casual evening.

I have a few very versatile Chico’s tunics in my wardrobe…the sleeves can be worn up or down and the fabrics are lightweight.

These are so great to own for any summer fun occasion…and can be dressed up or down with accessories.

Chico’s currently has some great tunics in stock for summer…here are a few of my picks for any of you ladies and perfect for a summer fun date night:

Summer Fun

My son brought this medallion to me from a trip to Mexico City and I love it.

Typically, I have worn it on a short gold choker, but for this evening I moved it to another long beaded necklace.

I liked it with my white a.n.a. denim from JC Penney’s (Currently on sale for $20) and my rose gold Fit Flops.

Leigh Ann wore one of her skirts from Loft…she looks great in them and red sandals she has in her wardrobe.


Summer Fun

Believe it or not, our evening began at one of our local grocery stores!

HEB is amazing and I would not ever desire to live without this chain.

Summer Fun

One location has a great room upstairs and brings in wine experts for tastings.

It was lots of fun and I learned a lot that evening about summer wines…not to mention we picked up some excellent recipes for the food served that night.

He taught us about the proper food pairings with these wines as most wine tasting events feature.

Summer Fun

This location also has the cutest kitchen display area where they daily have cooking exhibits.

Leigh Ann and I promised the chef we would return for one of these demonstrations. 

I am excited to make the salmon, pasta and salad we tried at the tasting.

Summer Fun

This Oregon Pinot Noir, Primarius, was our favorite from the tasting that night and we both took it home!

A nice, light red wine for summer fun evenings.

Summer Fun

Our double date ended at a delicious Mexican cuisine restaurant, Adalco’s, where I tasted my first cactus.

It was delicious and in a fabulous salad.

Summer Fun

Summer fun should begin with friends and family!  The best way to beat the heat is to have fun and smile through it!

I will share more tomorrow about where Leigh Ann and I have been lately…and how we are knocking off fun from our summer list.

What have you been up to?  Please share and make sure that you…………………………………….


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  1. Your red tunic top and white pants looked perfect for a night out! Bright, saturated colors like that top look wonderful with white! The wine tasting sounds fun and informative, and how nice that they provided the little cards to take with you! Great way to spend a warm evening!

  2. Looks like a fun evening. I really like Leigh’s sandals. Can you share the brand please?

  3. She only told me she has owned them a long time. I will try to find similar ones and post them.

  4. A friend sent me a cute card a while ago featuring women drinking. The caption was “Age improves with wine.”
    You look so vibrant, and your evening sounds like fun.

  5. It was so much fun…and I wasn’t sure how it would be at the grocery store, but they did a really nice job. Thanks Karen!

  6. Maybe age does improve with wine…I know it was fun! I enjoy a good wine occasionally, though not daily!

  7. So happy you liked an Oregon wine! 😁 Our state, and in fact the Umpqua Valley where we live, have become tremendous producers of wines. I am working on the Magnolia summer fun list: signed up for a five-week class at the local clay studio to begin learning how to make pottery. It begins tomorrow evening (3 hours twice a week!). I also purchased the summer pack that gives me time in the studio, and a certain amount of clay, and kiln space through September. Super excited to embark on a new skill, be a student, and meet new people!

  8. I love this shade of red on you, and the medallion caught my eye immediately. The tunic looks to be on the orange side of red? Do you find, though, as a vibrant autumn, you can wear true red (as a blue autumn, my mirror tells me I can … I think :)?

  9. How much fun, Connie! Send me a picture of something you make! And yes, this wine was excellent.

  10. I fell like I can wear the true reds, but I am only shopping for the orangy reds. They are my best colors. Thanks Linda.

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