New Favorite Chico’s dress & summer truffles

new favorite

Happy Monday!  Hope everyone had a lovely Father’s Day celebration.  Today, I am showing you my new favorite Chico’s dress & summer truffles.

This very hot early start to summer has seen me wearing Chico’s dresses and I love the options I selected.

Most recently, I showed you the Linen Popover Dress in Flame Scarlett.

new favorite

It is such a cool, easy dress and I love the vibrant color!

But, a new favorite is now in my closet.


New favorite

Now, to the collection I have added my new favorite Ruched Sleeve Popover Dress in Olive.

This dress is so easy…lightweight, great design, my colors, and it literally just pops over my head and away I go.

I like the way these dresses are design to give a flattering fit to all of us who have curves.

When I grab my favorite parasol, designed to keep sun away, I can stay cool, calm and collected!

I will be wearing this dress to many places…shopping, running errands, lunch with friends, church, the movies…you name it!

I love gold with olive, so I am wearing it today with a gold Chico’s bracelet (a hit from the past) and my gold UGG slide sandals

So, here is a slideshow of dresses and parasols just for you as we stare into the face of the official beginning of summer tomorrow:


Summer with Leigh & Me

Yesterday, I shared that I was checking off the summer list….try a new cuisine.

Technically, the definition of the word “cuisine” is: a style or method of cooking, especially as characteristic of a particular country, region, or establishment.

So, let’s head over to Italy to enjoy summer truffles.

Actually, I did not go to Italy, but my neighbors did and they returned with a jar of Italian Summer Truffle Sauce just for us.

I new it required something special that I have not done before, so I created a new recipe with a little of this and a little of that for a Summer Pasta with Italian Truffles.

Pamela’s Summer Pasta with Italian Truffles


New favorite

In a saucepan, cook:

1 teaspoon cooking olive oil

1 sliced onion

(After it cooks a couple of minutes, then add)

1 5 oz. container of fresh greens (I use an organic super green blend with baby spinach, mizuna, baby chard, and baby kale)

3 cloves of minced fresh garlic

Dash of garlic salt.

1 teaspoon of dried Italian herbs

½ teaspoon of white pepper

Stir in small jar of summer truffle sauce (I found this similar jar at Williams Sonoma)

New Favorite


In a separate pan, cook

12 oz. of your favorite pasta (Mr. B likes angel hair and we get Barilla with Protein)

Drain and put back in the pan

 Stir in:

 1 ½ cups heavy whipping cream…or half n half

Then stir in 3 Tablespoons of Adams Reserve White Wine and Garlic Butter seasoning If you love pasta, you will love this seasoning…so good!  I am glad I discovered it at our recent wine tasting!

½ cup of shredded Parmesan cheese

After that mixes well, stir the first pan of veggies and truffles into the second pan and serve.

New favorite

We enjoyed this delicious dish this past weekend with the Oregon wine (Hi Connie!) I told you about in the Wine Tasting Post.…so good…another new favorite!

I won’t tell you how many helpings Mr. B ate!! But he did get up and run the next morning….

Summer with Leigh & Me

Working the list has put such a spark in my summer!! I am really glad Leigh Ann and I decided to do this…..

A little side note…I get the stitches out of my shoulder today from my recent skin cancer surgery…second one I have had…but am so glad to have full use of my arm back!

Make sure you are checking your spots!!

Now, anyone else out there love to cook Italian with truffles?  If you have a favorite way, please share!   New favorite dress, cuisine, wine….so much fun for summer 2022!

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Summer Fun



  1. Such pretty dresses! They certainly are a cool way to get dressed on steamy days and still look chic and stylish. Dresses are favorites for me because of the one-and-done factor. Makes getting dressed simple! The truffle sauce…..hmmm. The recipe sounds good, but that’s such a strong flavor that I don’t know. I had some truffle oil that I used sparingly and it just overpowered. Truffles are a delicacy I know…I definitely like using chopped greens in the sauce. It certainly does look delicious!!

  2. I made a Chico’s run this weekend after seeing your t-shirt post and purchased three as well as Zenergy crops. Headed to Disney with my family; your post inspired me. It will be miserably hot but when the grandchildren invite us, we go.

  3. Great choices of dresses for the summer heat. I love wearing dresses. Also plan to try the pasta recipe. Blessings

  4. Happy almost summer – nice start to the week. Love your post this morning — from pasta to popover dresses. I can’t do much dairy, but will look to try almond milk or soy in place of cream. We are getting Texas temps up north so need these breezy finds and thanks for the links that also have lots of summery sales in tees and swimwear.

  5. The flavor of these truffles was not overpowering, but this dish would be good without the truffles too. That is probably how I will make it again since the Italian truffles were a gift.

  6. You are so welcome, Catherine. I also like unsweetened cashew milk for its creaminess!!

  7. Love the olive dress with hood accessories/ very nice look! And your recipe ! Yummy to get sure!
    I too am getting stitches out Wednesday, across my face (skin cancer) abd since they are near my eye I’m rather dreading it all. I’llprobably need a plastic surgeon. I tell you I’m a person who uses gobs of sunscreen 50 and wears/ big hat to the beach or pool and puts up an umbrella! Hiw I got this patchy rough thing is beyond me.
    Stay safe this summer-everyone!

  8. I hope it goes well, Paulette! I am paying for the sins of youth…baby oil, iodine and too much Sun! So far hasn’t been too bad. Take care!

  9. Fun post today, and glad you paired the dinner with another Oregon wine. 😉

  10. Wow, you look just terrific in that dress with the metallic sandals! I’m not a dress person, but added a couple of inexpensive ones from Marshall’s to see if I actually wear them in hot weather. And hot it’s been, with record heat (100) and low humidity (usually it’s steamy and ten degrees cooler … in an -August- heat wave!). The jury is still out, because I’ve been gravitating to shorts instead, but there’s a whole lot of summer ahead. The truffle pasta sounds amazing and right up my alley. I do something very similar with fat free half and half, button mushrooms, greens and sun dried tomatoes. Like you, I love garlic!

  11. Pam, what a fun post. You look like a movie star in those dresses! With my small frame, I’m afraid these might overwhelm me. What do you think about the knee-length hot pink dress? Or maybe add a belt to them for us small girls?

  12. Never too much garlic for me! These dresses have made it possible for me to go out in the heat, not avoid it as much and feel like I am looking my best. I am so glad I have them and so far….low cost per wear! Thanks Linda!

  13. After a few sweltering, smoky summers, I decided that I’d beat the heat in casual cotton dresses this summer. So of course, it’s been rainy and cool ever since! I put away the spring sweaters, then pull them out of storage again and again. No white canvas sneakers or espadrilles in this wet, muddy weather. No cool sun dresses yet. Outdoor brunch on a restaurant patio? Wear sweaters, pants, ankle boots and a coat. Sigh.

  14. Childhood sunburns are a big part of it. Plastic surgery to repair skin cancer removal can do an amazing job, if you need it. Best wishes, Paulette.

  15. If I was smaller, Marcia, I would add a belt…but Chico’s has many different styles, so if a popover doesn’t work, there are so many cute ones.

  16. Hi MJ, I wish we could switch weather for awhile. We would love some rain and mud here. I hope we see some before September or October, but the experts have little hope. Everything here is so brown. I agree…Sigh!

  17. Does anyone use a topical cream for thigh rub under these dresses? Or silk short? or bike shorts? Looking for recommendations…. Thanks!

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