Would You Wear It – Father’s Day

Would You Wear It

Hi everyone….you read that right…today on my would you wear it post, I am featuring Father’s Day!

I thought it might be fun for us to look at what we think the fathers in our families might wear!

Of course, typically this is the day I join up with Jennifer of A Well Styled Life to bring you fashion displays for your consideration.

So let’s discuss menswear….


Would You Wear It

You might want to seek the opinions of any fathers you know.

But please explain to us if they would or would not wear these styles and tell us why or why not.

This might help us all with future purchases for these men and to look at ways to bring a youthful touch to those we know over 50.

Would you wear It

So, look at the two mannequins closely and tell us, ladies………what would he say if you asked…


I do not usually say my opinion on these, but since today is a special one…I will tell you what I think.

Mr. B would wear the shorts and the pants, both from Kohl’s.  

He would not wear this polo…because of the print.  He might wear the GEKO shirt for summer casual, however, he would not wear it as a topper.

He does show some tee occasionally with casual wear, but not like a jacket over a tee.

He is also very particular about fabric…any polyester here, he will not wear.

My oldest son who is a father is very conservative with his style and would only wear the pants.

Also, you can find Mr. B’s favorite brands and Father’s Day gift recommendations by clicking this link.

So, maybe that helps us to dive into a new form of WOULD YOU WEAR IT…I promise to be back next Saturday with women’s displays.


Would You Wear it

I am continuing with the summer list from Magnolia Journal and here is another easy one!

Would You Wear it

I say it is easy, but with summer heat, Tux has to do long walks in the early morning or at night.

One of the neighbors puts out a big water for any animal who wants to partake…deer, dogs, cats, etc.

He always enjoys that water.

Would You Wear It

But, an occasional long walk keeps Tux his cheery self.

Leigh Ann and I are working hard on the list already and will have more for you later.

I like the focus on enjoying summer and keeping it fun…the summer heat has always taken the fun out of the season for me…but this helps to focus on the positives.

We will have more soon.

Also, this past week has been different and crazy and I will share more of it soon.

Let us know what you think of the WOULD YOU WEAR IT display…even if it is for the men in your life, and make sure you then visit at WELL STYLED LIFE to see Jennifer’s…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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Would You Wear it


  1. What fun!! I’m speaking here for my son’s, who would definitely wear the pants, the shorts are a maybe, depending on if they were long enough. Both my sons are 6’5″, so they look odd in shorter shorts. My youngest son is also a conservative dresser, so he’d wear a polo shirt, but that color would wash him out. He wouldn’t wear the button down shirt. My oldest son would wear the button down but not the polo. He’d wear it over a tee shirt as shown. If he was alive, my own father would wear it all. Color is definitely a thing for men too, and I could tell right away that the polo shirt wouldn’t work in this color. But both are definitely nice styles! That little Tux… just such a sweetheart, and how kind of the neighbor to put water out!

  2. My Mr. B is very much like your Mr. B as if given the choice, he would wear the shorts and pants only. He wore his shorts like those most of the winter ( while I sat wrapped in a blanket!), and his dressier pants are like the long pants. But he owns no print shirts, only solids, or checks, and I have never in our 54 years seen him wear a print shirt. He also would not wear an open shirt as a topper like I so often do. Your Tux is so cute, and what a kind treat for someone to leave water available for dogs being walked. These scorchingly hot days will be miserable for man and beast!

  3. My husband would wear the button-down shirt, but not as a topper.
    One thing he wouldn’t wear is sneakers without socks and un-tied!
    After many years of marriage I’ve accepted that he’s got to wear crew socks -sometimes black ones!- with his sneakers no matter whether with pants or shorts. He did make an accomodation for boating with his cousins. He’s got a pair of Bass boating shoes, the kind with a thin rubber sole and leather lacing through the edges, and he wears those -without socks.

    One thing about Dads and marriage is: you gotta love’em.

    Glad you see those photos of your dog walk. I know that was probably hard to get going again.

  4. My son would wear this I think. My husband would not. For some reason my husband steers clear of khaki/lighter tan shorts and pants, preferring darker colors like grey/ navy blue/ denim washes in his weekend wear.
    I love these styles!

  5. Well this makes sense, I don’t think I’m the only wife who shops and buys hubbys clothes….the shorts are definite yes, that style was part of his work uniform, and he had different colors for days off. The pullover, same as your hubby,he would wear, but a floral?, I had to change sofas when he moved in cause I had a big floral number he detested….lol.
    He doesn’t own many button downs….I don’t know his reasoning for it.
    Love the dog, love that rug.

  6. My husband would pass on both these outfits due to the lack of color. He would like the shorts and/or pants. He would also buy the polo if it came in a less muted color—red, blue, pink, yellow anything but cream/white/gray. He also wears casual shirts unbuttoned over t-shirts, but he prefers cotton, linen, silk—he seldom buys anything polyester. Frankly, I don’t think the print on this casual button-front shirt is exaggerated enough for my Mr. B—he LOVES vintage Hawaiian shirts (although only wears them in tropical locales 😉)

  7. Since I buy my husbands clothes (he can’t be bothered) I would buy the shorts but the pants are too short. He would never wear a woven shirt open over a tee shirt. Happy Saturday!

  8. I asked my hubby. He said he would wear both the bottoms (he has and often wears shorts like the back ones). He didn’t like the polo shirt print (nor did I for him, as he looks best in the Winter colors), but in his case it was because it was floral. He said he would wear the gecko shirt “if he was going to a cookout.” He has on very rare occasions worn cotton shirts as a topper, but quickly reverts to a polo or a shirt worn the traditional way. It’s hard for me to get him to wear a shirt untucked. He is brand loyal (Eddie Bauer especially). He always looks great, knows what he likes, and does not experiment. I think conservative men have an easy time dressing, and they like it that way :).

  9. My husband said he would wear the pants and shorts, but not the tee or what he thought was the spider shirt. The shirt made me laugh as I remember a hs student from years back who wore a gecko shirt to class. It was a private school with a strict dress code. So the fellow came up to my desk with a question and as I was looking at his shirt, I noticed the lizards up close. Several were “doing it”. He expressed surprise that I was the only teacher all day who had noticed. I made him turn it inside out. He was quite the dickens. He produces short documentaries now.

  10. I though coastal grandpa too!
    My husband might wear any of the pieces, but he wouldl not wear the print open over a teeshirt. My father’s family owned a men’s clothing store and he had rigid views about undershirts. My husband doesn’t own any: he wears colored teeshirts of all varieties under his dress shirts.

  11. So fun to look at what our husbands might like wearing and to read the comments! On vacation my husband wears shorts but never at home, not even in the summer. He thinks his legs are too skinny, and he’s self conscious about that. The khaki pants are something he wears a lot on vacation, and in spring or summer at home if we’re going out. The gecko print button down I could see him adding to his rotation of vacation wear. He has a few print shirts he loves to wear in Mexico or Hawaii, but never at home. They are always buttoned.

  12. I don’t think any of the men in my life would wear either of the shirts. They all wear polo shirts but tend to stick to solids or stripes. My husband wears short sleeved button front shirts but again prefers solids or stripes & wouldn’t wear one unbuttoned. My sons-in-law only wear button front shirts when they are dressing up & prefer long sleeves only those occasions. All three would wear the long pants & sons-in-law would wear the shorts if they were longer. My husband does not wear shorts. It’s good that you have Tux to take long walks with you, & how sweet of your neighbor to think of all the animals.

  13. I think my hubby would not wear the back mannequin – maybe the shorts although he is not a huge fan of cargos. He would wear the front, and actually is right now wearing a somewhat similar print top over a t. He is blue eyed, so looks better with some color in his shirts.

  14. My husband has less than zero interest in clothes. His clothes are stained, stretched out, baggy and gaudy colors. After 35 years of marriage I’ve given up dressing him. My sons, on the other hand, both love fashion and get lots of compliments. These looks are waaaay too conservative for them.

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