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Would You Wear It

Happy Friday, ladies!  Welcome to Would You Wear It on two blogs…with me focusing today on Boho Style!

Most of you know that on Saturdays, my friend, Jennifer and I bring you fashion displays we have discovered which makes us wonder what you would think!

We ask that you explain your answers thoroughly to bring understanding for other readers…explain why you would or would not wear the display.

Just think of it as girls sitting around and talking about clothing…it is a longer conversation.

So, let’s get started….


Would You Wear It

With your answers…consider design, style, perhaps fit, how It goes with your wardrobe, what it says about you, and color.

Is the display attractive?  Does it motivate you to want to try on the garments or styles?

Would You Wear It

Consider all of these things and then tell us…………………………………


On the display…

The Ballets Melody Blouse

Rosaline Amore Dress


Would You Wear It

Would You Wear It

This was my first time to visit the Sundance location in San Antonio and it is a gorgeous store.

One of the sales associates told me that she came out of retirement just to work at this store and she loves it! 

She said it is the best place to spend her time every day.

Would You Wear It

Would You Wear It

There is so much fun to see in the store…clothing, shoes, accessories and home goods.

Of course, I love fun on my feet, so my eye went right to the Imelda Oxford Espadrilles in the first picture.

Leigh Ann put on her wish list the Salt Air Sandals in Red…she wants them for a class reunion this summer.

This is a good time to tell you that through tomorrow all dresses and sandals are 25% off with the code STYLE.  (the order must total $150, but in this store that is easy to do)

Sundance does carry PETITE STYLES.


Would You Wear It

Would you Wear It

I also love the handbags!

I do get the catalog, but have never spent a lot of time with it…but I will now that I have seen and touched the merchandise.

It has that creative style I am always searching for….

My favorite bag was the second one….The Heart at Sea Bag.

I also like this one online…The Mountain Breezes Bandana Tote…looks lovely in the natural brown.

And, I like the Sun Spots Tote from their Outlet section!

Would You Wear It

There are many cute and fun dresses…and they are also 25% off.

Here you see the Danae Eyelet Dress

Would you wear it

Many of the home decorations spoke COASTAL to me…and SOUTHWESTERN….very stylish, unique options.

Lots of fun here and I know it is high end, but I will watch those sales closely and let you know what I see. Hope you enjoyed the visit!

So tell us now…what you think…WOULD YOU WEAR IT on the boho display?  Then head over to A Well Styled Life and tell Jennifer what you think?

I hope to see you tomorrow for more summer fun and here is a Giveaway Alert coming up on Tuesday!


By Pamela Lutrell

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Would You Wear It



  1. Hi Pam! Even though my preferred style is classic, I love boho tops. So the top pictured here is something I would definitely wear. I get this catalog also and find a lot of things to like, it’s just really pricey. I would not wear the loose crops because the length would not work for me. The dress is beautiful, but I would pass because of the dropped shoulders, or maybe they are more cap sleeves. Just my opinion here, but to me, that adds weight to the upper arms and is not flattering unless you have very thin arms. My own arms are not heavy, but this style makes them look like they are, so this is sadly a “no” for me. I love the fabric, and would definitely take a look if it was sleeveless, if it came in petites. Same with that beautiful eyelet dress, love it but not the cap sleeves. I love the black and white and the straw handbags. Beautiful things, but dropped shoulders are a pass for me. If the crops unrolled to ankle length, I’d be tempted to try them, just definitely not in the length shown. Have a good weekend!

  2. Boho is not for me. The style has too much going on. You’ll find me at Ralph Lauren. Happy Saturday!

  3. I would definitely wear the white jeans and boho top just as shown- really cute and youthful without trying too hard! I probably would pair with the espadrilles shown or a flat sandal.
    I really don’t see me in that dress- maybe once upon a time, but not now.

  4. that is a nice display, definitely an upscale place. I so prefer those kind of mannequins as opposed to the faceless aliens that are in most stores.
    I like the dress style, not so much the print, I would have worn that back in my dress years. the boho top I like but this one seems to have a lot going on, the texture, the sleeve print, the front embellishment. so this one wouldn’t appeal.
    the sandals are cute on other people…but I don’t like ankle straps, and for some reason, I don’t like the way wedges make me walk….I know, that’s odd.
    im loving the boho, and the coastal grandmother trend though, really appeals to me.

  5. Wow. What a stunning store. You have THE BEST shopping choices. Although I do not consider myself boho, I indulge in a top or two considering that I was greatly influenced by 60s and 70s style. I would try on just about anything from this store that was in my color range: the clothes, bags, shoes, and jewelry. I can’t get over the beauty of the bags and jewelry. I, too, usually receive this catalogue. I need to indulge! Thank you, Pam. You always open my eyes! This store is welcoming, unique, and beautifully appointed. No wonder the SA came out of retirement!

  6. The Sundance store is so attractive. I really miss shopping in beautifully designed retail shops and boutiques. For me, I would be more inclined to spend a bit more because of the beautifully displayed merchandise. I love BOHO styles, but I shy away from tops with so much embellishment such as the one in this display. I love the sandals and would definitely wear those. I worry too much about BOHO making me look like an old hippie trying to look young and hip.

  7. Boho is not usually my style but I love that top. The dress too much for me. I love browsing in a Sundance store. Unique styles and great quality. I would wear both of the shoes you featured.

  8. Though a classic dresser I would definitely consider the pants (and pair them with the embroidered oxford and a jersey knit top with an unstructured tote/handbag) as well as the dress as do like its pattern, length, elastic waist, and flutter cap sleeves ‘n v-neckline with the deciding factor how deep the latter two were cut. As to the top, a ‘no’ as too busy for my personal liking with its competing prints and trim. Do like many of the bags they have, however wish they weren’t so large. -Brenda-

  9. So many beautiful things with such unique flair! I initially thought the blouse was a NO, but when I looked at it close up, I realized what beautiful embroidery was on the front and sleeves. I especially liked it in a blue color. I do not care for the dress though because of it’s small, capped sleeves. Even though I have small arms I never wear sleeveless or small sleeves like this. However, I like the cut of the dress with what appears to be an elastic waist which would be comfortable. I’ve never been in a Sundance store or received a catalog, but I have seen several items I’d love to have if they were on sale. I like a bit of unusual in my wardrobe so I’m drawn to many items you’ve shown us this morning. Think I’ll subscribe to their website.

  10. I do hope you are feeling better each day Pam. The heat really won’t help with the breathing.
    As for the display, and the store, just fascinating, and I would love to spend some time in there. I like the dress, and the slight smocking at the waist makes wearing a belt in the heat not an issue. I love the top, but would love it even more without the detail on the sleeves. The fabric is gorgeous. I did notice in the shots of the general merchandise, there are a lot of tops without shoulder seams, what is with that lately. It is not at all attraacive on me so there are many things that otherwise are pretty, that I would not try on. This would have to be a visit in person, as the costs to Canada are really prohibitive, therefore, just dreaming.

  11. Sundance? YES!!! I really wish I had a store near me, thanks for giving us a tour of this one! I drool over every page of their catalogs. Boho really appeals to me, tops and dresses. So, I would definitely wear both of these outfits. I would wear jeans with the flowy, white blouse, and the pattern on the dress is perfection. Just add the perfect straw hat and point me to the nearest beach or garden!

  12. I’m so glad you went in person, Pam! Sundance is my *go to* store when need/want something, then, if I can’t find it there, I move on. I bought an eyelet top there earlier this week and I have my eye on the scarf with the eyelet dress you’ve shown for wrapping around handbag/tote handle or around a straw hat. Viva la Boho! Haha!

  13. I would love to shop at a Sundance store! The outfits aren’t my style but I would be tempted to buy, then they would sit unworn in my closet. Never a good thing. Happy Saturday

  14. I love this post! The department store manikins are so awful and boring, most of the time I can’t be bothered to even comment. But I would wear the pants and the shoes. I am too short and wide for the dress but it is darling💕❤️

  15. I love Sundance so no wonder I loved these selections! I lament that our local branch did not survive the pandemic and I really prefer to try on in store. I particularly love the blouse you featured today but in the display it bothers me that it looks to be ivory paired with stark white pants. Would prefer the ease colors to be more in sync. Those shoes and bags are fab too! Thanks for the visit.

  16. I would not select boho for myself. Seems to have too much fabric, excessive material on sleeves and gathering at the waste. Just would not look good on me. I believe many women would look great with boho.

    I do love the salt air sandels and will be checking them out.

  17. I like a nice casual boho style but prefer those with less color or print. I like the soft gauzy dress and the sandals Leigh Ann chose. Glad you’re feeling better and hope the end of June includes some fun activities!

  18. My style is classic with an occasional touch of Boho. I really like that top but would prefer the sleeves be plain with no extra embellishment. I’m not really a dress person and this dress has way to much going on for me to wear. The print, the ruffle on the skirt, the flutter sleeve, the elasticized waist, the hi low hem…too much in one dress.
    I’ve never bought anything from Sundance, but I have a dear friend that orders from them often. Her style is more Boho than mine and she has some really cute items. I love the look of the store you visited.

  19. Although the display is attractive, Boho is definitely not my style. I did like the Emelda oxfords & would wear them with jeans on cool days. The Sundance decorative items would be fun to investigate & do seem to have a coastal vibe.

  20. You are so lucky to have a Sundance shop … but maybe not if you buy a lot – LOL — b/c they’re pricey. I would wear the top / pants outfit, but I’ve seen other Sundancy tops I like better. The dress is pretty but not my style: can’t imagine where I’d wear it. Love Leigh Ann’s sandal choice. I’m glad that you seem to actually be out again!

  21. I love the top, unfortunately it’s waaaay out of my price range. The dress is pretty, but since all my weight is around my middle and I have no waist, I’d have to pass. I do love Sundance and have many of their jewelry pieces and a few blouses. There is no store near me, so it’s all catalogue and online which means I can’t try anything on and returns are a hassle (IMHO). Most of their items are sadly out of my budget.

  22. Totally not my style! Talbots or Vineyard Vines is where you’ll find me now that I’ve retired, no more suits, at least most of the time! That being said I have friends who love Boho and wear it well. They are slender and petit with wonderful artistic flair!

  23. If that embroidered top showed up at my Goodwill, I would buy it. And then, it would hang in my closet. The dress is pretty, but again, I wouldn’t wear it. I guess on my petite frame less is more.

  24. Would I wear?! Absolutely! Would I PURCHASE that adorable top for almost $300. Absolutely not.

  25. No Boho for me. I wear classic pieces: turtlenecks, bateau neck tops, etc.

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