Summer with Leigh & Me: destination Kendra Scott

Summer with Leigh & me

Happy Friday, all!  Welcome to another excursion of Summer with Leigh & Me: destination Kendra Scott.

Leigh Ann & I recently headed out for another day of adventure with the ultimate destination to be Kendra Scott Jewelry.

We did try to eat at a popular food truck park, but once again, we made the mistake to go on a Monday.

We have got to get it in our heads that most of the fun eating establishments here are now closed on Mondays!!

I am standing in front of one of the places and you can see Leigh Ann in the flection! The only thing here I can link to are my Chico’s Convertible Poplin Cargo Crops….now on sale.

They are perfect for an excursion which requires walking and eating out in the heat!


Summer with Leigh & Me

Kendra Scott Jewelry has been popular for over 20 years…especially in Texas…the home of Kendra.

I often purchase her pieces for gifts for the women in my family…they always love a box that says Kendra Scott.

Summer with Leigh & Me

Leigh Ann is also a huge fan and she had her eye on the Sienna Sun Pendant Necklace for her own birthday gift.

So our destination this day was for my friend to look over this necklace and others for her birthday.

She has worn Kendra Scott for years and going for her birthday purchase has become a tradition.

You see at Kendra Scott you get one birthday purchase for 50% off…all you need do is show the staff your ID to prove it is your birthday.

Leigh Ann is a June-girl, so off we went.

Summer with Leigh & me

The choices were so beautiful.  Like this Ember Gold Butterfly Statement Necklace in Bronze with veined turquoise magnesite red oyster.

There are lots of butterflies, large and small, if you like butterflies.

Summer with Leigh & me


Summer with Leigh & me

Kendra Scott’s signature necklaces are worn by women of all ages in Texas, and most likely throughout the country.

They offer all lengths and a variety of designs.

Summer with Leigh & Me

I fell for this lovely Candice Gold Cuff Bracelet and the very chic Tiana Pinch Bracelet Set In Gold (comes in many options).

So, when my birthday comes around next month, my destination once again may be Kendra Scott.  I love both of these bracelets.

You might also head to the home page under sale if you are looking for gift items. 

Usually, when I purchase Kendra Scott for gifts (or you), I go to Nordstrom Rack and search the brand.  Here are a few items there right now:


Summer with Leigh & Me

Leigh Ann and I continue to work through our summer list to help us flourish!!

I always buy fun straws when the grandchildren are going to be around and it looks as though they will be this summer.

What better straw to make a joyful statement than YAY!

Summer with Leigh & me

It goes great with my sparkling water…another check in our boxes!


If you noticed I was missing with a new post yesterday, than someone may have thought…she promised to be here every day with fresh content.

And I really do.  I have been here every day with something new for the past two years….until a really ugly stomach virus hit me this week.

It really took me down and I know it was a virus because it came with a high fever…two COVID tests said negative…but I could not walk up the stairs to work.

So, I apologize, but obviously I am feeling better.  

I plan to be here tomorrow with a fun WOULD YOU WEAR IT?  Thank you for joining in with another episode of Summer with Leigh & Me…..


Summer with Leigh & Me

By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. I’m so sorry to realize that you had a bad stomach virus. I kept going back to look for your post yesterday, and then was worried that something had happened to you since you always post. I often think, and I did yesterday, that perhaps you just wanted a day off. Now, about the Kendra Scott jewelry, it certainly is beautiful. I love that colorful butterfly necklace, and the mesh-looking bracelet. 50% off on your birthday is a big temptation for sure. Glad you are feeling much better now.

  2. I’m sorry to hear you have been sick Pam. I’m glad you decided to rest and are feeling a little better. I love the jewelry you have featured, especially that sun necklace that Leigh Ann found. That’s a beautiful piece! I always look at Kendra Scott jewelry when I’m at Dillard’s and maybe will have to get myself a Christmas gift 😉.
    I have a question about your pants. I know they are lightweight and as such, perfect for summer. My question is, would the white ones be too sheer? Maybe sheer isn’t the right description, but you probably know what I mean. I’m always in the market for lightweight pants for summer! They fit you really well, just wondering about the white ones. Such a cute, uplifting straw you are using!!

  3. Hi Karen, I don’t personally think they would be sheer. The fabric is lightweight but still has structure to it. I haven’t tried the white ones but I would be surprised if they are sheer.

  4. Thank you Pam… I’ll go try them on! Have to check which size would be best. I like how they are cargo style but not real bulky!

  5. I like these pants a lot…they are great warm weather option. Please report back so others will know about any sheer problems!

  6. Glad you are feeling better, Pam. Even before I went to bed, I looked again. I knew it had to have been serious. Beautiful fun jewelry. I am considering the straws for my grandchildren’s August visit. I also wanted to mention the wonderful articles that you tuned us into this week. The last two times that I have posted haven’t made it to publication. Have a great recuperating day.

  7. This virus was such a surprise and hit me hard…glad to be feeling better finally. I looked and all of you comments have posted that I have received. Not sure what happened, but sorry you did not get them through.
    I am really glad you liked the articles. I do my best to select ones I believe the majority of you will find interesting.
    Have a great Friday, Deborah.

  8. I love Kendra Scott. My daughter found her jewelry when she moved to Texas. She lives a few blocks from a store in Plano. We both look forward to our birthday month for our half price item. Usually I get a girls weekend to visit Texas for my birthday. They will let you use it online too.

  9. Oh stomach virus plagues were around here too- a few weeks ago. Several people I know suffered from it. Then they were feeling tired and weak. But over it now. So sorry to hear you too were afflicted. Take care of yourself Pam.
    Loving the Kendra Scott jewelry! Happy to hear you and Leigh Ann are still enjoying your escapades despite the heat! Happy Birthday to Leigh Ann!

  10. Thanks, Paulette. Yes, I am experiencing fatigue and weakness. It’s a bad virus!

  11. So sorry you have been sick. Please take care of yourself. While we miss you when you don’t post, we’ll survive. Have a lovely weekend and be well.

  12. Oh my gosh, I had that stomach virus last week! It was so severe I wondered if I was having a gallbladder attack and should go to the ER. Terrible. I haven’t had a stomach virus in years, even while teaching school and getting every sniffle out there. I’m so glad you are feeling better. I was a bit concerned yesterday, but a 7 day a week posting schedule is incredibly tough, and I hoped you had just fallen behind or decided to take a well-deserved day off. A cuff bracelet is my favorite item of jewelry, and I wear one nearly every day. The KS options look nice.

  13. This obviously is going around…so sorry you went through it too, Linda. I knew it wasn’t food poisoning when my fever hit 102. It is a bad one. I love the KS bracelets…such lovely options.

  14. Glad that you are better! Stomach viruses are the worst: they seem to knock out every other system.
    I can’t believe you are up and about posting, but thank you, the jewelry is just lovely.

  15. Glad your feeling better!! My daughter bought me a Kendra Scott necklace for my birthday. Love it!! I’m going to check them out. They have some nice things.
    Have a great weekend!

  16. So sorry you have been ill but glad you are feeling better. Thank you for sharing the beautiful Kendra Scott jewelry. The butterflies are stunning, but I prefer the more delicate pieces for myself.

  17. They have all sizes, but the delicate pieces make up the majority of pieces. Thanks Becky!

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