Big Savings for Christmas in July

Big Savings for Christmas

Happy Tuesday, all!  Welcome to Budget Saving Tuesday with the topic being the big savings for Christmas in July.

I am well aware that “Christmas in July” is a marketing scheme…but it works well for someone like me who desires big savings for Christmas.

Yes, I am one of those…Christmas People…who love it and love to bless those around me at that time of year.

So, the focus on Christmas in July actually does help me with savings.

Here are some tips to keep in mind…..


Big Savings for Christmas

This is actually the first year I have purchased a Christmas shirt for me, but I watched this sweatshirt at Talbot’s since last season.

You should have seen my smile the day I found it in their current sale!  This is the Joyful Sweatshirt and I cannot believe I got it in the thirties!

The message is totally ME!

Big Savings for Christmas

The same thing for these shoes….I loved them at hello and have watched them drop until I could add them to my wardrobe.

Not a Christmas shoe, but like today’s outfit I will be wearing them often for holiday celebrations!  They must have eventually sold out.

I think the lesson here is when you know you love an item…watch it closely…but make sure to get it in time before selling out.  So glad I have these two with big savings for Christmas.

I am wearing more metallic gold and bronze on my feet since I changed my color palette to a warm vibrant autumn.

Ugly Christmas sweater parties anyone?….check these out on July Shelves…


big savings for Christmas

I started a tradition a few years ago for our family.

At the end of the Thanksgiving dinner, I declare Christmas officially on, and give everyone a personalized ornament for their tree…with names and the year.

I always purchase these in July at Personal Creations.

There is always a sale in July of some type and if I jump on it then I can get the ornaments I want for the families.  Some of these go very quickly.

I also recommend you sign up for their emails….then you get quick notification of sales.  I have used them often for Christmas ornaments, stocking stuffers, stockings for the grandchildren, and special gifts.

Good company and high quality products.

Of course, I am not showing you this ornament…it is a surprise for someone…oh yes, so far their turn around time is fast.

Also, I do begin Christmas gift shopping in July during the sales.  I often experience big savings for Christmas on gifts they love.

So far for 2022, I have stashed about three…as well as a fun stocking stuffer for the sensational six.


big savings for Christmas

big savings for Christmas

big savings for Christmas

When I begin to see Christmas in July promotions, it focuses my treasure hunts to Goodwill San Antonio.

 I will  then check the holiday aisles often and always find something fun and helpful. 

The little paint set of ornaments will be a fun activity to do with the grandchildren….I will just let them be creative and paint them the way they want.

We go to more than one ornament exchange and I also believe ornaments to be a nice hostess gift during holiday events.

I have already purchased some online and found more here as well as other cute items….that cheese board would be a fun hostess gift….and some of these from Ballard Designs are great!

See what I mean about big savings for Christmas!

Finally, I do want to mention that in the past I purchased my favorite garlands at the Balsam Hill Christmas in July sale.  

I love everything I have from Balsam Hill.


Big Savings for Christmas in July

With the skill of a party planner, Leigh Ann shows us all the benefits of doing a baby shower at home in order to save on venues and fancy foods!

She hosted her DIL’s baby shower with a watermelon theme…simply because she has lived on watermelon during the summer and she is having a boy…no need for pink here.

You can see the precious centerpiece for the food table above.

Big Savings on Christmas in July

Then she created a slice of watermelon with these cupcakes…pretty good amateur piping, don’t you think?

She highly recommends the recipe for Red Velvet Cupcakes found at Sugar Spun Run…said everyone agreed they were the best Red Velvet they have tasted.

Leigh Ann chose a buttercream frosting over the cream cheese. 

Our goal here is to encourage you to save money by hosting events yourself like brunches and showers. 


Big Savings


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Winner will be announced on Saturday.

Thank you for joining today for Big Savings for Christmas in July!  Are there any other Christmas shoppers during the month like me…come on, confess!

See you tomorrow for Today’s News….until then….


By Pamela Lutrell

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Big Savings on Christmas in July


  1. Oh my, that watermelon fruit bowl is so cute!! Bet that was a real hit at the shower!! I kind of cringe thinking about Christmas because I don’t want the pressure, but as you point out, we can get a lot done in the summer that pays off when December rolls around. I love your Thanksgiving after dinner ornament tradition. I’ll check out Personal Creations because it can be tough finding just the right ornaments. I have personally bought and have been freezing and storing all of my baking ingredients for Christmas since it’s a big tradition in our family and I know prices are going up all the time. With that taken care of I won’t have to spend a fortune when the time comes. Your shirt is really nice and classy for the Christmas season! Shoes are perfect too! These days we need to be thinking ahead!

  2. We do need to be thinking ahead, Karen! I am cooking and freezing more! And now…thanks to you, I am going to freeze my baking ingredients ! Great idea!

  3. I admire you and any folks who do their Christmas shopping early. As a retired teacher and department chair, I was always back in my classroom come July getting ready for school so Christmas was not on my mind. Then, out of time restraints and children activities, I never shopped for Christmas until school was dismissed for the holidays. That’s a hard habit to break but one that would save many nervous moments near December 25.

  4. You can do it! It saves money! Sometimes the perfect gift is on sale in July!

  5. I love Christmas, though ours has become simpler over the years. My daughter in law dislikes jewelry (yikes … good thing I love her so much! :)), so since I make jewelry, I was stumped until I came up with the idea of making her an elaborate ornament every Christmas. I start it in July and it takes a month or so to complete. The last one had over 8 thousand tiny beads stitched one at a time. I start to pin ideas for food boards and gifts on my secret Pinterest boards. I pick up not only stocking stuffers, but gifts when I see them on deep discount and can trust the sizes. My son loves Banana Republic tees and I buy them about now. This not only helps my bottom line, it conserves precious time when the holidays get busy.

  6. Oh how I envy anyone who can begin Christmas shopping in July! I cannot muster the ambition to do this. Our stores aren’t helping with loads of summer wear on sale and every which way. The few fall items I find would not interest my family – not yet!
    I do envy you.
    Sporting goods and toys will be something I watch…..maybe I’ll be a month it so behind you!

  7. The bargains are there…mostly online…you just need look for them, Paulette. It’s fun! Many of the sales…like Talbots for example…have winter wear on clearance now.

  8. You give such good, practical advice. Love your upbeat attitude! Btw… you look wonderful!

  9. Thank you, Julie…you are so kind. Thinking of Christmas makes me smile even bigger!

  10. A woman after my own heart! I have bought some stocking stuffers already. I also bought my first Christmas sweater in the January sales. It’s a neutral color with some sequins. Not a Christmas sweater per se, but it works.

  11. I just bought a “Peace, Love & Joy” Christmas t-shirt for myself. It’s very heavy weight & was only $5.99. We are having Back to School sales here right now. It’s a good time to stock up on office supplies for myself & stocking stuffers for kids. My church also partners with a local school to help supply students with things they might need.

  12. Sounds like you are on it! I always get some office supplies during Back to School Dales as well. Thanks for mentioning it, Becky!

  13. Pam,
    I’m also one of those people who get excited about Christmas in July! I’d love your cute July
    giveaway too. I just got sick with COVID after flying home from a brutally hot Paris, I guess I picked it up on the plane. A good book is just what I need. Thanks, Dale

  14. Hi Dale…I hope you feel better soon…get plenty of rest. Your name is in my hat.

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