Summer sales and a giveaway

summer sales and a giveaway

Happy Monday!  Let my birthday week officially begin!  Today I am beginning to show you my purchases from summer sales and include a giveaway!

July is not only my birthday month, but one of my favorite times to shop because of the incredible summer sales. 

I look at my wardrobe and assess where I would like to make additions.

With my complete change of a color palette last year, there are still areas I am watching.

Summer sales, for me, have been one of the best ways to hone in my style over 60.


summer sales

Today and tomorrow, I am only going to show you a couple of items…they will trickle in over the remainder of the month.

I think I would have walked on by the Cupro-Blend Utility Jacket on a Chico’s clearance rack if I had not touched it.

On the website, here is what is said about the fabric:

  • Silky-smooth, super lightweight cupro-blend fabric with stretch.

The fabric is so lightweight and feels cool…it is perfect for a third piece in a warm climate.

But if you are looking for a lot of structure, this would not be the jacket. I also touched it up with the iron when I brought it home, but it has worn well.

I can wear it out now and not overheat.  The sand color is perfect since I no longer wear white/white. 

I am thrilled to have a third piece like this for warmer weather which often hangs around until October.

Today, I am wearing it with JJILL Pima Rounded V-Neck Tank in Cape Cod red…though I believe this color is sold out….you might find it in a store.

I am so glad to add this color to my sleeveless tanks specifically for wearing under jackets and cardigans.  It is a perfect color for my wardrobe.

The necklace is from a local consignment shop; the shoes have been with me for years; and the pants are older 

I love an outfit like this and for even more creativity, I can add a scarf!

As always, I have enjoyed shopping and looking over the summer sales.


summer sales

Now, the celebration commences with one of my gift box giveaways with a summer theme.

This summer box includes:

  1. The summer hit bestseller, One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle (Chico’s book club selection)
  2. A cute coffee mug which says….I treat shopping like a sport, I only get better with practice…I was shopping with Leigh Ann at Hobby Lobby when I saw this mug and knew it would be perfect for a giveaway.
  3. In honor of our Summer to Flourish list from The Magnolia Journal, here are three cactus molds for homemade ice pops.  Just to remember us in Texas!
  4. The navy and white scarf, and both blue and gold necklaces are Chico’s.  Many of you know that when I changed color palettes, I saved a few items for giveaways.  This is the third one.
  5. (Not Pictured) Eye cream by Chamonix All Natural Skincare…you know it is my favorite so I want you to experience it also.

summer sales

That is the prize.  So far, we have had one winner in Canada, One in the Northeast, and one in the Southwest!

Of course, if you have been a previous winner, you can enter again.

All you have to do is tell me in the comments that your want you name in the hat!  I will literally draw a name out of a hat…which has been my son’s old football helmet.

The winner will be announced on Saturday after the WYWI display.

Let me know if you have any questions on summer sales or on the giveaway!  I will have something fun tomorrow!  Also, I please tell me if you are looking for a specific item.

Since Connie asked for cardigans at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale…here is a slideshow for Connie:



By Pamela Lutrell

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summer sales


  1. I would love to have my name in the hat! It is my birthday month too (mine is still to come!) and blue is one of my core wardrobe colors. Thanks!

  2. Happy birthday — no need for name in the hat, but have a great week. Love the blog.

  3. Please put my name into your son’s old football helmet!
    Great prize. Thanks. Have a lovely day! 😊

  4. Happy Birthday Pam! Whatever the date, I hope you get to celebrate ( hope I’m not late with this!)
    We’re away from home at our beach cottage but managing without Wi-Fi ! Stay cool.

  5. Oh how fun! May the luck of the Irish be with me!☘️☘️
    Have a lovely bday week! My dear Mom’s bday is on 7/22, gosh she would be 105!
    Miss her always!

  6. That’s a nice utility jacket, and I’ll bet that fabric does feel wonderful! In your climate, I’m sure that will something you can pretty much wear most of the year, and these jackets seem to be wardrobe staples. Like you, I prefer wearing tank tops under jackets so you don’t have to deal with sleeves bunching. Much easier and neater this way. This is a very good transitional outfit with the color of the tank! I can also see this with one of your beautiful scarves as you mentioned!

  7. Happy Birthday!! I can see that knowing your best colors is very important. It also makes shopping much easier.
    Please put my name in the hat.

  8. Please put my name in the football helmet too! I’ve realized when arranging my clothes by color, that I tend to buy blue items most often so your necklace and scarf would fit right into my wardrobe. I’ve not read that book yet but have read good reports about it. You look very coordinated today with your sand-colored jacket and pants, that lovely red top, and those “animal” shoes.

  9. I would love to have my name in the hat! I love your blog and read it daily.

  10. Happy Birthday Pamela, Hope you are enjoying your birthday month. Yes please put my name in the hat. Thanks

  11. Please put my name in the hat and Happy Birthday! It’s my birthday month too.

  12. How about the Pacific Northwest! Please put my name, on the list! Thank you for always having such helpful posts!

  13. I’d love to have my name in the hat! Navy is one of my colors, so I’d definitely wear the necklaces and scarf.

  14. Happy Birthday!! My husband’s birthday is this month too!! Please add my name to the hat!

  15. How lovely of you to be giving away a gift when it is your birthday. I would love to be added ot the group. When you first told us about that book, I went looking for it and did not find it locally, and that mug is the same type as a group of note cards that I send to friends ( who know I love to shop). Thanks for the opportunity.

  16. Happy Birthday! I love your blog, especially since you are now wearing colors that work with your coloring.

    Please put my name in the football helmet.

  17. Happy 🌹 Birthday 🌻 Week!! I’m a July birthday as well. Thank you for the sweater carousel today. 🤗 The minty green cardi is a perfect addition, and at a nice price as well. Also love the cream colored sweater. Looks like a nice, tailored fit. Please add my name to the helmet.

  18. Hi Pam and Happy Birthday! I’d love my name in the hat for the giveaway.
    Thank you!

  19. Please put my name in the hat! I love your common sense approach to fashion!

  20. Happy Birthday week! I too celebrate my birthday with a week, maybe more😉
    I had my colors analyzed in March and discovered I am a winter. So the blue scarf would probably be fabulous.
    Pleas enter my name in the drawing 😊

  21. You and I could have dressed each other today, that is so my style adjectives. And such a versatile outfit. I love that patio red, but have yet to find the piece I need to add to my wardrobe (every retailer this year had a version of what I think of as Nantucket Red). I have a list and I’m trying to stick to it. Thanks, but no need to be put in the hat … I will let a lovely cool-toned lady win!

  22. Would LOVE to put my name in the helmet! I’m from the Midwest (North Dakota) and we are experiencing heat and humidity at record highs! My birthday month too! Would love to have a color analysis done like you had. My hair color has changed and I know I’m not wearing clothes that work together anymore. Thanks for the chance to win this great box!

  23. Happy Birthday! I love all of the items and it is so nice of you to be giving. Please put my name in the hat.

  24. Pamela, drop my name in the helmet, too— who doesn’t love a surprise!!!
    Have a great week 😊

  25. Don’t you love it when you find a treasure on the Chico’s sale rack! Please put my name in the hat. Have a good week. Nyla

  26. I was happy to see that you will gift to 🇨🇦 So please put my name into the draw! Thank you!

  27. Hi, love your style! Please put my name into the drawing for this lovely selection <3

  28. Please put my name in the hat….Mary Frances.

    And would love to see more jackets made of a thin fabric like the one here…..even a denim jacket is sometimes more than needed when a/c is blasting.

  29. I enjoy your blog and read it every day. Thanks for the drawing. Please put my name in the hat.

  30. I always enjoy reading your types and your videos. I’m still working on my color pallet and not buying trendy items since I prefer a more classic look. I would love my name put in the hat. Thanks

  31. Please enter my name for the drawing. I read your post daily and have learned a trick or two. I especially enjoy when your friend models as I am also petite and I have to watch proportions to avoid looking like I am wearing a tent.

  32. Hi, please put my name in the helmet! Thanks, enjoy your blog so much!

  33. Love that Chico’s utility jacket! Cupro is one of my favorite fabrics-as you said, it feels cool on the skin. Yes, please enter my name in your drawing. Thanks!

  34. Please enter my name. I found you after a Google search when you disappeared on blog Lovin. Glad I was able to follow you again by subscribing to your emails.

  35. Hi Pam! I love your blog and am loving July sales, as I am a July Birthday girl as well. I would love to be entered for the summer give away. Please put my name in the hat.

  36. I am still on Bloglovin! I get notices every day of new followers there. Not sure what happened with you.

  37. I enjoy reading your articles about dressing in this Texas heat! You make it look easy to stay cool. Please put my name in the running to win the box. I bought the Magnolia summer edition and also loved the article about summer activities.

  38. May you have a wonderful birthday celebration! You have a very knowledgeable and inspiring blog, a must read for me everyday. Please toss my name in your son’s football helmet.

  39. Happy birthday week! I hope you have a joyful birthday! Please put my name in the hat for the giveaway. 😊 Thank you so much!

  40. So nice to read a fashion blog from someone who lives in a warm climate like me! That lightweight jacket today is a good example. I know if it works for you in Texas, it will work for me in Louisiana. Please put my name in that football helmet – I’ve been wondering about the Chamonix products and would love to try one.

  41. From a fellow Texan, I would love my name in the hat for the giveaway. Thank you, Pam!!

  42. I’m new to your blog, you have such fun ideas! It’s my birthday week also, I always loved being a July baby!please add my name to the hat. Enjoy your week! Happy Birthday 🎂

  43. Love my name in the hat!
    Super love the jacket on you…heading to Chicos in a few!
    congrats on the weight loss too

  44. Happy birthday this week! Please put my name in the hat for this fun giveaway. I enjoyed reading your posts and thank you for filling I need for those of us who are over 40 but are young at heart!

  45. Hi Pam🌼 what fun!! Please put my name in the helmet. Thanks much from an Arlington Texas reader 🤠

  46. I have enjoyed your blog for a few years and feel as if I know you, Pam! Please add my name to your drawing.
    Thanks so much.

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  49. Please enter me in the giveaway, Pam! Hope you have a great birthday. It is my birthday week next week and I’ve been shopping until I can’t shop any more. July is a great month!

  50. Best wishes for your birthday. Pam the best thing you wear is your smile.

  51. Happy birthday month and birthday week. Please put my name in the football helmet. Time for a Midwest win.

  52. Please add my name to the helmet, hope your birthday is as sparkly as you are!!!

  53. No need to add my name to the hat, just wanted to send you birthday wishes from another July bday girl! I hope you are well-celebrated on your special day, and I wish you many unexpected blessings in the year ahead!

  54. Best wishes Pam,
    put my hat name thank you, I would like to read the book :-))

  55. Hi Pamela! I would love to have my name in the hat for your giveaway! Blue is my favorite color (and is in my palette).

  56. Please put my name in the hat.!I enjoy your column so much. I went to a Christmas in July sale at a gift shop and really wracked up on small gifts. I may go back and look for other items.

  57. Hi Pam,
    Please put my name in the helmet.
    Thank you for over50feeling40. I enjoy reading it everyday.

  58. Pam, I would love to win this gift box. The motto on the mug is one I practice myself and being a winter, I would happily wear the jewelry and scarf in your previous colors.
    Wishing you a happy birthday month!

  59. Love your blog, and the way you’ve chronicled your journey as a Vibrant Autumn.
    Please put my name in the hat for the drawing.

  60. Please put my name in for the giveaway, Pam! Your post today on aging really hit home with me…..I needed that!

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    Happy Birthday Pam! I look forward to your blog every morning.

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  64. Please throw my name in the hat, err old football helmet, as well. Love your blog!

  65. Hi Dianne, Thank you so much for entering, but the giveaway ended last night. I announced a winner today. Keep coming back…I will do this again hopefully sometime soon.

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