Celebrate July!

Celebrate July

Happy July 1!  It is time to Celebrate July here on this blog and all that it brings!

July is one of my favorite months for so many reasons and that is why I always begin to celebrate July on the first day of the month.

Today, I will give you just a brief overview and I also need your opinions on something.


Celebrate July!

Over 50 Feeling 40 was first published on July 1 twelve years ago.

Over 12 years, you have seen me and the blog go through many changes…it has been such a blessing to be here and get to know so many amazing women all over the world.

I have only been blogging full time for the past two years.  I wish I had been courageous enough to take the plunge earlier, but COVID restrictions did it for me.

When looking ahead with the blog, I always welcome your ideas and thoughts…what do you like, what would you do different?

Celebrate July

I want to continue making videos, but I confess to you, I am stumped.

I never get stumped writing new content for a daily blog, but for some reason, I am stumped on what you would like to see me discuss in videos.

I am not a fashion expert….I am a communicator who has written about fashion for 12 years. 

There are so many little videos with fashion hacks (how to tie a scarf…how to wear a shirt…how to look younger), that I am honestly frozen on how I could make this any different.

So, I WELCOME ALL IDEAS for new videos…what would you like to see me talk about…or cover??  Please let me know.



Celebrate July

It’s July 4th weekend and time in America to celebrate this great country we live in.

I have chosen to celebrate July today in Chico’s Zenergy…old and new.

I love it when my older wardrobe mixes so well with a newer purchase that it appears to have been bought together and the same time.

Celebrate July

I have owned this Chico’s Zenergy Jacket in navy for several years.

The pants joined the closet crew over the past few months and they look great in one outfit.

You can see the silver zippers and the navy color and how well they coordinate.

Comfy style…the top is an older Macy’s top that I added for my touch of patriotic red!

The shoes are old Grasshopper slip-ons from Rack Room Shoes.  I could go out boating in this outfit!  Super comfy, lightweight and ready for a celebration!

Here are some similar styles:

July is one of my favorite months to shop clearance sales…I will keep you informed…so many treasures await!


Celebrate July

Recently I shared a pasta recipe with this delicious spice from Adams Reserve..White Wine and Garlic Butter.

I just had to share going into a weekend where you might be cooking, that it is excellent on cooked spinach!  A new favorite at my house!

I know it is pricey…but this spice bottle will be used until every drop is gone!  It is that good.


Celebrate July

This past week, we have also celebrated lower temps (no triple digits for a few days) and glorious rain!!

Though I feel bad for Leigh Ann…during one really loud storm with lots of lightening, she lost power for over 48 hours….and that is a major bummer down here.

The heat is returning to the levels it was…but I loved hearing the thunder and seeing the rain!.

Celebrate July!

I tried to run out in the rain to jump in the puddles, but by the time the morning sun rose, the puddles were for the most part gone.

Celebrate July

I got my feet wet enough that I am going to check this box on the Summer to Flourish list from The Magnolia Journal.

Next week’s goal is to run through a sprinkler with grandchildren!!


Celebrate July

Finally, we are celebrating contest winners here on this first day of July!

Thanks to World Finds for sponsoring this contest!

The winners are:

  1. From the blog, winner of the necklace is MP3 (would love to know your name!)
  2. From Instagram, the winner of the sling bag is Janet Hug
  3. From Facebook, the winner of the silk bandana is Carol Vonderhaar Bryce

Congratulations to all of our winners!  You will hear from Kristan who will arrange to send your pieces!  I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoy their work.

Thank you for joining me today for Celebrate July!  I will be celebrating all month and find many reasons to share it with you…would love your thoughts on the videos…you are the best!


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer: I was given product for this post.

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A special thank you to everyone who does this to offer your support of the blog!!

Check out my new video on YOUTUBE and please consider a subscription to my channel….Pamela Lutrell’s Channel.

Now…let’s make this statement a goal in July……

Celebrate July



  1. The sprinkler really threw me on this list, but I want to do them all. My youngest grandson is 17 and while any of the three would humor me by running through a sprinkler, they all live a long distance away! I’m going to do this with my dog buddy! He loves to play and loves water, so I’m going to pick a hot day next week and go for it!
    I love your videos Pam, but I can understand how it’s difficult to keep coming up with new topics. Maybe for one, how to put together a travel wardrobe with limited pieces, this is always a big challenge, but appropriate for any time of year. Maybe a “how” to, using yourself as an example, of how and why you choose certain colors in your wardrobe. I just really enjoy them because it’s like sitting and talking to you! I like your picks for the 4th… I’m kind of bummed when July rolls around because our summer is so short! But we still have plenty of warm days to enjoy, and I’m getting outside every day to make the most of it!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Karen. I will see what I can come up with and try to do another video soon!

  3. In general I avoid the videos. I find them too long and chatty, an easy way to waste time going down the internet “rabbit hole.” Because your blog is different from other fashion blogs, I would enjoy videos that show how you shop at consignment types of stores, especially for jewelry. Critiques showing why you rejected something would be helpful. For example, you tried on a bracelet and found it was hard to get off or it rattled or… Learning how you discriminate to choose just the right items would be valuable.

  4. At one time, I liked it. But it is not me..,glad to have returned to me. Thanks Susan!

  5. Hi Pamela. You live in an incredible city. I lived in Arlington, TX for twelve years early in my marriage. San Antonio became a favorite city to visit. I know it would be a lot of work but I would love to see you do an OOTD, maybe once a week, at a location in SA – The Alamo, Riverwalk, Menger Hotel, etc. I think your followers would enjoy this virtual trip. Perhaps include a little history about each location. Maybe you and Lou Ann could do this together. Have a wonderful and safe 4th.

  6. Thank you, Peggy. We have done this often but not a deep dive into the history. I will talk with Leigh Ann and perhaps we can make it more of a regular feature. Sorry you missed the ones we have done in the past. You are right…San Antonio is a wonderful place!

  7. I would love to see some hair related posts. Too many women “our age” are wearing their hair, coloring their hair the same way for 5, 10 20 years. Maybe visit a wig shop to try different looks. We dont wear the same outfits for 5, 10 20 years, why are we afraid to change out hair?

  8. I will check into it, Arlene. I have never visited a wig shop…but that might be fun! Thanks

  9. I usually avoid blogger’s videos; many are too lengthy and, besides, I prefer to read rather than watch. You are a writer, not a film maker. Why change? I like your posts just the way they are!
    I’ve been enjoying your countdown through the Magnolia checklist; playing golf yesterday in the over 100 degree temperatures yesterday I didn’t run through the sprinklers but walked slowly to feel a little relief!

  10. I have done that this summer when walking the dog in the mornings…while it isn’t as hot as the afternoon…a touch of mist feels nice.
    Thanks Linda…I am a writer more than a film maker…you are right there. I just want to offer all that the audience would like.

  11. While in years past I’ve encouraged you to head to you tube, it’s become a -very- crowded space. Other than travel or music, the people I look at are mostly doing makeup, and I watch them to fall asleep! I’m wondering if you are struggling with topics because you are fundamentally a wordsmith, and the medium is so visual. So I would just suggest aligning any blog topic that seems to inspire reader interest and think how it could be made very visual, casual and chatty. I like the videos that take me traveling … fashion bloggers who are British, Scandinavian, etc., so I can see a little of their (foreign) lives. You could use SA as a backdrop and do any of the above, if you feel it’s worth the (extraordinary) effort and years it takes to build a following. I also see nothing wrong with duplication. So what if 20 people have done “10 ways to wear white this summer?” You could do your own take on that using your adjectives. Mostly, I guess I’m saying I would watch you being you, rather than trying to come up with something not done on there (it’s -all- been done on there). You have an extraordinary print voice, and that will always be my favorite medium.

  12. I’m not such a fan of videos. I’d rather read your posts and view the styles you’re presenting especially when you’re modeling them ( or with Leigh Ann) and you explain how to style or why the outfit did or didn’t work for you.
    I love it when you and Leigh Ann share details on the fun visits to shopping centers or remote little towns and villages.

  13. Hi. I really enjoy your blog. There is so much variety of topics as well as pictures of clothes. I love how you include lower price alternatives and also places off the beaten path such as Goodwill and consignment stores.
    One more thing – I don’t see how the color person ever categorized you as a winter. I think it would be interesting to have something about how to choose a color consultant.

  14. For videos, something useful to me would be showing different combinations in outfits and accessories that worked and didn’t work. How changing out tops, bottoms, third pieces or toppers, or accessories completely change the outfit. I like seeing your outfits and try-ons. Thank you for your blog.

  15. Congratulations, Pam, on 12 years! Your blog is special. The positive vibe you portray is wonderful. And you have such a variety of fun topics, activities and programs, which makes it so much fun to “tune in” every day and see what’s going on! I really enjoy your videos and think you have a very good presence on camera. It makes me feel like we are chatting in person. The topics you’ve chosen are very helpful. Some ideas: Dressing from your closet, how styles can work for different body types, how to wake up and start your day off right, book reviews, hobbies and interests to pursue, etc. Thanks for all you do — YOU ARE THE BEST!!

  16. I honestly struggle with it to be unique, Linda. As you said, the space is SO crowded and many are doing the same things. I agree with you and just need to put my take on things. I feel like I need to do more with the my style adjectives theory because I know women love it and that it makes me unique.
    I will get something done. I appreciate so much hearing everyone’s take on it.

  17. We love doing those and they will return soon. Both of us have been with family so far this summer but soon we will both land back in town with some time on our hands. We discussed this week.
    I love to write and do the posts…and that will continue. Thanks Paulette

  18. When I was categorized as a winter, I did not choose that person. She was part of a special event at a store where I was working part time. So glad I Annie found me and that I am living my true Vibrant Autumn life.
    Thanks for the support, Kathy.

  19. Thanks Jennifer…I will see if I can work it out to do more of that.

  20. Thanks Marcia…I love to sit down have chats with you ladies. Thank you for the sweet encouragement.

  21. Hi, I don’t think that because others have made a video you can’t as well. You’re a regular stop for most of us, so getting videos from you rather than searching eslewhere makes sense. The one I’m looking for is how to neatly roll/push up sleeves and still make a neat cuff.
    No judgement on Magnolia, but sprinklers are going the way of the dodo bird. In CA where my best friend lives, whole neighborhoods have replaced grass with plants and mulch and rock gardens – quite lovely. August is brown grass time here – not so lovely.

  22. Thanks Maeve…good thought. And in Texas, we love our grass and to play in the sprinklers! So I hope to enjoy it with grandchildren this week! There’s more on the list that might inspire the CA crowd!

  23. What a lot of great suggestions from all the ladies this morning! I enjoy when you post a video, whatever the topic. The idea of doing some ” on location” and with some San Antonio highlights really interests me since I read about and view lots of travel content generally speaking. I have always appreciated your “what I wore to ….” stories. Perhaps you could take us back a step, into your closet for the decision making process. That would make for interesting content. Congratulations on 12 years!!
    Happy Fourth! 🇺🇸🏡🌻

  24. That might be interesting, Connie…then I have clean up the closet! Ha! I would love to take you more on location…it is tricky with video, but I will see what this amateur could do. Great thoughts from everyone today!

  25. Congratulations, Pam. Twelve years! It was startling seeing you in that black outfit.
    I understand the video dilemma, yet I enjoy yours because they are short and to the point. I would be interested in seeing you take adjectives(e.g. mine are strong, intelligent, dramatic, adventurous, approachable which suit my natural classic) but tweaking them into , let’s say elegant, when need be. I would also be interested in seeing different color parings and how they look completely different when you use more or less of a color. Someone told me recently that she would never wear pine even though it is in her palette. I happened to have on pine pants and pulled out a blush top hanging in her closet. She agreed it looked lovely. I know though that color on a video is an issue. I also like etiquette videos. I think you should hold a convention and we could all come to lovely San Antonio and see you ‘live’!

  26. I am in! I would love to host a convention! Let me put that on my “Dare to Dream” list!

  27. I love your blog and your video’s. Your video’s are actually all too infrequent for me! Perhaps a video suggestion…for instance–using the jacket and pants worn today and
    changing up the look of it with different accessories and tops from your closet. I also miss your posts on being elegant. Thanks for all you do!

  28. I really enjoy your blog. I really don’t watch many videos because I always seem to be interrupted. Reading is what I enjoy anyway. If I want to go back and refer to something, I can.
    Speaking of reading I’m going to start the book you recommend a few days ago.
    Have a great 4th.

  29. Pam, I’d rather read. There’s so much video content, between YouTube, instagram, tik toc, etc etc. I wouldn’t pressure you to do more than the occasional video, maybe about colors for women with grey hair, or lipstick colors, something like that.
    I know you love your hairstyle now, and I do too. But that short do was so youthful and fun, I loved it too…

  30. Thanks Susan! For the comments about the videos and I appreciate what you said about my hair. Every time in my past I have cut it short, I regretted the decision. Longer hair just feels like me…I so appreciate you being here.

  31. Like many others, I much prefer the written word and rarely watch videos. You can illustrate many different things using words and still photos — for instance, I was thinking that it would be helpful when talking about proportions to show pictures of the one that is “off” next to one that works well, for instance, lengths of jackets, lengths of pants, fitted tops paired with wide leg pants vs volume tops with skinny pants, lengths for capris, crops, ankle pants, shorts… I am a more recent reader and enjoy your posts.

  32. I love your blog and encourage you to remain yourself and not feel like you have to join the hordes of videos that others are doing. Personally, I scroll right by them. Thanks for all you do, Pam. You are appreciated!

  33. I really enjoy your videos. I’d appreciate some on skin care, what makes an item part of style adjectives. what accessories work with a particular outfit and which don’t work as well and how to organize your closet and care for your clothes. I tend to avoid purchases that require hand washing. I’d also like to hear about which items are closet staples and why. I’d also like some ideas on how to prioritize my time and tasks.

  34. Wow! Mary Lou! Thank you…love your ideas and they are very helpful!

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