How I stay young at heart

How I stay young at heart

Happy Sunday, ladies!  While I am sad to say good-bye to July, I am happy to get closer to fall!  

My July birthday had me thinking of how I remain young at heart…so that is what I am sharing with you today!

Join me for how I stay young at heart….


How I stay young at heart

Let’s get the outsides out of the way first and begin with taking all natural care of my skin.

On my birthday post, a reader commented that she thought I was 58!  Woo Hoo!  Looking my youthful best always keeps me young at heart.

Most of you know that I have used Genucel by Chamonix Skincare for several years. 

When I first tried, this antioxidant, plant based skincare line, I saw immediate results and I was personally sold.

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How I stay young at heart

I not only wear plants on my face to stay young at heart every day, I also enjoy them daily in the world around me.

This gorgeous hibiscus is from my backyard.

How I stay young at heart

I learn lessons daily from my plumbago along a fence in the backyard.

Plumbago teaches me that I can look beautiful and strong no matter what the challenges are.

This flower originates from South Africa and the higher the heat and drier the drought, the prettier and more voluptuous the flowers are.

A good lesson for all of us when going through difficult times.

Along with the plumbago, we can thrive….and that is definitely at young at heart message.


How I stay young at heart

Fully embracing my vibrant autumn colors and choosing to communicate my style adjectives has kept me young at heart.

When we wear clothing that builds confidence, youthfulness and smiles, then our outer armor becomes a way to stay young at heart.

The wrong colors were casting shadows on my face which actually made me look older and not well.

When I discovered my best colors, I never want to turn back…they feed my vibrant side.

NOTE: BIG NEWS AT JJILL: They now only charges one price for ALL sizes!  Great news for Plus Size ladies!


How I stay young at heart

Learning new things daily really helps me to keep young at heart and I made a point to look for things to learn.

Of course, you may recognize the brooch on my pillow is from something new I learned reported in Friday’s post.

It is fun and youthful to look for new ways to brighten out homes and our countenance.


How I stay young at heart

Of course, surrounding myself with my young grandchildren and even young adults keeps me young at heart.

This picture is from Friday when two of my grandchildren came over to paint at my kitchen table and make fruit pizza (Yum!).

Just being around the laughter and exuberance of children will keep us young.

But, I can also say that about spending time with young adults.

It always helps me to catch up with former students and meet them for lunch occasionally….as well as being with my own children and their friends.


How I stay young at heart

Finally, I have to say that I stay young at heart singing it along with Frank Sinatra.

From the moment I arise each day until I go to bed, I am usually singing, whistling or dancing.

Music is a part of me…including making up silly songs all of the time…just ask Mr. B. 

I often whistle without realizing I am doing it. 

So join me and sing….

“Fairy tales will come true, it can happen to you….if you’re young at heart….”


“This is the best part…you have a head start…if you are among the very young at heart.”

And I cannot leave you this Sunday without acknowledging that all of this is built on a foundation of a strong faith …that is where my true joy lives.

Now, it’s your turn…what keeps you young at heart?  Please share any tips or ideas…I am so thrilled at how much this blog has become a community and a place where women read the comments and learn from one another.


By Pamela Lutrell

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How I stay young at heart



  1. I keep getting an ad on every new comment you wrote. So disappointed that I could not get rid of it.

  2. I am not sure why that would be happening. I will check on it Kathy! I appreciate all patience as I learn how to best work with a blog to make income for myself. This is my source of income…so let me see what I can figure out.

  3. What an uplifting post, Pam! I’m going to give Genucel a try (of course, I’ll use your link). You’ve convinced me after recommending it for so long. Yes, to grandchildren! Also, my three youngest are still in their 20s and it does keep one young, ’cause you gotta keep up with the trends whether you want to or not, ha! Happy Sunday!

  4. Yes you do have to keep up! No matter the age they keep us young! Genucel is amazing..,thanks for using my link!

  5. Smiles you have brought to my face this Sunday morning. 🙂 You exude happiness and share it! Now you have me singing on the way to church: “Love is something if you give it away, give it away, give it away”. 🙂

  6. Because of you I’ve been using Genucel for about a year and I’ve seen a change in my skin. Great products! Taking up golf at the age of 68 keeps me young at heart. Playing with 3 other women and in 2 leagues during the season I’ve learned we’re never too old to try something new. August is my birthday month & I can’t believe I’ll be 71 but it sure beats the alternative! My dad and so many of my family never saw that number. I feel grateful, thankful, blessed and joyful!

  7. Nice ideas! I agree on all, especially lifelong learning and trying new things. I would add: long walks (outside if possible); they help your body and your spirit. I especially enjoy challenging, brisk weather like a sunny but very cold day 20 degrees), or a windy drizzle, which gets the blood pumping. Yoga … in a class with all ages, it gives you contact with younger people, gets you limber, and there is no judgment. The pool or anywhere near the water is my happy place,and happy is the definition of young at heart. Nice road trips and researching the destination beforehand. Getting deeply involved in a hobby and taking new classes and meeting other hobbyists in work sessions. Allowing myself to be spontaneous sometimes. I’m trying to live more “present” and that too is young at heart … I remember as a kid those endless summers and just enjoying whatever I was doing.

  8. Pam, what lovely thoughts! I will add — Keeping a cheerful and positive attitude, no matter what comes your way. You will feel so good, and so will everyone around you. Being cheerful shows in your face and gives you a youthful glow.

  9. I must be considerably older than you Pamela – in my memory when I sing along to Young at Heart it’s with Jimmy Durante! 😉

    Love your blog, please keep inspiring us for a long time.
    Helen from Nova Scotia, Canada

  10. Yes it does , Marcia! I always meet someone new when I leave the house with a cheerful attitude!

  11. Thank you for sharing, Helen! I remember Jimmy Durante! Have not thought about him for years!

  12. I read her blog posts on my iPhone. I have an ad blocker installed. I never see ads on her blog or the others I read. Maybe that would work for you.

  13. I went ahead and posted this comment. Please remember I am compensated through the ads. If the blog ceases to generate income I may have to seek employment and cease blogging. Just a reality. I do appreciate everyone who understands and is patient with the advertising.

  14. I am the oldest person in my small group at church. I have learned many things from my younger friends, & they have given me a fresh perspective on life. Today, one member of the group talked about how much she treasures her intergenerational friendships. I can second that.

  15. I try to stay young st heart too/ playing with my two 4 year old grandchildren who live nearby (about a mile away) and their pup/ a golden doodle who I also spend time with when they are working/traveling. Fun!
    I have yoga classes, a tai chi class and a book club keeping me involved!
    And you, Pamela are a wonderful inspiration.

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