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would you wear it

Happy Saturday, ladies!  July and summer heat march on, so let’s take a reprieve with fun on Would You Wear It Saturday!

Saturdays are when I join up with Jennifer at A Well Styled Life to bring you fashion displays to critique.

We ask that you look them over and tell us if you would or would not wear what you see.

Also, tell us if you would style the pieces on the display in a different manner as to attract customers to purchase.

Use your best fashion stylist eye to tell us your opinions.

So, let’s get this party started….


Would You Wear it

This display at Talbot’s of blue prints captured my attention and made me wonder what you would think.

Of course,  you can pick and choose here what you would like to comment on…you are not required to evaluate every mannequin, but if you want to, please do.

So, ladies…………………………………………………………………………………………………………


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I have picked up some of the pieces I had my eye on beginning in spring and I just love everything so far.

Here are some you might have missed…….some on sale, and some not….


Would You Wear It

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Would you Wear It

I love hosting these special giveaways!

But, I do wish I had a prize for everyone…so many put their name in the hat for this Summer Box Giveaway!

I only have one box and it goes to JOHNNIE…who said in her comment that she lives in the Midwest.

Congratulations to Johnnie.  Please watch for an email from me so I can get a mailing address and send the box on its way.

I will do this again…this is the fourth one this year…so watch for more as we go forward.

Maybe next time I can pull more than one name!

Now, please tell us what you think of the Would You Wear It – Blue Prints display…then go to A Well Styled Life to see Jennifer’s Would You Wear It….and always….


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Would You Wear It



  1. I love blue prints for summer, especially those that are warm blues. I’d wear the top on the right in a heartbeat.

  2. Talbots is my #1 store, and I love blue prints. However, the little ruffles added to tops and sundresses are NOT for their target demographic! That square neck dress is a beautiful print, but those little ruffles on the shoulders ruin it for me.

  3. I do wear blue prints and probably have too many things in this category! The only print that I’m drawn to here is the one in the dress. Probably because I like the dress. I’d not be tempted by the others here. I do have powder blue ankle pants that, due to my height, fit me like full length and I did purchase them at Talbot’s. When I look in my closet, blue has dominated my summer clothing and I’ve been changing that up for a few years so that I don’t overdo it! These are nice things, it’s just that the only thing that appeals to me is the style and print of the dress. Happy Saturday Pam!

  4. Firstly I agree with Tricia why ruin that print with ruffles ? Otherwise I tend to warmer blues ie turquoise myself and often wear plain colours for the definition – I am skinny and only 5′ 3″ so there isn’t much room to show off those nice prints ! I’d wear the shirt with large repeats over the turquoise t-shirt definitely but not with white trousers . What colour ? A cooler , darker blue for interest – up to a navy . (I don’t wear skirts anymore !)

  5. Lots of the blue prints are great and Talbot’s quality seems to remain consistently good, unlike some similar retailers. However, the ruffles and eyelet lace trim on many items this season don’t fit my more natural, minimalist style, so I wouldn’t choose lots of their items currently.

  6. The colors look beautiful but as I stick to autumn colors, they are all too bright for me. As I look more closely, the little feminine touches are too overwhelming for my body type. Perhaps a romantic personality would look terrific in them. Talbots is a wonderful store. Can’t wait to see some fall sneak in. Congratulations to Johnnie, the box winner. Such fun!

  7. I like the blue print dress. It appeals to me as it’s cool looking. Would I wear it? If I had an occasion, yes, Though I’m more a solids wearer, I do add prints in long scarves and accessories most of the time. I’d wear the teal solid top, absolutely! Abd paired with these cute shorter pants- yes! I don’t care for the topper added over the solid top however. Blues and certain greens are for me!

  8. Tricia, totally agree on all points. Love Talbots, but dislike the silly sleeves. I bet they’d poke out a sweater if you tried to wear one overr them.

  9. I purchased the top on the right about a month ago during a previous sale. I wear it with with Chico’s 13″ shorts and blue sandals. My glasses frames are bright blue. I received lots of compliments when I wore the above outfit. I also live in TX and the weight of this top is perfect for our heat. (although nothing is perfect in our record breaking summer heat) We are the same age and I don’t wear sleeveless tops without a sweater or jacket anymore. The sleeves on the top work for my arms. I am 5’6″ and wear a size 12. I had my colors done years ago and the colors of the top are in my pallet. My style is in the middle, straight lines with some frills. I enjoy your blog!

  10. I’m a Talbots customer and have been for over 40 years; geez, that sounds like an aging statement! I’m drawn more to solids but I do like the top to the right. I love this color and wear many different shades of blue. The dress style doesn’t work for me; square neck, ruffles on the sleeve, tie waist seems too much for my body. I prefer shorter dresses that are tailored and a bit fitted. The salesgirls at my Talbots in Palm Desert California are friendly, helpful and so accommodating.

  11. I love all the blues and greens but wouldn’t wear these. I prefer to wear solids. These also look too detail-heavy. Printed garments don’t need extra puckers, details, tassels or flutter sleeves. It’s overdone for my taste. Those are best appreciated in solid fabrics. Happy Saturday!

  12. Congrats to Johnnie! This display makes me smile: all in my favorite blues. I am of like mind with others though who find the sleeve ruffle on the otherwise perfect dress a bit too much. I like the pale blue capris, the little sweater, the blue top. That white tee looks too thin and low cut, so I’d pass on that. I am noticing more clothing now like the dress with a bordering print, like the J.Jill dress the other day also featured. I love this look as it reminds me of a favorite dress from my long ago closet.

  13. You hit my colour palette today. I could wear most of these pieces though the pants would be full length which would be fine. I like the shoulder detail in the dress but am a little concerned that the arm holes look very deep and unless it came in petite it would be ruled out for that reason. Put a set in sleeve on the t-shirt and it would be in my basket. I would change up all the accessories. I feel the necklace is too heavy and formal for the t-shirt. I would wear a simple larimar heart pendant that I own. I would also pass on the tassel, it would hit my waist, and stick to a solid silver chain. I would also switch up the purse as I find chain straps to be uncomfortable to wear.

  14. I would wear the cardigan & tee, but nothing else. I don’t wear crop pants because they are not flattering on me. The white top looks to be very thin. The dress is lovely, but I don’t wear dresses these days. The print top is a bit too frilly for my taste.

  15. Though blue palettes are my favourite, I’m afraid out of all the garments shown the only one I might try on (for fit/transparency) is the v-neck , lace trimmed t-shirt as consider it unique/unconventional. Whereas to the rest of the garments regardless I salute that some are 100% cotton (and the dress is even lined), I feel that their choice of ‘patterns’ in fabric though lovely in colour are a tad outdated and really don’t work with the style of the garment itself, thus lack an overall modern appeal. On that note; with no intention to offend those who do like the selection.

  16. Aqua/turquoise is always beachy, but I prefer it with white bottoms in the hot summer months, not jeans. I’d wear the top on the right and the cardigan combo (second from left), minus the tassel pendant, for a cool and refreshing look. The dress doesn’t appeal to me. It reminds me of my grandmother’s pinafore aprons or maybe the sundress I wore to my school picnic when I was in first grade. It’s not a look I’d wear. The white v-neck tee on the left is a wardrobe staple, but I’d opt for turquoise or coral crops or shorts, rather than a washed-out color as shown. I’d style it with silver or shell jewelry, not gold which suggests warmth. I can almost feel the ocean breeze.

  17. Like the previous commenter MJ, I like the print on the right but I can’t figure out the sleeves. I would love it in a ¾ sleeve. I usually purchase one or two tops from Talbots a summer and some jewelry too!

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