We found fall 2022 colors at JJILL

Fall 2022 colors at JJILL

Happy Sunday, friends!  Great news….we found fall 2022 colors at JJILL!

After my fall trend colors discussion in Friday’s post, Leigh Ann and I went out and found several fall 2022 colors at JJILL!

In this post, you will see how a retailer begins to transition to the new season colors by featuring them in late summer styles.

But before we dive further,  remember there are JJILL savings and the 40% SUMMER SALE ends tomorrow.

Also, another note…the lighting in this store is not good for photos. If you question the colors, look at it online.

So let’s get started with the Fall 2022 colors at JJILL… that we saw immediately….

Fall 2022 colors at JJILL

and it was GREEN!  As we walked in the door both of us squealed when we saw the greens!

Leigh Ann immediately reached for Embroidered IKAT dress she is wearing it our top picture today.  She loved it in a small petite.

The color is called Dark Spearmint. 

The dress on the hangar is the Vineyard Border Dress and it is almost sold out online. Only available in smaller sizes.

The other mannequins feature the Riviera Tiered Skirt, and  the Tasseled Border Print Ruana.


Fall 2022 Colors at JJILL

Another way retailers transition to fall is with lightweight sweaters.

We both loved this Palm Leaf Printed Sweater especially with these jeans!

She is wearing a Petite small in the sweater.

Fall 2022 Colors at JJILL

Leigh Ann likes these HIGH RISE DENIM CUFFED CROPS and tried on a 6Petite.

The 20% off for pants goes through tomorrow as well, and Leigh Ann bought these.

She plans to wear them soon with the Embroidered Striped Knit Top she purchased at 40% off!  

Cute outfit and in South Texas, we wear those crops well into fall.

Fall 2022 Colors at JJILL

Fall 2022 Colors at JJILL

Here is another sweater which looked so cute on Leigh.

This is the Light & Airy Textured Boat-Neck Sweater, and she is wearing a Petite Small.

Stick with me…a discussion on these great pants is coming up.

Fall 2022 Colors at JJILL

Before leaving Leigh Ann’s section, we wanted to show you the difference between Misses sizes (on the left) and Petite sizes (on the right).

This is the Seamed V-Neck Tank Dress, and it also comes in a lovely fall auburn color and would be super cute under a denim jacket.

You can see on Leigh Ann how the petites fit her at JJILL so much better… she is wearing on the left a Misses Small and on the right a Small Petite.

Let’s keep this discussion going with me!  Yes, I said ME!


Fall 2022 colors at JJILL

I also loved the High-Rise Denim Cuffed Crops in the light auburn color and in light seagrass.

On the left, you see Leigh Ann wearing the Petite 6, and you see me in a Misses 16.

When I looked at her leg as compared to my leg, I was miffed.  Because I have smaller legs, I like to wear skinny, close fitting pants…you mostly see me in that.

I immediately did not like the leg on the one I tried on…so Leigh Ann said, “You should try them in a petite.”

I laughed….no, I don’t wear petites…that would not work at all on my body.

She insisted, so I tried them and, wow,  it was the look I wanted!

Fall 2022 Colors at JJILL

I hope you can tell here that they are slightly more fitted.  I ordered them in the seagrass green. 

Here I am wearing the Easy V-Neck Dolman Sleeve top in the Auburn/soft rose combo.

This is topped with the Long Linen Blazer in auburn.  Adore the color!!

I sized down to a Misses Medium with this, and tried it in Petite but liked the Misses fit better.

Fall 2022 Colors at JJILL

While I love this Dark Viridian green, I could not find a fit in the cute Pure Jill Buttoned V-Neck Tee that I liked on me….it is on sale for a great price.

However, the Pima Capri Leggings in the dark viridian and the scarf with a print in the same colors did come home with me. (scarf must be sold out online)

When you combine the 40% off with my birthday discount…it made me keep smiling!

If you have not signed up for the birthday discounts…make sure you do.

They allow me to use it all month…it is not just good on one purchase. 

If you love dark green, you will love this color.

Fall 2022 Colors at JJILL

So sad that you cannot see the color of this shirt better, but it is the first of the kingfisher blue for FALL 2022 I have seen.

Love this color and looking forward to seeing more of it.

JJILL calls this Marine Blue (on my color palette it is the Kingfisher Blue)…and the top is the Double Gauze Button Front Tunic.

Except for the white, all of the colors this top is offered in are Fall 2022 trend colors….apparently first at JJILL.

The fit of this shirt is generous…probably why they called it a tunic.

In this picture, I am wearing a Petite Large.

Fall 2022 Colors at JJILL

You can see how washed out it looks in this picture…so sorry about that.  The marine color is lovely.

I tried it with this top on sale….another Easy V Neck Dolman Tee.

Size down on these ….very generous fit.

Fall 2022 Colors at JJILL

Most of the Fall 2022 colors at JJILL feature many of the trends I mentioned to you on Friday…even the cool colors of pink and light blue.

The store was full of transition pieces from one season to the next, which means in a warmer climate we will get longer wear out of them.

As I said, I combined the birthday savings with the current savings on sale and on the pants and feel like birthday money was well spent!

I also want to commend the lovely sales associates at the Quarry location in San Antonio. 

They were so patient as we tried on many different sizes and discussed the differences in length and fit.

Thank you, ladies…if I had not been there with Leigh Ann,  I would NEVER have tried the petites.  (Which worked better only on a few garments)

Thanks for joining us as we discovered Fall 2022 Colors at JJILL…please let us know if you have questions or comments!  40% Off Sale ends on July 18!

TOMORROW: A SUMMER FUN GIVEAWAY BOX WITH LOTS OF ITEMS…Make sure you put your name in the hat!


By Pamela Lutrell

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Fall 2022 Colors at JJILL


Fall 2022 Colors at JJILL

A very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful daughter and mother of three active boys….Hope today they will honor you, Jessica…you are amazing.  Happy Birthday!


  1. Looks like there is a great selection to choose from with lots of the new colours to ease into late summer and fall. I am still frustrated with the number of drop shoulder styles, or no shoulder seam at all. On me they just look sloppy, and I keep trying them on and putting them back. This is why I really do need to try on before buying in most cases. Pam, you look lovely in the button hem dress, such a good choice.

  2. I agree with you on the dropped shoulders! I like more structure for me too!’

  3. Even though it is mid-July, the introduction of transitional fall clothing is a breath of fresh air. I want to thank you and Leigh Ann for the time spent and the cheerfulness that gives us insight into future wardrobe possibilities. Love all the greens! Your store has much more stock than mine. Interesting to see the difference between the petites and misses. Thank you for showing us the two examples. I usually go for the petites at Jjill but seldom at Talbots. I have purchased the viridian leggings and wear them with a variety of slim tunics. I also have the auburn linen jacket hanging in my closet, and I can’t wait to wear it in September. I love the deep V of the neckline. My color analyst said that deep jacket necklines help the softening jawline disappear! The last few posts have been so helpful and exciting! Happy Sunday. Your daughter is beautiful. It sounds like you share a birthday month.

  4. Thank you, Deborah…so glad you have enjoyed the posts! And yes…we do share a birthday month! July girls!

  5. Happy birthday to your daughter! Her little guys are adorable! Glad to see Leigh Ann back-hey there! J Jill is knockin’ it out of the park with their colors. I tried the auburn jacket on and *loved* it, boo hoo, don’t need another jacket–may cave and buy it anyway. Chef’s kiss in your ginger gauze dress.

  6. Your daughter and grandsons are adorable! And so are you and Leigh Ann- I’m just loving this newer green and the pieces you chose are very flattering. I wonder if I (spring-summer) can wear this successfully? Maybe!
    Have a beautiful Sunday.

  7. I surely wish there was a JJill store close to me, but, unfortunately, the nearest one is about 175 miles away. I’d love to be able to try on some of their clothes although their colors, to me, appear muted. I’ve ordered from there before, but the clothing was too big even though it was petite. I kept them but rarely wear as the pants are too large around my waist. Last year you personally emailed me to suggest I try JJill ponte and Pima leggings but I have yet to wear any leggings. You and Leigh Ann have found several items that will serve you well. I may just get motivated to try some leggings after all!

  8. Every time I wear that dress out and about, I receive a compliment…just love it. That color of jacket is so amazing…looking forward to seeing more in that color!

  9. Thank you…she is a beautiful woman…but always my little girl! I do believe you are going to see more for your cool palette as we go forward into fall. Thanks Paulette!

  10. I do not wear leggings much in the summer….but often in the cooler months. I love leggings and look forward to wearing them more every fall. Thanks Celia.

  11. I was pleasantly surprised at the fit and durability of the JJill leggings I bought last year, and even though I don’t often wear prints, I was looking at that leafy sweater yesterday. Interesting that sometimes the petite fit you better. At 5’5”, I sometimes try on petites in pants, but they usually don’t fit because of the rise. JJill seems to be knocking it out of the park all of a sudden. I’m glad to see this, because the brand fits me well (better than Talbots, where I have to size up two sizes from JJill) and I think is particularly suited for a relaxed lifestyle.

  12. I have JJill leggings that have withstood the test of time! I agree this is a great brand for a confident, casual, relaxed style!

  13. Your shopping adventure with Leigh Ann looked so fun, and what great looks on both! My JJill sweaters arrived yesterday, the mango sorbet and the lagoon, and I am over the moon for them. 😁 Thanks again for the carousel that led me to discover them, and at such a great sale price!$! I am excitedly waiting now for the Nordie’s order (new black pants, an oatmeal blazer with terrific texture, and a kitten heel spectator pump in oatmeal/black, plus a new navy skirt and a fresh splurge lipstick). LOVING sale season and your links! 💗

  14. I’ve pretty much given up on JJill even though they have Tall sizes and shirt sleeves are absolutely long enough for me! You are so right about their color palette which suits you so well but for a light summer not too much!

  15. Wait – JJill has a birthday discount??? How did I not know this, after spending so much there this spring??? I was tickled to see all the green they are doing, and actually bought a bunch of pieces for fall in the early spring when they had all the rust and green stuff. My new fashion goal is just to live through this heat wave in Texas, so I’m relying on all my natural fiber pieces, most of which are JJill. I’ve even made peace with wearing most of them un-ironed, a huge step for me! Thanks to you and Leigh for doing our homework for us and braving the heat on our account. If it’s 107 in Fort Worth I can only imagine how hot it must be in San Antonio. Here’s to our mutual survival of the summer!

  16. Yes! And they let you use it the whole month! Not just one time. Stay cool!

  17. Hi there!! You keep mentioning a J.Jill birthday discount, but as far as I know, that is only for J.Jill Credit Card holders. With the Credit Card you get 5% off every transaction and 20% in your birthday month. I love J.Jill clothes and I worked for them for 12 years! Can you imagine my lovely wardrobe!! 🙂

  18. Thank you, Sue for pointing that out. I just checked and you are right…it is for card holders. So great that the discount has multiple uses!

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